October 03, 2007

oh, how i hate this selective amnesia!!! :( :(:(

Juss cant seem to understand whats wrong with yahoo...
and i guess after hearing this u guys juss wont seem to understand whats wrong with me?? :(
Can u believe that i actually forgot the password to both my yahoo id's (stop grinnin --both unfortunately had the same password).
and my gr8 memory who does a more than fine job at remembering totally unwanted and nonsensical things otherwise is being soo adamant that it just refuses to recollect what it could be...sigh!
Have been wrecking my brains for the last 5 days trying to configure wht i could have entered it as ...and the genius that i am, in order to make it more secure and confuse hackers(who if ever got jobless and had nothin better to do in life decided to choose my account to hack in all the world)put in some random birthdate and typed in some rubbish for the answer to my secret question...yeah yeah i know i am suffering from delusions of grandeur which suddenly make me feel im the most important person in the universe and that my emails and contacts require utmost security from being invaded by mere mortals who invest their lifetime earnings in getting professional hackers to hack into my account and get the "ohh soo valuable" information which could possibly make them the richest people on earth...sob sob!!wwwaaaahh!! :(( i HATEEE myself...what was i thinkin to do something like tht---put in a ultra secure password, a random security answer and birthdate and thn being the only person to forget all of it.
And here i am left sulking and cursing the evil eye who cast a wicked spell on my ever so reliable memory which i took great pride in bragging about :((...have tried contacting yahoo services and have actually got replies telling me to forget bout my id's , create a new account and start life afresh...sob! how mean can they get??
My family instead of consoling me had a hearty laugh whn i confided in them and spilled out my woes ...hmpf!!and my so called friends are passing mean comments on not being able to believe my stupidity and how i keep breaking my own record at it each time...hmpf!! RIGHT! with friends like these, who needs enemies?? boohoo!!
5 days of long struggle, brain wrecking, cribbing, fuming, fretting, contacting friends and asking them if they can find someone to hack my account, and receiving sorry replies like yahoo is soo universally secure, i remain irritated cribbing about these so called techno savvy, computer geeky,and just-give-me-a-minute-and-il'l-solve-any-problem-for-u smartass friends of mine, swearing to never ever awe and envy them whn they boast about knowing to hack and crack any damn account in the world..hmpf!! HORSECRAP!!
"oh great hackers of the universe...where art thou , whn i need u the most??" :((



Unknown said...

Hi priyanka,

Well the same thing had happened to me once. I was not able to remember my password and was completely left helpless. I tried every other combination but was useless.

Thats when i saw that help in yahoo...

I mailed them about my email. saying that i lost my password and have no clue to what it was. I gave them the address which i had entered when i registered yahoo. and my birth date. To which they replayed immediately and activated my account with a new password.

I suggest you do the same thing...
Try it and tell me....


Pri said...

@ sagar
no sagar...have already tried tht...as have mentioned in the post also, ive been dumb enough to type in some random birthdate and security answer wch i dont remember now :(
the only thing i have with me is the alternate email address i had given at the time of registration...
is there any way possible with juss tht?? :( wud really appreciate some help :(:(

The Furobiker said...

nopes pri.. no hopes as far as i knw.. these people are real cruel.. suppose.. you wanna hack someone else's id.. you can mail yahoo people with all such things that i forgot n all.. so obviously they wont give you the password for that id...coz you dont even knw ur own date of birth!!!
it has happened to me once..then wat i idid was.. write my id on a piece of cardboard.. went to my backyard.. n buried that cardboard below rose plant :(

twilight said...

Oh good lord... :(

I've never really had such a mishap but I can imagine my state would be just like yours if it were to happen :((

I can only hope ur memory revives...!!!

Cosmic Joy said...

What you have faced is only becoming too common in our tech savvy world every day. People have lost much more than email accounts. All I can say is to learn from this, start keeping a list of accounts and passwords in your hard drive (encrypted of course), and then take regular backups of important files using external storage devices. Today it was an email account, tomorrow it may be your hard drive.

I can see the anger on your face as you read this .. this may not be the right time for such advice, but I hope you take it in the right spirit.

And please cheer up .. jo beet gaya so gaya. Take a break, and think think about all the people who you communicated with from your yahoo accounts, and send them an email with your new address.

