April 09, 2008

inaugration notice!!

urs truly is starting a new blog called 'in a nut shell...'
since this is going to be a private blog, u would need an invite to read it...so please feel free to drop in ur email addresses so that we send u an invite :)

now for the FAQ section...sigh!

1)why are u starting a new blog?
well to start with, we want to see how good we are at multitasking and we also want to polish our skills at it as it is the need of the day (which unfortunately has only 24 hours in it)
secondly we are having difficulties keeping up with our thoughts wch are rising at an alarming rate and we are experiencing a sorta OCD 'obsessive compulsive disorder' towards blogging...so we are compelled by a strange force to have in print everything (err almost) going on with us...
also our other two blogs are mostly about random things, random thoughts, random musings...and does not include our day to day experiences...not that ul'l would be soo interested in that, but we would still like to speak about it...hmpf!!

2)why are u making ur new blog private?
'in a nutshell' is goin to be a record of our day to day life...the experiences we have...the ppl we meet...blah blah!!
and there will be no space or need for any 'disclaimers' there...
also, we are quite private like that and dont want to open up our lives to everyone nor do we want everyone to know what is happening with us every day or maybe every minute or every second (depends on the rate we blog---warning!!)
we are also a teeny weeny bit scared that some person we dont like too much may read our blog and realise its him/her we are ranting about and since everyone dosent have a great sense of humour like ours might take it to heart (not that we care about that!)and bribe someone into stalking us down and getting us murdered! (and yes! we do care about that :-/)
besides we dont want to throw our lives open like that to someone without even knowing who it is (afterall its no 'truman show')...so this way by making it an 'invited blog' we take comfort that we are aware of who knows what is going on with us and probably we will snoop around and find out about them too without feeling guilty :p

3)incase we dont want to give u our email address then...??
duh! then be happy knowing what u already know about us through our other two blogs and dont hope to know more...simple! :D

4)after these two blogs, u still have more to tell???
u bet! lots of things happening with us as of now..and this is our way to have it all in print before we grow too old to remember or too accepting to crib or too senile to cherish...
also 'nostalgic moments' sounds more like remniscing about 'yesterday'(atleast that was what it had started out as)
'in a nutshell' will be speaking more of 'today'...

phew! this was all we could think of based on the nature of questions asked to us in the past :-/
so in case u having any more questions, please feel free to shout in the comment section...or u can mail them to us...*we are feelin very celebrityish today..heehee*

ohh and do drop us ur email address so that i can update u with my life 'in a nutshell',this time as today turns into tomorrow!! :)



The 'Mad' Orchid said...

hmmmm....daily rants in...n still keepin nostalgia as fresh as ever:) intraresting :D hehe...n i ve one doubt 'we' as in??? rest all seems to b accpetable :) n as far as email id..u already have mine :)

radiohead said...

1. us? :O
2. Why would you guyz (us?) think that we (we? haha) would not be interested in knowing you ;)

you can stand under my umbrella .. ela ela ela ..


e-undies: anujpanwar.iiitm@gmail.com

ps: email to bas bahana hai :P .. dusre to addresses jutana hai ;)

Karthik S said...

I have been reading ur blog quite a period of time(3 months)- I think it stated from your confession abt ur love - and would like to read ur other blog also. Here is my id: gskstat@gmail.com

Cheers :-)

Lena said...

we would love to read your daily ramblings ;)
and... what if someone you wouldnt love to read it will ask you to send them invitation? :O

Cinderella said...

All the best for the new blog girl !

Rakesh said...

hi pri how things r going on about ur nostalgic moment..no not nostalgic..expectant always fresh...ones time i read ur blog about some movie experience.....here is my mail...rakesh.spp@gmail.com..i think everyone will be dutifully informed by u....

Pri said...

@ mad orchid
well yes...its actually a lil weird too because we still claim that all times one day or the other turn into memories and stay with us forever as nostalgic moments :)
but 'in a nut shell' will be about the finer details of pri's life...the less significant...or maybe more significant ;)
colletion of daily doses of life as and when i get them...:D
ohh and ignore the 'we'...
we are in celebrity mood today...and hence...heehee

@ anuj
oyee tune aaj pi rakhi hain kya? :o
humein is comment mein se kuch samajh nahi aa rela hain mamu :-/
now u know what the 'we' stands for...sigh!

@ karthik s
this is quite a surprise :)
thanks for reading...we are flattered...but why were u leaving silently everytime? :(
we hardly ever got a comment from u..maybe just a couple a long time back...

@ lena
hmm good question! :D
we will have to decide on that based on the situation and reasons for the dissaproval...

as we said, it is mainly to ward off certain people who we wouldent want to know anything about our life or whatevers happening...mainly because its only fair as we dont know anything about theirs...
so as long as we know who's reading, its fine with us we guess :)

Pri said...

@ cindrella
thanks :)

@ rakesh kumar
well cant dutifully promise EVERYONE...its mostly for ppl who are regulars to our blogs as the others wouldent be able to catch up on all three anyways...
thanks for dropping by :)
will get back to u soon...

