October 15, 2007

unnecessarily hyped!!

For all those ppl who are yet to watch "laaga chunri mein daag", take this as a wellwishers warning and save urself the 150 bucks...the movie is PATHETIC!!!
A better idea would be juss switch on the tv and watch the promos of "LCMD" a lil more and i promise u can sue me if u miss out something important wch apparently the audience of this movie has not...sigh!!
What is bollywood cinema coming to nowadays?? its getting all about awful story lines, lived-happily-ever-after hopelessly unrealistic endings and now to make matters worse justifications in the wrong direction.
Was waiting for this movie for a long long time now and the promos and interviews made me go and stand in the long queue for the blasted tickets of the "first day first show"...
I have never till date been as excited about the release of a movie..but with the concept of two big banner films being released on one day, i thought these guys would atleast have some shame and make sure its a hit...bollywood i tell u will never IMPROVE..."journey of a woman" it seems ...BAH!!! :-/
Obviously a huge crowd had fallen for the gimmick, the promos , the chosen star cast and the hype and like poor me , i guess they too believe in giving movie directors a chance to prove themselves...
Please note: for all the visitors whohave accused me of adding a spoiler to my reviews in the past...heeheee(how i love doing tht),u needent worry cos the trailors runnin on tv have already done the job...sigh!!
As we already know the movie is about two small town girls "vibhavari" (rani)and "shubhavari" (konkona" who come from the city of banaras...
Torn between a family crisis and her fathers hospital bills, vibhavari resorts to the "dark side to fast money" way...and why am i even tellin u guys this? as if ull havent guessed already? :-/...u dint really think "natasha" would be vibhas twin sister did u?? (dont grin..thts wht one of my friends had imagined and even she dint enjoy the movie...she cribbed her imaginery concept would have made a better story)...
The story(err was there really one?) further drags with more crappy instances whr a comman friend "michelle" suggests tht vibha should become a high class escort so tht she can use men to her benefit instead of they using her...(the crappy part here, is michelle stresses on the part tht rani should not become a "aisi waisi call girl" but a "high class expensive escort"...(my left foot!! is there really any difference??)...this made me wonder who this dame "michelle" could be to teach rani how to dress raunchily for the act,convince her into it, help her with her loud makeup,tell her what to charge per hour and suggest she should change her name to "natasha"...how did michelle know soo much about this??*suspicious suspicious* besides she is shown to introduce rani to most of her so called "high class" clients...

