February 01, 2022

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What is poetry, really? And where do we find it? 

Poetry, like water,  sometimes trickles down our eyes and blots itself into fragrant words on paper. 

Other times, it flits from the corners of our mouth like a kiss that is blown to our beloved, flying across smiling lips, ours to theirs. 

Poetry can create ripples of emotion. It can arouse waves of desire. It can form whirlpools of despair, drowning us bit by bit into the invisible depth of the ocean in our heart. 

Poetry is a tempest but it is also the lighthouse that saves us from the storm.  

It can kill us with its intensity but also revitalize us with hope.

Poetry is everywhere…in the soft tinkle of a child’s laughter, in the unbearable silence after a lovers tiff, in the beauty of changing seasons, in the pain of heartbreak, in the kindness of strangers, in the delicate arrangement of whorls of flower petals, in the colors of the rainbow, in the surreal  spectrum of the prism formed by a drop of dew on a tree leaf. Just like the fibonacci sequence is evident in nature, poetry too is all around us. 

And for that we must be grateful.

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