August 24, 2006


Ive been tagged...(for reasons unknown, ive been told not to disclose the identity of the blogger who's tagged me :) shhh...some ppl want their blogs to remain a secret , cant wonder why cos i aint too far behind)
Anyways since i dint have anything better to do, i thought mite as well giv it a here goes :

its called the "I DUNNO WHT TO CALL IT" tag...heehee

1) I am thinking about
mmm...u dont deserve to know!!! ;p

2) I said
"sorry" but am feeling real bad about it.hmph! wasent my fault *all defensive*

3)I want to
just run away from the place and state im in right now ...sigh!giving "HAWAI" a thought...
I also want to go bungee jumping frm a height of over a thousand feet *obviously wth my eyes closed*

4) I wish
u wud just go away n stop being curious about stupid questions, the answers to which u cant do anything about...

5)I miss
old times...dosent the title of my blog give u a hint???
besides tht i miss my school friends, the getting drenched in the rains and sitting with the AC blast on, the cutting chai n samosas wch were a famous speciality at the dhaba of our HSSC yrs, the friends ive lost along the way---some for reasons known n some unknown :), the funtimes wth cousins during ganesh chaturthi ,the teenage innocence n gullibility ....well the list is a long one, lets not get further into it...this "tag" is supposed to make me feel better isnt it??? *raises an eyebrow*

5)I hear
a lotta people complaining , whining and cribbing er..about pri *blush* ;p

6)I wonder
have stopped wondering...

7)I need
my pc, my friends........................................................................hmm can i tell u what i dont need instead???

8)I regret
regretting something would only make things lose their value n afterall life is never about regrets...n if u live it right (wch is again a subjective thing),u dont need to have any ...:)

9)I dance

sorry ppl, but i have two left feet n thn again lose my inhibitions only amongst close friends (n thn i dance like a farmished cannible) u wont normally see pri dancing away to music ;p

10) I cry
gawd!! do i HAVE to answer tht??? *embarressed*
i cry like a baby who's candy has juss been snatched ...heehee...thts whn i want everyone to know im howling err crying i mean :P
At other times---*chooses not to answer tht* :)

11)Im not always
purrfecct!! but almost always ;p

12)I make wth my hands
huh!! whts tht supposed to mean???

13)I write
in a futile attempt to get over life
for fun *sometimes*
because i lovvvveeee to write---period! :!

14)I confuse
myself (most of the times)

15) I should try
not to make impulsive desicions
to stop being as vulnerable
to start acting my age---im usually acting "extremes" nowadays ...*sigh*

16)I should finish
this tag real fast (even if it means tht i hav to write crap.heehee)cos...its beginnin to bore me!!

17) I know
tht u guys must hav pretty much fallen asleep by now

18) I am
er...wht i am...n dont think tht can change even if u want me to ...

19)and finally
i hav finished off with this...yaayyyn hopefully ull have survived it ...

20)I tag
whoever wants to be tagged


Anonymous said...

nice one there...

Only when I did this tag I realsied it has a lot of potential to be really revealing irrespective of how casually u try to answer it!!

how're u doc?

Anonymous said...

heyy nice answers! :)
il'l tag u next time...

Anonymous said...