There are many candyfloss "never-expect-it-to-happen-in-real-life" situations too which further labels the movie as a flop (atleast to me)...
Theres this instance whr abhishek bacchan confesses he knew he had fallen for her right in zurich whr the duo had spent juss a few hours and one song (to be precise)together before rani had got an emergency call and needed to rush off without even notifying "rohan" (abhishek)probably because her evil blackmailing cousin has somehow managed to track her down all the way to zurich (no explanations how) and would die of an anxiety attack if she left even 10 seconds later..or probabaly he had a train to catch all the way back to banaras.:-/..but thn heyy maybe thts a good thing isnt it? it did get abhishek bacchan to realise he is missing her and tht he had fallen in lurrvee afterall...:-/
worse still is the part when rani decides to go in melodrama mode and disclose her sinister side to rohan...
the audience is waiting...
konkona, anupam,and jayaji are waiting...
everybody's waiting for some drama, some surprise element (atleast from abhishek bacchans side who i'd started feelin was the only hope to being surprised at rani's story because a)he was paid for acting surprised b)"rohan" in the story had apparently not watched the promos?? :-/
But NO!! even "rohan" wasent surprised, making me frown at everyone in the movie hall as he goes about telling her tht he always knew she was a "high class escort" (pls note he mentiones HIGH CLASS too)..he further goes about with his "candy floss" dialogues about how his respect has grown for rani since she thought of confiding in him before saying a "yes" and tht the secret wch first impressed him on the flight was the "hanuman chalisa" she muttered...it seems tht got the dude impressed, took a dip in her soul and reflected how pure she actually was...hmmmm! bery bery interesting!!
Also thr are some characters who make an appearance, pretend to play an important role and thn suddenly slip away and u dont even notice whn...and its only towards the end of the movie tht u actually start wondering why in hell they had made such a grand entry...sigh!!
Apart from these unbelievable lines and some "i-cant-believe-she-did-tht" situations, the movie is a ok ok type...
the star cast has done full justice to the story...(sigh! they cant be blamed for the poor story and unnecessary hype before release can they??)the music is pretty good...i esp liked the songs "teekhi teekhi si ek karari si ladki" (though my friends kept insisting it sounded more like a "lizzat papad" ad...wat-e-ver!!)and "hum toh aise hain bhaiyan" (wch was at the very start further raising my hopes about the movie only to come crashing down later).
kunal kapoor has acted rather well but he needs to polish his acting skills i guess... though he definitely has the charm of a "tall, fair and handsome guy with dimples in his cheek" (wch is pointed out very prominently in the song "ek teekhi teekhi si" juss in case we missed thm...:-/).konkona has played the role of a "bindaas with not a care in the world" younger sibling well...
But what i dint like was the fact tht they have unnecessarily justified the profession...In this world of womans lib, i dont think any woman under any situation should resort to prostitution (sorry if tht seems too hard a word as compared to the funny "high class escort" thingie concept)...and juss because a woman has been cheated into indulging into it once dosent mean tht she decides to teach the bad guys a lesson and go on a "sex for money" spree (though i still am clueless how she claims on teaching thm a lesson tht way or as michelle put it to rani in the movie "use them instead of allowing thm to use u" ...huh???)IMHO, rani turning into a serial killer after the first incident would have been a much more interesting concept ...seriously! :-/
I agree that she needs to meet her family crisis requirements and she's not educated enough to get a job, but cmon ppl , instead of the time spent in learning the "tricks of the dirty trade" , she could have used it up to learn modelling instead and become a high class model instead of a high class u-know-what...sigh!!
Agree she probably wouldent be paid as much if she'd taken up any other job...but i dont think compromising values under any situation is right...and no, come what may i dont think it can ever be justified...atleast it wasent to me in this movie!!
What i simply cant understand is why does rani refuse to take help from a willing friend instead of sleeping around with strangers and then dramatising her woes...she could very well take the loan from the friend and thn repay him back in installments isnt it?? the "mystery life" wasent needed...i mean what are they tring to say here?? tht every girl under difficult situations should remember tht she has one major advantage wch she can use in times of dire circumstances?? and tht she shouldent think twice about it whn her family is at stake?? or r they trying to say here tht ppl who have studied only upto the 10th std should lose hope and never intend to study further because not only can they earn lots of money compared to the mediocre 9 to 5 job, but also the respect of ultra rich , ultra suave dudes like abhishek bacchan for whom these things hardly matter...besides maybe some wacko director might juss direct a candyfloss cinema someday based on their story carefully camouflaging all the hideous parts and glorifying only the gloss and adding some perks of his own...
Anyways soo much for the promos,i saw some really dejected lookin ppl being interviewd by a local channel on the movie...and it was really funny to see how ppl can say "its a amazing and strong headed movie" with a really weak voice...and funnier to see the same ppl mutter "shee pure waste of money" whn the crew hopped away to interview other bakras...hypocrites!! the world is full of thm...and i went for the movie with 3 of the best ones who hurridly pulled me away lest i vent out all my not-so-pretty opinions about the movie right there...
Will go for "bhool bhullaiya" today...i'll never learn will i??...heehee :p


Blog Boy said...

Yes I agre with you...
I watched it first day and First Show and it is really a showdown..
Apart from Konkana and Rani's Acting there is nothing to watch out for in the movie.
I think it has a bad storyline and bad direction too.......
Its OK OK Types....

Anonymous said...

Doctor turns movie critic. Enjoyed every bit of it. Trust me. The movie was supposed to be a classic since the banner and the director have been top class. Not to mention the star cast of the lines of Bachchan mother - son duo and sissy Rani along with Konkoana.

I wonder Rani M is just meant for crying and dressing awkwardly in the movies this days, she s lost her innocence which she displayed very well in the movies 3 -4 yrs back like Chalte - 2, Black, Chori -2, Hum Tum etc.

Why does director need to glorify the prosti business is beyond the comprehension. Thnx to you, I saved myself from going to this movie.

WOnder this days the hype and publicity draws people to watch crappy movies too. and some good movies with real acting and good story lines flop due to lack of plannin and the hype.

I really dread Sawariya and OSO dont fall to this high publicity, low content category.

Meanwhile the doctor is njoyin her pre job days aha ?

Keshi said...

LOL tnxx for the warning Pri!


