August 06, 2006


Wht the hell is wrong with me??? i wake up in the mornin, stretch lazily n scurry to my pc to check my mail...once thts done, come on to blogspot, try to put across some random thoughts which seem to be creatin havoc in my mind...failing miserably at it , i manage to type down some things wch dont make sense to either any of u or to me...yet i choose not to delete the post, wondering if u guys will take my insanity for philosophy...thn realising how pathetic my wishful thinkin is, i go back to my room...
"beep beep" goes my mobile asi look at the screen lazily, i see a notice sayin "2 new msges" being a lazzzy sunday ,i stretch again deciding whether i should juss put it away for later or make tht extra effort n press the small lil button wch says "open"...*yeah yeah, dont stare at me...i know im lazzyyy ...yawn*
ok so i did finally make tht extra effort which led me to hate myself for the next 10 minutes (sigh! i cant even hate myself for long )
dang! today was the 6th of august, n i hadent even realised , had juss blogged bout some crap which was not even remotely related to friendship...wht the hell!! hav i changed soo much...
OK ok so ul'l must be wonderin wht the big fuss is all about...but it is to me...this day has a great deal of significance in my life n i dont think ive ever forgotten it the last soo many yrs...n today 6th august 2006, i broke my record of the past ...sheesh!!!
Thn as usual, i went guilttripping...why was M remindin me tht it was the 5th yest...hav i unintentionally proved all my friends right inspite og going in denial mode everytime they said ive changed , tht i dont value their friendship as before...
GOD!! ofcourse not, now im exaggerating (i hope)...well i did go on a "happy friendship day" msging spree after tht...n yeah did feel a lil guilty whn 4 of my friends replied saying "wish u the same...thanks for remembering"...sheesh!! they dont spare me even on friendship day do they...thanks for the friendly sarcasm guys, juss remember tht i can do without it next time..hmph!
Anyways this post would hav been a really sweet post bout how friendships are the most essential element of life, n how i cant do without my friends :)
it wud hav been about all the things i soo very much cherish, all the friendships wch hav such a important place in my life , in making me the person i am today (good , bad or ugly ...heehee...ok ok juss kiddin ;p)
but thn i guess , ive spoilt the very mood by forgetting about it n i dont think i can undo that by writing a post, would be superficial n i would be the first one(and mebe the only one) to feel juss being true to myself (*grin* dont look at me like tht...its not an excuse, im not tht lazzzyyy *scowl*)
But il'l tk this as an oppurtunity to thank all the lovely people who hav made a big difference in my life though some of you mite be hardly aware of it :)
Pri values all her friends tht are or hav been a part of her n she never will forget them come wht for those who are no longer with me,it might be that
we may not speak for a day, for a month, for a year or maybe never get the chance to speak again in this lifetime...but the times we hav shared will always remain with me...the memories of friendship will forever be etched in this heart which has come across as rock to some and gold to others *smiles*
In life, we meet some strangers n thn we get to know thm a lil better...but its only a few tht we call as friends...
we promise never to go away, to always be there for each other...some live upto their promises, some juss break them n never turn back while a few life offers to break...and all we are left behind are those nostalgic moments...*smiles*
Whtever be the situation, a friend can never be forgotten even if it looks otherwise...:)
So learn to value the friendships in your life...and try never to hurt the heart of a friend ...cos as the old sayin goes "friendship is like china ware, costly rich and rare, once broken can be mended, but the crack is always there"

n this goes out to all my friends who im yet to meet ...
*** be my friend only if you are here to stay,
or else go back n come another day...
You can say "hi", or "hello" or ask me if im fine,
but dont call urself a friend, unless you are mine***

hmmm am i possesive??? ;p
Anyways have a rocking friendship's day and keep making is long and i definitely need friends along the count me in!!

once again! hav a rocking day



La vida Loca said...

its kinda like valentine's force fed on that one day and foegotten for the other 364.
Love/friendship is eternal to be cherished/celebrated on a daily basis. :D

Anonymous said...

happy friendship day!! :)

Ekta said...

Hye pri,
nice chatting upp with ya..happy friendship day to u!!
Hope ur friends are always with u!

Anand said...

haooy frienship day!
p.s:- On bed am terribly lazy too!

Keshi said...

na ur not possessive Doc ;-)

Happy Friendship Day to u too..hugggggggggz Pri!


Pri said...

@ ann
its ok ann...thts life...shit happens:) so dont worry n try to get beyond all tht...i know its easier said than done but its worth a try isnt it ?:)

@ la vida loca
yepp...cheers to tht pal!
but thn again, sometimes we need to be told tht we r special to someone rite?...i mean who dosent like being celebrate such days in a lil extra special way :)

@ chandni
wish u belated "friendship day" really sorry, been awfully busy the last few days care

@ ekta
thanks ekta n wish u the same...:)
it was wonderful chattin wth u as well...lookin fwd to speakin again :)

@ anand
sorry for the belated wishes anand...thanks for urs:) n heyy in a way, considerin tht u r sooo lazzzyy guess i still mite be in time rite?? hope u fully awake by now ;p

@ keshi
thanks keshi, wish u the same ...:)
n heyy thanks for tellin me im not abnormally possesive :D
but is it wrong to be a liltoo possesive bout ppl u care (wthout ofcourse intereferin 2 much in their personal space) *wonders*

thanks for being a sweet friend n hope ur friends never leave ur side ever :)
tk care gurl