April 14, 2008

nursery rhymes just for u...ting tong!!

today is a lazzy sick day in the life of pri...and she has almost finished the whole bottle of 'cough syrup' and is feeling very proud of herself...

its a childhood habit...while most children competed to drink their glass of milk, urs truly would wait for a 'cold' to compete (or rather break her own record)finishing off the cough syrup bottle...heyy really! no kidding!!:-/ *makes a straight face*
and then i used to get great pleasure in bugging everyone around with alternating spells of drowsiness and hyperactivity...heehee

so now u know what to blame for the 'idle musings' posted below?---obviously 'the high' u idiots!

please note: this post is written in a kinda intoxicated state (or so i would like you to believe)and should NOT be held responsible for corrupting the mind of toddlers and infants and preschoolers with my 'modified nursery rhymes' nor be accused of confusing them...because i do have a feeling they too read my blog :-/ *alert! delusion attack! alert!!*

so with the 'runningnose-swollenface-and-frogyvoice-blues', i share with u my kindergarten memories upgraded as of today and right now...

jack and jill went up the hill,
to fetch a pail of water...
on the way they found a bar,
and both stepped in for a 'quarter'

err...sorry for imparting the influence of alcohol on young minds and making what could turn into a serious issue, sound so casual...heehee

baba black sheep have u any wool?
try to sell it and dont be a fool...
the master dosent need it, the dame's too busy to knit...
and the lil boy down the lane has just thrown a fit!

err..now where did i get that from??*puzzled*


humpty dumpty sat on a wall...
humpty dumpty had a great fall...
all the kings horses and men werent anywhwre around
and in the peak of the summer heat, a fried egg was found!! har har!! :D

no offence mister humpty dumpty..but its time the kiddos got to know u were just an EGG!

polly put the kettle on kettle on kettle on
polly put the kettle on
and she got a nasty burn...
suki put it off again off again off again...
suki put it off again
a lesson very good to learn...

i am so proud of myself..im actually teaching kids not to play with fire *pats herself on the back*

lil miss muffet sat on a tuffet,
eating her curd and whey...
there came a sensible spider and smirked beside her...
"the diet wont help u i'd say"...

ooooohhh...am i unknowingly being calorie conscious??sigh!

johny johny?... yes papa
eating sugar?...yes papa
telling the truth again?...yes papa
sigh!in this world, ul never be at par! :-/

yes kids should learn the rules of the game!!err...u gotta fib ur way out of trouble sometimes...muhahaha

pat-a-cake pat-a-cake u typical man
bake me a cake as fast as u can
pat it and prick it and give it to fred,
and hel'l put it to use to kill the rats instead!!

have u ever survived a mans cooking without any side-effects in the bargain??heehee
ok ok before u guys retalliate, i admit there are exceptions...some men CAN cook just as some women cant :-/


georgie porgie pudding and pie
kissed the girls and made them cry
when all the boys came out to play
he kissed them too and made their day!

(eep! how homosexual :-/)

we all knew the famous ringa ringa roses as kids...well recently i got to know the creepier versions which are apparently more famous in us and uk...check it out here
but i think il'l stick to the version i learnt as a kid...
never really could comprehend what it was supposed to mean so here's a lil modification so that all your toddlers dont end up as confused about it as i am :-/

ring-a-ring-a roses
a pocketful of posies
"hushaa bushaa"
i sound like a cannible clown! :-/

ok i think the effect is wearing off now...not feeling as dizzy anymore...but before i read what i have typed and realise how silly it sounds let me head for more cough syrup! :-/

'benadryl benadryl here i come again...
do wonders to my creativity...
benaaaaadryllll benadrrryyyyylllll'

now picture me singing the above lines like in the 'zandu balm zandu balm pida hari balm' jingle on tv with a benadryl bottle in my hand instead...*blush*
pri draws the blanket over her face and shys away...


Karthik S said...

Its just wonderful. Really I was smiling starting to end.
Cheers !

Have a nice day.

Karthik S said...

No comment moderation ???

Ankur said...

benadryl nahi ek Rum ka peg le le hot water ke saath... mast wala sab gaab ho jayega :D

baki comment brk ke baad :D

Ankur said...

and pluzzzzz dont put a pic here with ur running nose now :P :P



Ankur said...

nahi toh ur place is waise hi famous for badboo wali kaju ki daru... usse suna hai sardi jukam sab door ho jaate hain... try tat too :P

Ankur said...

waise i think u lack calories as can be seen in ur pic... so eat ur food well... dont skip any :D

and if ur mamma ever suggests u for adrakh ka kadha.. then have it... . :P :P

Pri said...

@ karthik s
trying to have a nice day..but not succeeding thanks to the cold :(
and no..i havent enabled comment moderation...why did u feel so????

@ ankur
lol!! really?maybe il'l give it a try...
ohh and if u talking about 'regional treatment' what do u take when u get a cold in jaipur?? considering thats ur homeplace, u would have to go straight for camels milk isnt it?? :))

and no waysss...no dadima ke nuske for me :(
i hate the taste of that kadha...yuckk!!

Ankur said...

and i was thinking tat u r a doc and u know all of it... :P

bhai camel milk is very gud except the fact its not liquid... so u cant drink it... :P

haan if u talk abt sheeps milk, then its only used when u have some bone pain... jodo ka dard they call it :P


gat ur facts right Doc!!! :D


Ankur said...

and btw.. before being a rajasthani i m an indian... and i do listen to my mamma...

so as per indian recipe i take the adrakh ka kadha... howsoever kadwa it is :D :D :D

Pri said...

