April 03, 2008

RAIN!!--part 2

Well as promised, i have here all ur reactions :)
enjoyed reading them...it was nice to know ur perspective of the rains...read ur memories...sweep u off in nostalgia and spread some smiles around...

Heres wishing the rains do just that this time around and in a much bigger and happier way.....
here is what u guys had to say (in no particular order)...

ahhh rain! I don't knw.. maybe I have mixed feelings about it.

Well I have so many memories of rain.. and nice ones..but one..it was more of a wish.. and it came true :)) and it holds special till date.. coz nothing beats that :D

it was when i was in BLore..with the whole family and a dunmb sissy...whose dumbness i loved at that instant :))
we all went to sme mall and bought stuff.. came back to uncles home..and whoops..sissy remembers she forgot the beautiful ear-ring she bought in the store :-|
after a lot of bashing and callingnames.. i say ok.. i will go with unncle to get it. Uncle in his bike with me..and guess what it starts to RAIN... ummm! wow!!!!!

my all time wish was this..totally...to be on a bike..riding..and rain ...and speed and...wow!!!!!!!!

just then i had the most nicest of time...and i would lov to do it again ;) bas bike wala mil jaaye :-\

whose ready to take me along!!!

thats my favoritest memory of rain..there are many more...well...later :))


**they say that when ur away from the people u love,u miss them most when its raining...i dunno**

i know... u do... a lot :)
u miss mamma ke haath ke pakode and the cup of tea... u miss talkin with ur sister in the rain, and when it is heavy u miss gettin wet in the rain... u miss sitting with ur dad and watchin the rain and talkin abt how this rain will affect us.. :D
u miss all tat and yes... u miss someone else too, if u hv :)

**is it true? or is it just the ambiance which makes u think that way?**

its a combination of both!!!
for us, ppl from jaipur or rajasthan rain is like heaven... we see it few times a yr only, may be here u see a lot of it... so i guess the ambiance makes it more beautiful...

**the lightening...the cool breeze...the heavens crying...and the nostalgia!!**

and i love to drive in it.. my bike.. for hours.. gettin wet... car i dont like coz there is no fun driving it during rain unless u dont want to get wet!! :P

and i still remember once it was so heavily lightening that we were so scared... so so scared... hehee

**but sometimes missing someone can get a smile on ur face too isnt it?? missing someone means thinking about them and thinking about ppl u love often gets a smile on ur face...and the tear in the eye dosent matter much...**

yes... i m smiling now.. as i remember all of them, thanks pri, u made this day memorable :)

**so why blame the poor rains??
we should be blaming the heart instead...shouldent we?**

if all this time u were talkin abt the heart wala part... then i guess yes we do, and then we take our phones out or sit with our lappy again... and see wat can be done... talk to chat or cam... watever the best we feel!!! :)

**bad or good...bitter or sweet...i guess the rains definitely make memories come alive.......but how we respond to them is entirely up to us :)**

no memories are bitter... :)
and yes.. i do have a lot.. lot of them.. once we came back home and we saw our whole house was like flooded... like Solitaires' :P

coz the drainage was blocked..

all the carpets and everything was wet... and it was very funny... sometimes we leave the window open and... :P

Rain is all so lovely...

starting from splasing around in teh rain as a kid to actually running in office attire at 11pm just because it was feeling good...
done loadsa crazy stuff

Aha! Solitaire hates the rains...but temporarily.

As a child, I used to love the rains. That was the best time for me to study (memorize). As soon as it would start raining, I would start learning things by heart at a quick pace. :)

Then as a college student, I began to love the atmosphere, just like you do. The darkness, sounds, coolness...But I think I liked it because in Gujjuland, rains were so far few in between.

