January 25, 2008

'weight' and watch...sigh!

okies here is a pic just for the records...and for all those who were highly curious to see me after the entire '4kgs gained fiasco' (as kindly put by dhee..hmpf!)
caution:please view pic on old fashioned pc as i seem to look bloated on lappies.:-/

well as u can see here, urs truly is grinning away after one such satisfied food binge blissfully unaware of the shocking news the weight scale screamed later during the day...2 weeks of uncontrolled eat-outs, flopping on the couch and watching tv and the only exercise being shopping does have its disadvantages...sigh! :(
and right now im doing what i normally do best---cribbing! heehee...

To top it all, the treadmill seems to be obediently following 'when something has to go wrong it will, and at the worst possible time'...
I can actually picture 'murphy' having a ball of a time in his grave, wearing a funny hat and saying 'i told u so...i told u so' in an irritating sing-song manner...
SO ive decided to use the sacred 'rule of taliban' to my convenience...heehee
and since im not going anywhere atleast for the next 2 weeks and since ignoring a lot of phonecalls has got a lot of friends pissed off (the reason being im wayy too busy in sleepyland),i wont be invited to any social gatherings or parties nor will any of my otherwise shameless friends come over either (in case u r not pissed enough...LOOK! i just called u 'S-H-A-M-E-L-E-S-S' :o...now u wouldent even want to see my fat face for the next 2 weeks would u?? thanks! heehee)...

phew! so the jobless wretch urs truly is, has decided to sulk endlessly and vent out her frustration on here...3 cheers blogsville!! *throwing kisses in the air*...
hmm and just btw i think im going to sell off my lappy now...any takers??
it seems to be showing my pics (all of them) with me kinda shrunken making me look fatter and kinda concised (the 'sandwiched look' as the evil sis puts it :-/)*waaaaahhh..sob*...nooo dont u dare tell me i must be hallucinating (like i was about the 'wash and wear' clothes..sniff! hmpf!!)... cos this time i HAVE confirmed...they look a lot closer to reality on the comp *confused*...
mmm do u think it could be something to do with the settings which me being technologically challenged have obviously overlooked?? :-/ u think so?huh? huh??

FIE on u ,o'modern day tehchnology...*hugging her pc while shooting angry looks in the direction of her laptop*
dont ask me how...i dont know...and i dont really care..have my own weight issues to crib about as of now...sigh!

FINE! im being a drama queen and wallowing in self-pity again :-/...HAPPY?


Anonymous said...

com on u don need to crib about ur weight...u look pretty ok in the pic....n don worry,don think it ll b too diffucult to lose those extra pounds....kp up the dieting spirit :D

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

hi moti!!(ab main tujhe moti keh sakti hoon..yayyy!) :D
lagta hain tu paani poori ka poora stall kha aayi :-p

The 'Mad' Orchid said...

U wnt company ul hve tht alwyz frm me :D..n lappy yaha bhej de na..mez tired of my dabba pc .. :P
n the confessions of d drama queen were quite chweet :)related to it completly :)
lodsa love :-*

ceedy said...

ohohoho you are fat imagine - you took all of 3 sq. inches out a 24 sq. inches of a picture that is 12-1/2%....around 3 percent more that what you shld be :).....move your butt....

and i can tell you the problem with you lappie - agree or no is your problem - eating too much makes you dizzy....and blooging constantly you lack sleep - so eyes see things weirdly.....
besides that putting on weight pushes the cheek bones upwards therby furthur reducing vision....
now stop blaming the lappie and do smg will ya.....LOLLLLL

Lena said...

i dont know what you looked like before but i am sure right now you look great and there is no need to lose any weight :P
Unless you are ready to live without all these delicious dishes and sweets that usually make fat ;)

anyways you've got a great spirit!! keep it up!

Sree said...

come on.. you are not fat for God's sake... just chill out.. eat healthy and err.r.. what can I say doc!! ;).

Unknown said...

SUSH!donttttt..what are u saying??
she wants to hear exactly that so that she can go on a mad eating-out spree again
its tough to understand that drama queen..but i think ive got her figured out by now.

PRIIII,u could open a "instant wtgain programme" with all that weight u have put on ...........

;o) ;0) ;0)

Anonymous said...

and since when did u start paying attention to what i say??
it seems im getting lucky ;)

Pri said...

