May 14, 2008


"If one inspired innocent loving soaring dreamer believes in a universe of joy and light and perfect being, and if she's wrong and dies, its not the dreamer who's been foolish, but the universe..."

ahhh someone sides with me afterall...!!


Ankur said...

apun ke uppar se jaa reli hai baba



ceedy said...

how so....universe ne aapko mesmerize kiya kya :)

and the hmpf!! trail continues as with ankur :)

Rambler said...

how can I ever disagree with Bach :)

Anonymous said...

he is right :)

atleast it makes me feel good abt a lot of things.

ceedy said...

and BTW have you read Sea Gull by Bach and heard music from the real bach....both will make you feel the same :)

aneri_masi said...

hum bhi hain on your side. totally with you!

check out my photo blog for some humor, and the blessings blog for some 'gyaan" :)

lemon said...

hmmm...nice thought

Vrijilesh Rai said...

Doc quoting Bach.. cool!

Macadamia The Nut said...

What a beautiful liberating line!! Sigh!!!!

Keshi said...

thats profound!

we should just believe whatever we want to until our last breath and die happily, whether they were true or not.


Unknown said...

erm... just another sour grapes story maybe???

Anonymous said...

jab universeaapke saath he to kya gam hhe?

Pri said...

@ ceedy and ankur
read it again and u'd get it!
all i can say is that my entire existence is justified by this one line :)

@ rambler
yess sir! dare to dream! :)

@ veens
eggjactly!! and thats what matters...
lets believe in all those 'feel good' words atleast for a while :)

Pri said...

@ ceedy
yup have read 'johnathan livingston sea gull' and i liked it...though had to read twice to get it...
first time was too biased it would be a bouncer...heehee

havent heard the music though...but now that u suggested, must try it out! :)

@ aneri_masi
i knew i could count on you...
'dreamers inc' zindabad!! :D

ceedy said...

I did understand at first...sorry for your existence tho :P

and my bad...about confused with another are absolutly right about jonathan seagull

and bach
here see this piece

and I have seen YoYoMa live...:)

Ankur said...


have read it atleast 10 times... :)

now i think i m nuts :-/

Pri said...

@ lemonade
all thanks to 'bach' :)...its his thought afterall...
that it is the basis of my existence is a different story ;)

@ vrij
yess..if i had written it, nobody would have taken it seriously :-/
so had to quote him...heehee

@ macademia
isnt it??i knew i had to share it with u guys the moment i read it :D

@ keshi
well i dunno about believing whatever we want to..but i guess there is no harm in 'dreaming' :)
dare to dream!! whether they come true or not is not for us to worry long as it is not affecting others around us in an adverse manner...
another thing ive learnt is that 'never dream of something giving it your everything...because if its broken, ur left behind with nothing!'

i know im digressing and these are kinda contrary thoughts...but i guess there are always two sides to the coin isnt it?? :)

Pri said...

@ j
heehee...sour grapes??...maybe!
but such quotes do make them sweeter ;)
dont tell me u dont dream! :o

@ ashu
err...i dint get what u mean!!
bach unfortunately dosent agree with SRK here ;)
and i unfortunately couldent agree more with 'bach'
sigh! sorry shahrukh! :(

@ ceedy
naah dont be sorry..not that its justified! :p
btw 'johnathan livingston sea gull' is the name of the book and it is by 'bach'...i think u got a lil confused there...
ya i know..even i thought the same..weird name he chose for a seagull eh? :-/
thanks for the piece..will let u know after i hear it :)

@ ankur
ok maybe another 10 times sure ul'l get it!
u cant be thaat bad! :p

IncorrigibleV said...

yayie !!! mez happy now!

Pri said...

@ vands
that makes two of us then! :D

Anonymous said...

dreaming is good...
i wish all your dreams come true! :)

your secret admirer