Now in the United States, it rains A LOT, especially in the spring. And I hate how my hair looks yuck by the time I reach work. And to top it all, these floods made my life totally miserable..and still are. :(

I love to watch rain... with a hot cup of tea & snakc sitting in my room near the windows :-)

Yeah I knw sometimes rain is too much.. I expernced the July 26th incident in Mumbai... Infact I wrote a post on my experiences of it

..i love to get a thick blanket and sleep when its raining hehe :D

I love rain but not that "khich-pich" after that...

if its drizzling and sitting on a window side with chai....just perfect evening .....

i love rains.. it is not because of this nostalgia feeling (which is there too) but because it makes me feel like i belong to this world.
I can walk in the rain for hours and dont care about clothes and hair getting wet. Because there can not be the better feeling than a touch of rain drops on your face.

Or when it rains i can just sit at the window and watch it for hours thinking about the past, the present, the future. And really missing some special people. I dont know why is it like that that you miss them most when it rains. Maybe because the rain makes you feel comfortable and you want to share all this comfort with someone you love and care about? Or maybe because of this whole nostalgia thing - when the sweetest memories, the ones you so carefully put aside on other days, are brought into foreground.
When i was 11 i was in some camp for kids and it was raining almost all 3 weeks i have been there and i remember every day me and 2 more friends running around barfoot and the adults trying to catch us and bring under some roof to make sure we dont get cold.
I remember the feeling of joy and satisfaction we all got that we couldnt be caught. And all the fun about it.
And i remember the cup of hot tea when we finally got into house. And even the smell of it.
Maybe this childhood experience made me fall in love with rains forever :)
Maybe not... who knows?

i hate rain...

I love a drizzle...like I said before, the sound of raindrops reminds me of a sad memory...

sweetheart how about an ice cream in the rain with me :P thats something i love the most :) (choco flavor)

**they say that when ur away from the people u love,u miss them most when its raining...i dunno is it true?**

yes absolutely...it always happens to me and i never knew it was said as well...i believe it.
abt my rain thoughts..i love rain and the four words in your post that made me jump and smile:
rain + happy + mumbai + marathi
now tell me if u can make sense of it :P

I'm quite the same like you..when it comes to Rain.. read my posts related to rain here

I absolutely love the rain... it is just so....... romantic :-)

Wrote this a long time ago... could interest you :-)

its raining babies in my neighbourhood.. 8 women, 8 kids.... and awready three newly married couple ready for the next adventure.. diff sort of rain here


rain rain go away.. little johny wants to play...
bachpan mein mummy khelne nahi deti thi jab barish hoti thi tab

it rained heavily last night here.. and its been a lovely morning so far to wake up to. You're right, rain is just too good

Ah.. though I do not like to get drenched in the rain much, I do enjoy the nice atmosphere that it creates.

In the student days, it was cuddling up in bed with some hot chai and pakodas watching TV or reading a Sherlock Holmes novel for the umpteenth time.

These days its cuddling up under the blanket with wifey and doing u know what!

Rains, bike, bf, long drive, bliss!!

rains it true good season....
but i love rain only when i m in kerala....i was only ther once or twice but taht was grt..'

in mumbai i dont njoy much....as here u cant have sweet fragnace of rain....and not at all romantic...

the rains and I have had a strange relationship. :-) Actually too much of the rains depresses me. I remember Pune, Bombay and even Calcutta and nostalgia reigns supreme.
But that ways I like Dilli cos if one thing one can be sure of is that the sun is always gonna be out hehehe!