The Furobiker said...

geeee.. accha hua u told us before hand.. thanx for the nice story.. haha
ab to koi bi nahi dekhne jayega

Compassion Unlimitted said...


radiohead said...

aise gande title wali films to dekhni hi nhi chahie :P .. hehehhe

I have talked to u bt I must say .. tht bolne ka to pata nhi .. but tum likhti bahut ho .. pheeew!!

wat a critic review man .. u make tht director read this n he will dragons firin up his pants .. n he wnt evn think of makin another movie .. atleast nt the ones realted to 'DAAG' & 'DHABBE' . haha ..

it was hilarios reading this typical drama bollywood thing .. since i havent evn dared to see the movie ..

I would rather suggest .. go for .. ' MANORAMA ' .. its a nice flick .. with quite a meaningful stry .. atleast it makes ..SOME sense ..

cheese ..
enjy d movies .. come wat may ;)

radiohead said...

you are a doctor .. n u write so well ..

my O' my .. its just impressive ..

Donno how ur handwriting is though .. else all docs write their prescriptions in arabic .. I suppose :(

hehe .. keep scribbling ..

ceedy said...

That was an awful long post for a movie that basically you described in the first few sentences - once you have watched the promo - you have seen it all.
All that you needed to write after that was "IT SUCKS BIG TIME" - you spent 150 bucks - I spent 400 bucks (in dollars :().
But the weekend was not all bad - also saw Micheal Clayton - George Clooney at his best :)

Pri said...

@ blog boy
u said it blogboy!join the "anti LCMD" club...:D

@ ashu
yeppers...trying to have a ball of a time while i still can...dont think il'l get to do as much lukhagiri once i start work :(
i agree rani should choose her films carefully...
she's a good actress ...so alls not lost yet.:)
juss loved her in "chalte chalte" and "black"

@ keshi
u r most welcome keshi...:)

@ abhishek
glad i could be of help abhi...
juss tht next time il'l wait for a fellow bloggers review before going and wasting 150 bucks :-/
psst!! whn r u plannin on going for OSO?? heehee

@ compassion unlimited
why??? dont u watch bollywood movies??
if u dont, u r soo smaart! sigh!!

@ anuj
firstly thanks for all the compliments...im floating on cloud 9 at present :D
but yaa do talk a lottt more than i write...
friends complain they hardly get to speak whn im speaking..heehee...so dont think u would want to speak to me :p
As for my handwriting, woh dekhkar hi toh mujhe med school mein admission mil gaya :p
ok ok..its not thaaat bad...though my friends and family think its no better than a 3rd std school kid :-/

@ ceedy
atleast u had another movie to save the weekend...
i had to toss and turn in bed all night thinkin how i could ruin mine like tht...sigh!! :-/

KP said...

u saved me from occupying 1.5gb of space on my comp....lolz

Cosmic Joy said...

Thanks for the well wished warning! But I will watch it anyways .. after all it has rani in it :-)

WritingsForLife said...

it totally sucks when you make all this effort to go to a movie and it is bad.
been there done that... and been VERY angry :)

annie said...

Agreed movie not worth the hype that was created. I saw it today n tink it was ok for a timepass.

Pri said...

@ kp
well u could download it maybe when u absolutely have nothin else in the world to do...and tell me if u liked it or rather how much u hated it :D

@ cosmic joy
sigh! i'd said the same thing about abhishek bacchan...
neways go ahead buddy...hope u like it :)

@ raaji
u said it raaji...
but me's been there , dont tht...and yet done tht again ...sigh!!
the best movie i'd watched with no expectations (maybe it had somethin to do with tushar kapoor)was "khakee" and it turned out to be a real good one ...my joy knew no bounds tht day...heehee

@ annie
yes annie...precisely my point..:).
imagine sucha hype..all those promos pkayed well in advance...wonderful actors for "star cast",a serious issue for a concept...and all it gets to be is a "TIMEPASS"...
Hope "OSO" and "sawariya" does better..

Anonymous said...

waah kya review hai!

I am sure it is more entertaining than the film itself!! :D

Pri said...

@ chand
thankoo thankoo...:D
heyy but even a bag of wafers could be more interesting than tht movie...what did u think kept me entertained those 3 hours?? :-/

Anonymous said...

What a review..!!! I seriously wish.. i culd have read this before i wasted 3 most precious hrs of my life..(they seem all the more precious coz anythng i wuld have done then would be better that watchng this flick...)

P.S: Am into the "anti LCMD" club..

Anonymous said...

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