Vrijilesh Rai said...

If u think I'm worthy of an invite, vrijileshATgmail is where u reach me!

Ankur said...

if we r worthy enugh... then u know mine already!!! :D

Take Care

Karthik S said...

As you said in the other blog to anthonynorth(???) only because im almost always left speechless :)
Just kidding :-)

Surfing from office...time is not enough to read and comment... so just reading... waiting for conncetion...

Ankur said...

btw... who r these we???


Ankur said...

and yes... wat if i have already made the mistake of askin...

btw... something which is private can always be denied... so i wont mind at all :D

Pri said...

@ vrij
heyy sure...will definitely keep u updated! :)

@ ankur
lol!! naah...nothing private as such...if it required that strict privacy i wouldent be blogging about it in the first place...just day to day happenings and stuff...but yes just made it private because of reasons already mentioned in the post and we would also wanna know who wants to stay updated about us...afterall it would definitely allow a peep into our lives eh? :)
oh and dont think too much over the 'we' thing..lol!!.its jus plain old me in celebrity mood :P
and u can also take it as 'the devil' and 'the angel' in pri speaking together :D


@ karthik s
ohh i was flattered until u said u were kidding! :-/
u read my other blog too...thats nice!
its just surprising that u never have anything to say ;)
thanks for reading neways...will inform u about the new blog...
take care!

Rambler said...

so would I get to read "nutshell" blog?? :)


kyamaloom said...

Two queries -
- Whose "yours truly"? :O
- Who "us"? :O

Jo bhi ho, yeh raha mail id

Solitaire said...

You might also want to add that if people are not invited to read the blog, it is for a specific reason, and not to emotionally blackmail you into sending you an invite by putting sad faces in your comment box.

Blog Boy said...

hey thts a gr8 news...
after reading both of ur blogs I am still curious to read more from you....
Send an invitee to tariksheth[at]gmail[dot]com.

Anonymous said...

well do i get invited too?!

God.. I slept for 3 and half hours :))

i hope u r still sleepin :D

wish i had smething to throw it on u :P

Chakoli said...

Is it about being worth;-)))


then ...u might wanna keep me "at worth"

The Furobiker said...

mujhe bhi add karo :D

Pri said...

@ rambler
sure u would...will mail u the invite as soon as its inaugrated :D

@ sutta
oyee tumne apne naam ka kya kar daala??...rohit itna accha naam tha...'sutta' is bilkul omkara types :p
ohh as for the quesries, keep guessing!
and when ur tired of guessing, is post ke prev comments padh lena...pata chal jayega! :D

Pri said...

@ solitaire
well actually the people i wouldent want to read wouldent do that neways...because they mostly read me as 'anony-mouses' :)
so i guess its okay if the rest try EBM...i would mail them the invite anyways...
but yaa hope they read ur comment..would save them the trouble and energy ..heehee!!

@ blogboy
sure will...im flattered! :)

@ veens
i know i gave u a tough time with the template thing...heehee
but it was soo worth it...u r the bestest!:D
ab next blog ke template ka contract bhi tujhe hi milega ;)...
see what uve gotten urself into *muhahaha*
and i had to wake up at 6.30 today...beat that! :(

Pri said...

@ chakoli
naah! i am but a humble blogger who is a bit paranoid about anonymity these days...maybe its just a phase :D
its not at all about someone being worth or not...
and even if it was , u all are definitely worth it :)

@ abhishek khanna
oye!how many times are u going to tell me? :D
why do u think i wont let u know btw? *raises an eyebrow*

Anonymous said...

ohh bebehhh.. u lose.. ohh so nicely.. i got up at 5:30 AM :P

see... u lose :D


sleep well :)

Chakoli said...

Hmmm..I agree.even I got struck with it few days back:-)))


durjoy datta said...

best of luck with! keep up with the addiction!!!!!!
and spread it around!!!!
i hope the peek to your lives would be interesting!

Sam said...

hmmm.... fair enuf!!
do i have to ask for an invi??
i hope i'm by default on that list.. in case not.. u know how to reach me!! :)

Pri said...

@ veens
ohh just 3 and a half hours?? :o
i thought u were kidding me...

yes u win!! thanks a million though :)
that was very sweet of u to wait up to help...

@ chakoli
really?? u too?? :D

@ durjoy datta
thanks :)
will keep u updated on it...

@ sam
yes absolutely! :D
even if u dont want to read, u will have to..heehee

Anonymous said...

good idea. i wud be in at ashu172@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

anony-mouses lol!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Count me in:


kyamaloom said...

Omkara types hai na??
yayyyyy!! Chalo kisi ne toh tareef ki. :P

Amit Charles said...

me me me

Anonymous said...

Can I get an invite too? vid_pi@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

Can I get an invite too? vid_pi@hotmail.com

IncorrigibleV said...

well im gonna add it to my pvt blogroll just now without waiting for ur invite which i know u will send to vanditanaroola@gmail.com :)
PS: i know ive been gone for long but am catchin up now on all ur old posts and new ventures ;)