January 27, 2008

introspection---once again...

what makes some people more special---is it the happiness u feel when u are with them....or is it the pain u feel when u are not??

how many issues have u been avoiding with the simple excuse that u dont wanna talk/think about it when somewhere at the back of ur mind, thats all ur thinking about most of the times??

Like love, happiness too is ephemeral...then why is the pursuit of happiness still on? and does it ever stop??

everyone is selfish...those who claim to be dont care if u think they are and those who act asif they arnt are most likely pretending which must mean they dont care either...
come to think of it,the purest emotion 'love' is selfish too in a way isnt it??

why dont people say whats on their mind...wouldent it be wonderful if we could all read minds?? or would it be dissapointing or perhaps sometimes dangerous?? hmmmmm...
but atleast there would be no pretence...

do u know to differenciate between ego and selfrespect without having to actually confirm with wikipedia?? :)

life is soo busy at times...and even if it wasent how often would we really stop to smell the flowers??

those were just some questions i asked myself today...
do u question yourself sometimes...or have u given up already??


The Furobiker said...

first of all doc.. happyness doesnt have an I in that..
correct ur spelling :D

and secondly.. mind you .. world would be a big hell if you could read evryones mind.. seriously think abt it..
it will blast off in less than a week

maverick said...

@abhi...shes got the spelling grammatically correct :D...

@pri...pursuit of happiness...cant ever stop..its the essence of being alive..

well the degree of selfishness varies from person to person...n ya y wud u want to knw wats goin in everyone mind..u ll go crazy..in a nano second..lol...

Iriz said...

this is life, tangling questions...but never give up 'coz in time you'll know the answer.

There are times that i hope i could read minds. But being not able makes things more challenging.

Have a happy heart my dear ;0)

Pri said...

@ abhi
lol!! abhi...did u ever participate in spellingB competitions as a kid...i pity ur team if u did ;p...
ohh or maybe u just too influenced by hollywood flicks (reerring to the pursuit of 'happyness')
and secondly, as or the mind reading bit...yaa it could be dangerous...but then people would be concious about what they think wudent they ...wch again i dunno if is good or bad :)
sigh! anyways its never happening...so let it remain a musing of my idle mind :-/

@ maverick
exactly...and thankgod it varies...it would be frustrating and tough living with the same intensity of selishness in all...
As or the 'mind reading' thing, i have already answered that bit in my reply to abhi...:)

@ reign
guess ur right reign...a little frustrating sometimes but still challenging :)
hope to find the answers someday...

Lukkydivs said...

lolz abhi says there is no I in happiness :O I guess he shud correct the new spelling he just gave to happiness :P

I many times wished to read many minds :P I dont care if it hurts but at least i can see what reality is :)

~ ॐ ~ said...

I ask myself too many questions all the bloody time !!!

gets too much too at occasions :)

keep asking... keep getting better...

Utopia said...

sometimes there ain't ever gonna be any answers so a lot many things, well i just let them be.

Sam said...

questions... errr.... i think they were meant only for the examination papers!!! :P
am sorry pri, but i won't answer this post.. for it threatening to spark off a chain of thoughts when i'd rather be concentrating on work!! :)

Mez said...



Sree said...

oh yeah.. i do question myself once in a while and then drift along!!

Gonecase aka. Shutter Singh said...

Nice place you have got here, thanks for dropping by, keep visiting :)

Gunjan Aylawadi said...

great picture!!
selfishness is good if it doesn harm anybody!!

Anonymous said...

u find love and happiness ephemeral cos u seek it in things tat are ephemral....u stil pursuit for happiness cos its such a wonderful feeling...the best one...its lik an addiction.....love is made selfish cos u expect things to happen the way u want em to happen...i don think 2 ppl love each oder in satyvan savitri style nemore...;)

Anonymous said...

u find love and happiness ephemeral cos u seek it in things tat are ephemral....u stil pursuit for happiness cos its such a wonderful feeling...the best one...its lik an addiction.....love is made selfish cos u expect things to happen the way u want em to happen...i don think 2 ppl love each oder in satyvan savitri style nemore...;)

Keshi said...

Some great qns here. I myself hv asked em b4 and really found no clear answers...

**do u know to differenciate between ego and selfrespect without having to actually confirm with wikipedia??

good one :)

O well, whether we hv answers or not, the show must go on Pri.


Anonymous said...

Difference Between Ego & Self Respect

E(Go) <~` ego is there to GO away it doesn't stay after death
(Self) Respect <~~ Self remains even after death with us so does respect on which we are counted / remembered after death

Existence of Happiness is on the fact that u don't scan mind.. as scanning a mind shoots Curiosity... Curiosity explodes a Relative Referential Mode ... and when this curiosity doesn't match with the relative referential mode ~~~> it leads to unhappiness

One must scan ones ownself .. rather then scanning others <~~~ life is simple and happy this way

Love exist <~~~ if and only if the Class defined is Unconditional
Love is not selfish it ain't selfless either
Love is a state of mind where boundaries don't exist and colors don't Refract ... its white

do u know to differentiate between ego and self respect without having to actually confirm with wikipedia?? :)<~~~ if you would have referred to wikipedia i guess u wouldn't have asked this question, Using Wikipedia is common sense which is very uncommon

A Germ

Pri said...

@ divya
on 'reading minds', all i can say to u is 'ditto'...i feel exactly the same...
agree it would hurt but atleast we wouldent be living in an illusion or even worse in doubt! :)

@ -om--
well same here...the answers are yet to come to me though :)
what about u?? any luck?