I love rains...
the drops of water..
the new greeen color of trees and plants when rains...the breeze...
the smell...:)

aah i love it..there r quite a many incidents...i just love rainssss neways...for instance yesterday al of a sudden it strted to pour...was enjoying...thn 'bitter' as u said..26th my budday mumbai suffered so badly n on 26th jul 06 here in kolkata it was one big helluva time..i had two papers and suddnely out of nowhr it started to rains..n there went my new budday dress..phoooooshhhh bt who cares i let down my hair n was enjoying..dwn while i was enjoying gettin wet i heard somethng pleasing to my ear; it was someone who said prolly god is crying coz its lost one of its angel... :)
and then I always hve this dream to get all the way get widly drenched and last all the way....the thunderstorms scares me off my breath..bt sometimes think this b the situation n be with my man :0 and could just hold me tite ans snuggle rite into his warm arms..wow rains n rains..love it totallyyyyy....wish it rains again here today as well :)
That way this way...I love rains...n just love them :) i so wanna pull down my hair n get crazily wet n dance in tips n taps of the rain splashing n plattering here n there...


so this monsoons,
dont let ur dreams of dancing in the rain remain bottled up...
dont worry about ppl thinking ur crazy...
dont think about the cold u might catch or the fever u might come down with...(thats what we docs are here for! ;P)
dont spend all ur time indoors and waste the beautiful weather like that...
dont spend ur time crying over those bitter memories...instead cherish the ones uve got...
concentrate on the smile that nostalgia brings ...dont focus on the tears...

go out...dance...get soaked in the rain...smile...enjoy the moment...dream...LIVE!!

cheers to everyone!
and have a lovely season :)


Solitaire said...

baap re so much work!! good job!

cm chap said...

OMG.. u collated all comments and puit up a post.. Ahem...

Anonymous said...

mine is first mine is first...yoo--hooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thats a nice pic too.. THANKS!


u r a sweet heart.. ok lemme go n read all of it.. and did yu put yurs?!

Sam said...

cretaing a market for ur trade??? :P

Pri said...

@ solitaire
thanku...just wanted it to be a storage of memories sorts...though dint turn out exactly that ...but neways im happy! :)
heyy nice pic btw :D

@ cm-chap
well i promised i would (in my prev post)

@ veens
ohh is sab mein woh toh bhool hi gayi :(
neways i guess my prev post gives enopugh of what i think about the rains :)
was searching hard for a pic good enough...but ultimately got a okayish one :-/
glad u liked it...

@ sam
not really...just keeping a promise and keeping track of memories..not just mine but everyone's :)
afterall its 'nostalgic moments' isnt it??
wish u had elaborated ur memories (in the prev post)a bit more though...neways chalega! :)


Vrijilesh Rai said...

Hmmm... good work.. summing up the experiences/memories of so many ppl!

Anonymous said...

aww.. sweet ... everyone's... sme people need to xplain more...

and i thought u will write yurs too :P too bad yu dint girl...

thanks for the effort! and yoo-hoo.. i m in this post ;))

this is 2nd in a row.. i gt mentioned in Keshi's one also :D

i m on cloud 9!

have a gr8 rainy day Pri :))

The 'Mad' Orchid said...

Lovely wrk doc...gimmes me more reason to love u hehe ;) jus kidding....lovely :)
Take cre...muahs

Ankur said...

thanks... :)

and yes... will try to enjoy!!!

Pri said...

@ vrij
thanks..that was the idea! :)

@ veens
it stopped raining :(
guess it was just a one-day show...sigh!

@ mad orchid
u had me flattered there :D
until u told me u were kidding :(

@ ankur
cool...thats the way to go!! :)


Princess said...

thats so very nice dear...

U made me happy as the rain does :D

The 'Mad' Orchid said...

oh ho i meant tht this isnt a single reason i love u..there r many more reasons sweetie..so smile na :) i love u lods... :)

IncorrigibleV said...

this was so much fun ... readin everyone :)
and it rained today !!! yayie :)

Pri said...

@ princess
heyy that is sucha a HUGEEE compliment...thanku!!!


@ mad orchid
heyy that got me grinning and the grin will be on the whole day...
thanks to u sweetu! :)

@ vands
heyy thats soooo coool! it was just a one-day show here :(
but looks like its paying my friends a visit now :D

cheers and enjoy!

sjmach said...

Sometimes we don't keep track of thigs that matter the most!!!

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