@ alohomora
dieting!!?? hmm now thats where the problem lies :(

@ niki
oye paani puri wale ne tumse complain ki kya??
paise toh de diye the uske!! :p

@ the mad orchid
heehee its always nice to have company..u dont feel alone...
ohh and about the lappy, they say 'u shouldent make hasty decisions when in love' and right now me is in lurrvvve with my dabba pc...lets wait a while to see im really over lappy dear...heehee ;)

@ ceedy
now that sure made me feel better :-/
somewhere amidst all that confusion , i see a hidden consolation...eh??

@ leena
no wayss...cant live without them...and thats why the fluctuations...sigh! :-/
anyways 'live and let live' whatsay?
err or should it rather be an 'eat and let eat' motto? :p

@ sush
*throws her arms around sush and gives her a big hug*
how do u know exactly what to say??? :D

@ dhee
ohhh u think uve got me figured out??
me's no likee that!! :-/
gotta do something confusing soon :p...
oye and what was that?..me paying attention to what u say??? *shocked*
now when did that happen?

radiohead said...

only 4 kgs .. n ur worries like hell .. hehe :D .. well firstly d technical part .. probably ur laptop has a wide screen (WXG or somthing), so since the dimensions are not exactly similar in terms of height and width .. its ought to be bloated .. guess so .

nd actually .. its so so so highly bloated that I cannot even see it on my laptop :O .. thn I guess there is some serious technical issue (like u removed it or somthing :D) ..

eating out is not bad .. as long as u dont care abt ur weight :P .. or u exercise regularly .. I have been planning to hit the Gym since long .. bt thn I have been procrastinating havent I ;)

I guess we shud bet on this one too .. *SIGH*

radiohead said...

all right one more slip ..worries shud b worried .. gaaawd wht is wid my fingers ..

an austrian guy who was na used to this short-hand kinda lingo .. like wht instead of what used to complain .. 'Did u eat few keys of your keyboeard or wat :O' ;)

i guess it all comes frm there :P

ceedy said...

I dont give consolation prizes....in my world its fist prize or surprise :)

and lets see arent there these diff kinds of ppl -
- one who say smg to be understood
- one who say smg just for the heck of it
- one who say smg but want to hear smg diff....just to make sure

isnt this post the third kinda person :).....

and similarly there are three kinds of commenters....blah blah...

Sam said...

OMG!!!! you've bloated!!!
How cud u??? There you were teh slim and petite Pri, and like I was doling out advices to ppl to have a figure like yours, you simply choose to reduce my words to dirt!!!!
damn you girl..........
Oh, btw I think you lappie is alrite, it's ur pc you wanna chk out!!
jokes apart.. stop cribbing u still ain't fat enuf... haven't gone past 55-60 region have u? in dat case chillax and go get urself the chocolate tart you've been dying for!! :)

maverick said...

hmm..lol abt the fatness issue...lets see wat ur benchmark for the comparison is..lol..n dont tell tht there's difference in way u look when seen on a comp screen from the way u look on a laptop screen to any technical person..he/she will start laughing hysterically like i am..lol..btw updated my blog :)..n u look pretty :)

Anonymous said...

Whats wrong with your laptop eh?
And honestly speaking you don't look fat either,it does happens when you're all free..try doubling your tread milling session!

ceedy said...

BTW really cool song.....appropriate

Anonymous said...

same pinch...
losing weight is so hard and gaining is so easy...

Anonymous said...

Doc dont fall trap to ths weight trap. eat well, remain healthy. And u r doc, need i say more.

Mast khana khao, walk karo, daud lagao, treadmill walk karo and give a damn to weight machines :))

ceedy said...

tag 20 question...executed

Utopia said...

woman u look perfectly fine so stop whining heheh! i haven't gymmed for a month n m feelin bloody fat. wahhhhhhhhhh!

Pri said...

@ anuj
u call a gain of 4 gross kgs ONLY??? u r joking arnt u?? :-/
ohh as for the pic, i dont know how u cant see it...u seem to be the only one :)
btw thanks for the lappy info...ur right..sigh! wish i had bought one with a vertical height greater or equal to the horizontal distance(do those even exist??) ..sorry for being so technologically challenged...:(

ohh as for the typos, heehee...that often happens when u have a lot to say...and ur typing speed refuses to catch up...happens with me a lotta times too ;)
ohh and the bet, sure thing...its on! :D just lemme find a proper mahurat...heehee

@ ceedy
absolutely right dude! heehee
man!! u r a mind reader ;)
yaa ...the sunscreen song is one of my avs too...and what a better time to remind myself of it *grin*
already commented on the tag :)

@ sam
woww u know exactly what NOT to say dont u? :-/
i think im getting inspired by the sunscreen song and ur comment and giving that chocolate tart a serious thought...heehee

@ maverick
*blush* thanks...:D
and yaa have checked ur post already...
sorry maybe that was a DB(dumb blonde) moment..but i swear pics do look bloated on my lappy :(
anuj has offered a more convincing and 'nice to believe' explanation there...heehee

@ an illusion
yaya i will..as soon as its fixed...till then lemme gorge a while ;) *by now really inspired by the 'sunscreen song' and grinning broadly*

@ nisha
u said it girl!! :(
how true!
will check ur blog soon...