@ utopia
hmm guess ur right...there are no satisactory ones at least...they only leave u more confused :)

@ sam
no problemo sam..can understand...believe me,it could get u caught up in that chain for aeons...and one can not even be sure if one will get out alive .lol!!

@ mez
nice one...have commented :)

@ sree
i guess we dont have a choice do we? :)

Pri said...

@ gonecase
thanks...was bloghopping and found ur blog
guess most of the good things in lie are found by accident :)

seeya around!

@ gunj
well ya...and i guess thats what keeps the world going :)

@ alohomora
hats off to u o'great one...
thanks for blessing us mere mortals with you heavenly gyaan ;) heehee
btw satyavan--savitri...sigh! ur right...but heyy always wondered why they glorified satyavan ...i mean it was savitri who went thru all that walking after the god of death right??
i mean yeah, satyavan was very noble and just and dutiful and all that...but it was savitri who immortalised that love story wasent it??
toh satyavan ko muft ka credit kyon?? :-/
heyy just asking...as a kid,i never read those 'amarchitrakathas'[wch are sadly the only source from which i know of s-s) in too much depth ..so might have missed out on something ;)


@ keshi
ur right dear :)
life does go on...and does a fine job at adding more questions on the way ..lol!!

Blog Boy said...

yes we all sometime ask ourselves questions....introspect our self and work being best from better.
this how one should live to be happy and make others happy...
good one pri

Anonymous said...

Quetions and some more questions...I keep on asking them ...now I stopped keeping count of them :P

Lena said...

i dont believe in pursuit of happiness. it is all in your mind. If you want to be happy you will be. When you wait for being happy tomorrow then you will miss on your life today.

And reading minds... i wish i could but only sometimes. I wish we could just make it on/off when we want :P
But then life would be less fun ;)

Sam said...

people are special becaue of both the reasons that you mention... i mean its like corollary to each other if you look at it closely!! skirting issues never getthem solved... one has to sit up and take stock of facts and deal with it.. that's the only way out!!! And honestly, don't people chase both love and happines both despite what they say?? Its human nature to chase that which seems to be missing from its life.. and god forbid it he/she sees it with someone else.. then must have something as good or better!! and what you say about love is very true.. love as we kn ow or get to see through various manifestations around us is selfish, though ideally it shouldn't be.. but then.. wen were things supposed to be perfect??
After all this, are you sure you want people to be speaking their minds out all the time?? trust me, all that there would be is chaos.. and nothing else.. and more dangerous than that is mind reading... no need to talk after that... Occlumency would be a skill no longer confined to the realms of Magic, but would be very much a part and parcel of our daily life.. u sure woudln't that!!

phew.. that was long.. i'll take a break!! :)

Pri said...

@ blogboy
havent reached there (best) yet blogboy...im just trying to be a lil better :)

@ sunshine
yaa me too...though im trying hard not to :D

@ lena
hmm that makes sense leena...nice way of thinking (referring to the part about 'being happy')
as or the second part,that would be soo convenient...wish it was possible ;)

@ sam
nice to know ur thoughts on this sam...but believe me, i would still love to read minds :P

Anonymous said...

I almost gave up really.. but then today I thought May be I should do something.. so I just slept.. really!!
No serious.. that helped :)

Aren't you trying to be happy? When you ask me how often would we really stop to smell the flowers?? Why should I stop? to know the feeling of pureness and joy when I smell it right?

Unknowingly each one is looking for happiness.. It is our ultimate aim to be happy and content.. and when we can't.. we write these stuff up :)

No No.. if you are sad.. so be it! But remember.. when you are sad you know the value of happiness.. but it is not vice-versa.. Why?

Sameera Ansari said...

Those were some really cool questions!Love the way you think :)

ceedy said...

i am pursuing sadness....lets see kitne door bhagti hai mujhse....

btw can you email me the title of that somg you played last week.....

Unknown said...

Quite some thought provoking questions you ask yourself. Found the answers yet or still searching?

Pri said...

@ veens
no dearie...nobody is sad (or wants to be sad)...most of us just arnt happy either :)
nice excuse for escaping into sleepyland ;)..haha

@ sameera
sigh! i think...therefore i am...*grin*

@ ceedy
great attitude there ceedy ...keep it going! :)
have already emailed u the song...

@ j
neither j...have just made a mental note and moved on as always :(

Cosmic Joy said...

A great post .. I dont believe any of us ever stop introspecting. Its a healthy habit.

Ashish Soni said...

//do u question yourself sometimes...or have u given up already??//

The only person who can answer all your questions is the person sitting inside you....the world outside you can only guide you...and one needs to scratch deep inside to get answer to his/her queries.. :)



Pri said...

@ cosmic joy
thanks :)
and ur absolutely right there cosmic...we never stop introspecting...sometimes we do get tired of searching the answers and give up but it just takes a while before the questions come back and hit u again...

Pri said...

@ ali
ur absolutely right there ali...
we got to find the answers ourselves...:)

Rambler said...

do u know to differenciate between ego and selfrespect without having to actually confirm with wikipedia?? :)

You know what I don't, I can't differentiate..you put up a nice question to think about.. I know there is a thin line between the two, and sometimes they can be misinterpreted as well, I always feel its self respect not ego, isn't that ego too?..or if you always feel its ego and not self respect, isn't that a lack of self respect?.. wow a real toughie.

Pri said...

@ rambler
exactly the dilemma i face :)
its nice to know im not alone...

IncorrigibleV said...

i question myself everyday...on most days i can't answer!

Pri said...

@ vands
ur lucky...atleast on some days u can :)