@ ankur
yes ankur..im a doctor not a dietician...so i dont think u shud expect me to know the nutritive value and nature of foodstuff...neither do i own a dairy or farm :p
so im not expected to get these typa facts 'right' neways...heehee
(wondering how u know soo much about it)

ohh and as for the indian bit, im one too...thought u shud know because i felt ur earlier comment suggested regionalism...lol!!

ur mamma will be very happy to read this...and im sure there will be more tasks assigned from now on (of the type u had to undergo a coupla days back :p)
good good...lage raho ankur bhai! ;)


Ankur said...

i havent seen so much comment obsessed ppl who increase their comments by sending the same comment twice... waah waah pri ji...

n yes.. i m mammas boy... :-/

and i dont fight with my mamma for such issues...and then have some cold coz of tat... huh... :|

Ankur said...

and though u have deleted the duplicate... i have a screen shot saved for u ... :P

Ankur said...

haan.. yeh bhool gaya... not eating food coz of it...
i follow wat she says... :D

Ankur said...

and have some cranky mood then and take ppl for a ride... huh :-/

huh... :P

Anonymous said...


Solitaire said...

gosh...u crazy doc!

Ashish said...

good one..even i remember something about Jack n Jill:

Jack n Jill Went up the Hill...
Stupid Jill Forgot the Pill...
And now they have a Son !!


Cinderella said...

Lol girl !! This was awesome...

Baa baa black sheep was the funniest...hahaha...

You made all of then up kya ?
Amazing work I say !

Cinderella said...

And have you heard the bihari version of Jack and Jill ?
I'd gotten it thru an sms...
Here goes...

Jackwa aur Jillwa chale pahad ke upar,
paani laawat waaste.
Jackwa gir gawa, uski khupadiya phhut gawa,
aur Jill aawat ludhkan saare raaste...


Junius said...

take 'synkara', thats better! remember that javed jaffery ad?..sooo coool!

The Furobiker said...

doc pagal ho gai ... mujhe shak to tha hi aaj yakeen ho gaya

Pri said...

@ ankur
lol ...dont tell me u soo paranoid about my blog that u save screenshots of deleted comments too ;p
besides i put it up again only because it had some typo in it :)
talking about comment obsession, there are other ways ppl use too like trying to increase comments on their blog by striking random out-of-the-way conversations and then complaining that ppl never reply...heehee(wch im against though since i dont consider blogs as a chat forum)

ohh and btw...what do u mean 'taking ppl for a ride'????
no offence buddy,but i advice u to confirm on the meaning of words before using them...as u often tend to use the wrong ones...

@ enigma
very good??? that i am in sucha pathetic state?? :(

@ solitaire
benadryl in overdosage does that to me :(

Pri said...

@ ashish
haha ya ive heard of a slightly diff version along the same lines...
was being circulated as a fwd..it goes like this:
jack and jill went up the hill
to fetch a pail of water...
and goodness knows what happened there,
but they came down with a daugter...


@ cinderella
yeps made them all by myself...was thinking of printing a book on nursery rhymes...but then they told me i would be spoiling the 'future of the nation' :-/

heehee that bihari version was damn funny!!:))

Pri said...

@ endevourme
is syncara an ayurvedic tonic or something???im not aware of the 'javed jaffrey' ad u talking about :(

i like the 'high' benadryl gives me...heehee
and though i would prescribe better than that, i personally stick to good ol benadryl :p

@ abhishek khanna
sigh! :-/
mujhe darr tha ki yahi hoga...tumhari dosti ka asar!! :p

maverick said...

lol...tht was a good read :)...blog updated

Anonymous said...

georgie porgie pudding and pie
kissed the girls and made them cry
when all the boys came out to play
he kissed them too and made their day!


Great,.,,jack n jill going for a quater was nice to

Pri said...

@ maverick
that was a miserable cold :(
will read u soon!

@ samby
heehee...i would have made better and more interesting nursery rhymes...whatsay?? ;)

Anonymous said...

LOLzzz.. Pri...Benadryl did have a voila effect ;)
and i really do like this effect ;))

have fun girl ;) with all yur running noses and puffed up faces.. :P

Pri said...

@ veens
the colds much better now...so no more benadryl :(

Ankur said...

such is life... ppl arent happy abt the cold being better, but unhappy abt the fact that they cant drink benadryl anymore...


Vrijilesh Rai said...

Wonderful mods there doc.. (waise abhi pata chala ki aap doc hain, so from one to another.. Hi!)

Here's one rip off of Jack n Jill

Jack n Jill went up the Hill
to smoke some marijauna
jack got high, unzipped his fly
and said Jill, d'u wanna?
Jill said yes, took off her dress
and they did the hankey pankey
But Jill forgot to pop the pill
and out popped little Frankie!!

Pri said...

@ ankur

@ vrij
heyy i dint know u were a doc either :)...cool!!
haha that version of jack and jill was hilarious :D

Sam said...


IncorrigibleV said...

hehe the doc's high on cough syrup and is makin me ROFL :P
vely cute post!!

Pri said...

@ sam
i dont remember anything of it..maybe someone abducted it stole my password and posted this crazy stuff *hides her face*

ok ok! blame it on benadryl! :-/

@ vands
sigh! dont remind me of it...
but honestly, dont u think my 'nursery rhymes' are much more educational and fun than the stereotyped ol boring ones?? heehee

Anonymous said...

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