January 31, 2022

Madame Oviri

Why do you brood, O’ feral child

You are but a Goddess of the wild 

With flowing tresses flying loose

Beckoning the wind to a whirling cruise   

Your open wide iridescent eyes 

Challenge the clear luminescent skies

Death and melancholy, your things of play 

Untamed, always willing to slay

Why do you mourn, why do you weep

Your courage is mighty, your passion deep

O’ mistress of beasts, mother of wolves

You clutch at your cubs while they snooze

It’s tough to grasp your smothering love

Indifferent outside, no sign above 

A ‘civilised savage’ you claim to be  

Immortalised as Gauguin’s 'Oviri'

© Priyanka Naik 

Pic source: Wikipedia.

Author’s note: The title gets its name from the 1894 ceramic sculpture by French artist, Paul Gauguin. 

My poem which is inspired by the same  is a rendition to the ‘feral’ side of the Goddess in every woman.

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