B said...

lol. lovely writing. :D... I wrote my real password as password hint ;) and yest I was thinking abt passwords too. how instead of putting my regular password, I put a "PONDS" talcum powder brand password in my macbook :|

Phoenix said...

jokes apart...really its harassing when things like this happens...take heart u r not the only one..have done it many a times :)..there are ways to retrieve it..just go and get a new password....

take heart... :P
hey btw i am linking you..hope you dont mind?

Pri said...
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Pri said...

@ abhishek
i guess il'l better start searching for a rose plant in my garden too :(

@ twilight
thanks dear...i hope so too..:(

@ cosmic joy
no no...dont worry...tht is some useful piece of advice thr...thanks :)
besides u r right, somehwhere down the line we all have lost much more than juss email addresses...the difference being it juss hurts much more to speak about it :)

@ red soul
im sure i put in a much weirder password.heehee... so much for trying to make it soo secure.hmpf!

@ phoenix
mind? me??...ofcourse not! im honoured :)
and yaa i guess il'l have to juss give up on the forgotten password...sigh!!

KP said...

it happens to the beest off us!!! no solution.....u r out of luck in this case.....hopefully somehow u can think hard and figure ur password out...:D

SOUL said...

could it be perhaps horsecrap? that word struck me as funny. and so did your selective amnesia.. that i so frequently refer to as "my senile"
thanks for stopping by my blog today.
however you got there.
and good luck with yahoo!
ps.. i am blind, as well as senile.. and commenting with these word verification things is hell for me.
sorry, but it's true.
just thought i would let ya know.

Keshi said...

**Can u believe that i actually forgot the password to both my yahoo id's

LOL Im not surprised at all. Cos recently I entered my bank card's PIN number as my office door's PWD and got all the alarms screaming.


Princess said...

hi pri,

hmm.. difficult situation 4 u..
I wish that u wld remember it in a few days time..

Coz, i've been banging my head for the same reason, but in a few days time i got my pwd in an instance of random thinking..

Y hvn't u accessed your account for so long that you forgot the pwd??


Pri said...

@ kp
yaa i hope i do recollect it somehow...though have almost given up hopes now :(

@ soul
i will definitely try to do something bout tht...word verifications generally waste a lotta time too :)
and btw it wasent horsecrap...though i did try tht out now tht u said so ...heehee

@ keshi
heehee ...looks like ive got company ;p

@ aiz
nooo aiz...it wasent tht...juss happened to change it before leaving for the trip ad dint access my account whn i was on the holiday ...guess i changed it to something very weird juss to be extra secure.
ohh the woes of an ailing memory..:(:(

Blog Boy said...

I have few sugessions too...
1. At the time of registration if u have given your alternate e-mail ID, Yahoo might had sent the Login details.
2. U try remember ur answers to Quesions tht u provided or enter birthdate and try to retrieve new password..

I hope this helps!!!!

SpringMist said...

I am not tech savvy, I concede :)
Have u tried going to Yahoo Answers and trying hitting section for Yahoo users. U can get Yahoo's Customer Service phone number frm there also. Try to maybe talk to a Yahoo tech directly and explain ur problem. Maybe they can verify u through ur IP or sth.
Like I said I am not tech savvy. Sorry if it is not good idea :)

SOUL said...

did you really try horsecrap? LOL
thank you!
i needed a laugh today!
take it easy, and if you haven't figured it out yet, i hope you remember soon.
damn the amnesia

Pri said...

@ blog boy
thanks for the suggestions blog boy :)

@ kyrie
not at all..they seem to be wonderful suggestions and im sure it would help..the only hitch being they seem equally complicated :D

@ soul
u r most welcome.:)..atleast my failing memory makes someone laugh ...
yess "double damn" the amnesia bit :p

Anonymous said...

hold on girl. yahoo really sucks. i have lost few accounts to yahoo too.

but u hv written quite a hillarious post. btw i wud do ur tag soon!!!!



Pri said...

@ ashu
ur absolutely rite ashu...yahoo sucks times like these:(
heyy am lookin fwd to reading the tag :)

SOUL said...

you took off the word thing!!! THANK YOU!
(you would be surprised how many folks have accommodated my poor vision and removed that damn thing. thanks!
hope you are having a good day today.

Pri said...

@ soul
u r most welcome soul...
keep visiting :)
have a nice day too and tk care!

Anonymous said...

hmmm...mine case was a lil diff...my id was actually hacked...:(
neways it was looong back...bt this write up is just fab!!! :)

Pri said...

@ anonymous
thanks :)
i dont think thtis wud be my case ...but u juss gave me another reason to worry bout :-/