Anonymous said...

keep smiling(Y)

Pri said...

@ ashu
well...not as easy as it sounds girl..esp if ur as lazzy as me who prefer to take solace in the fact that they still havent lost the ability to crib! heehee

but as u said...'eat healthy' and that is a major issue here with all those uncontrolled eat-outs :(
anyways...tension nahi lene ka...sirf crib karte rehne ka ..hahaha!

@ utopia
thanku thanku..i needed that consolation...
and heyy girl,right now im really inspired by the song playing on my blog...hope it makes u feel better too :)

@ illusion
thanks illusion...the smile is on as always :)

Mez said...

Pri u are so thin n u call urself fat.Omg! Then god save those who are actually fat.

Anonymous said...

your posts are as cute as you.........
i wont say you are fat or thin..to me you are just perfect :)

Anonymous said...

doc dun lie...
seems u gained atleast 20kgs..
n u r sayin jus 4

Anonymous said...

Dearie India me you get normal food na, dal rice sabji roti, fish and all....

Trust me being in US and eating all the junk food here is quite scary cos u put on weight like anything...........

kyamaloom said...

Cmon, you don't need to play doctor-doctor jo weight ke leke inna pareshan ho. :D

Trust me,

If you're FAT, then I DON'T even exist.:P

Compassion Unlimitted said...

A pound here a pound there,who cares ,dont worry they get lost in the overall scene !
A great effort in shaping up

Ashish Soni said...


weight is just like money...

"aaj hai kal nahi......"

so cheer up pretty girl... :)


Pri said...

@ mez
whaaaatttt???!!! SOOO THINN??? dont overdo it annie,i wouldent be able to believe that even i i want to...heehee ;p

@ anonymous
ohh thanks so much o' kind anonymous aatma... how much do i have to pay u for posting that compliment??

@ rohit
:-/ *rolls her eyes*
ek annie hain aur ek yeh namuna abhi...sigh!

@ ashu
waise toh US mein chahe toh normal ood mil sakta hain with the inclusion of 'diet food'...

lol!!if there is a will, there is a way dear and thats why i always find a way to junkfood out here too ;p

@ rohit
seriously??? u dont?? ;p

@ compassion unlimited
really? is only blogging about it enough an effort?? heehee

@ ali
sigh! i wish that philosophy was universally accepted...
anyways thanks :)

Lukkydivs said...

nice ur looking pri :P

Me ready to take ur lappy..only if u SELL it for FREE :P

Anonymous said...

but why r u so worried abt the weight...u r not fat!

La vida Loca said...

That is a gained weight phase???!!!
Girl u need prespective :P :)
Love ur hair. and the top :)

Pri said...

@ divya
thanks divs...:)
and heyy u can take my lappy in exchange for ur pc...heehee...but let me warn u...there are some keys wch are rather stuck up..the screen has far too many scratches and somehow it also makes foto's look bloated up (dont ask how..just believe me) :-/

@ chand
heyy nice to hear rom u ...its been a long time :)
ohh and thanks or the consolation...but ive gained 4kgs and so still feeling fat...:-/
but no worries...the drama dint last long ;)...
3 cheers for the 'sunscreen song' *grin*

@ la vida loca
ofcourse girl...a whole 4 kgs :(
and thanks for the compliment?? but u dont like the whole of me?? *making a sad face at la vida loca*

La vida Loca said...

that came out all wrong.
I meant to say u look slender and great. And I was surprised that u say u gained weight and are all sad. :)

Pri said...

@ la vida loca
no it dint.was jus pulling ur leg :D
thanks for the overdosage of compliments...
now i need to step down from cloud 9 and get back to reality...


Anonymous said...

jeez.. girl.. Thank God you dint see me! You will bless your stars you are so dainty and cute!

go on.. eat whatever. you look shoo sweet hons :)

IncorrigibleV said...

mujhe toh pic hi nahi dikhi toh main kya boloon?

Pri said...

@ veens
awww...a big thanku for all the compliments dear :D


@ vands
arre vands itne dino baad aogi toh kuch toh miss karogi hi naa ;)
anyways maybe i will put up a more recent picture again soon...so keep visiting ;)

take care!