August 01, 2018

Life in collaboration

Life is like a blank canvas and our mind a  paintbrush. We dip it in hues of varied emotions; the red of anger, the crimson of blush, a gloomy blue, a sunny yellow, a refreshing green and a million others.

However, the same colour can have different interpretations for different people. For example, red can mean passion to you, but to me it can mean aggressiveness or wrath. I may associate blue to gloom, but you may relate it to the serenity of the pristine ocean or the clear sky. Green may remind me of a lush verdant countryside mood, but you may call it the shade of envy.
No matter what colours we choose to use, each of us will create art that has it's own unique meaning.
And that is exactly what make life so beautiful.

The final artwork is not based on our experiences alone but more importantly on how we perceive them. That's what makes each one of us so similar and yet so unique.

Learn to exchange stories. Communicate effectively and interact intensely.  Sharing views can only enrich your creative experience, it will never snatch away your exclusivity.
So keep aside your ego, and express your colours as freely and intimately as possible.

Your masterpiece is in the making!

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