May 24, 2008

the 'decent' proposal...

how did u/would u propose to the one u love?? :)


unfuel the planet said...

get down on my knees and crack a joke.

Junius said...
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Anonymous said...

i'd definitely do it in the traditional way..would go out for a nice romantic candle light dinner & would propose afterwards although i have got some other plans depending on the circumstances *lol;)* but this is the one i might go for in the end if everything goes according to the plan;)
what about you?

Anonymous said...

whisper in the ears n say i love u

Rambler said...

how would I propose..I have no clue :)

Solitaire said...

Comic is so cute. :)
Like rambler, I have no clue!!

Anonymous said...

i would say aati kya khandala ;)

The Furobiker said...

isme itna sochna kya hai..
seedhi baat no bakwaas.. seedhe seedhe bol daal

Mugger Much said...

I once wrote a story about this.
Of course, being me, I had to include the Bible, the Lord of the Rings, and a dash of Newtonian optics.
What can I say. I'm a geek.

Mugger Much said...

Needless to add, the story had nothing to do with how I actually popped the question.

Vrijilesh Rai said...

With a freshly baked chocolate cake a few red roses!

Ankur said...

dont know/ cant say!!!

depends on the moment truly!!!

Beauty and the BEast said...

definitely not as sweetly, humbly and innocently as this :)

Rià said...

i wud prefer my guy to propose to me rather than i proposing him....wud want him to do it traditional way of goin dwn on his knees along wth red roses and champagne... :) i m quite a suckler for romance u c!

Pri said...

@ rukna
ohh wow...propose with humour...what kinda joke btw? :-/
hope not a PJ ;)

@ an illusion
guess the traditional way is the one which most often works...
best of luck! :)

@ ashu
cute! :)

@ rambler
huh??? cmonnnn...dont tell me u never thought about it :o

@ solitaire
heehee yes the 'penguin' proposal is cute :D
but what has happened to ur imagination? :(
u can atleast imagine a perfect situation and tell us ur idea of the perfect proposal :)

Pri said...

@ adi
what if she dosent like 'chiki'?? ;)

@ abhishek khanna
hmmm sochne wali baat...'sprite' peekar propose kiya tha kya? ;)

@ mugger much
wopuld surely love to read...send me the link to that post wouldya? :)
thankgod it wasent related to the would have confused her otherwise ;p

@ vrij that how u proposed to wifey? cool! :)
but then did the cake and the roses do all the talking??

Pri said...

@ ankur
ohh...i did expect we would have a nice story to hear from u :)
but looks like u dont want to share it with us :(

@ beauty and the beast
then how?? *batting eyelids*

@ ria
uhoh..then he surely has to be SRK...and sorry but thats my dream guy ;)
but nicee!
so u mean to say u would never take the first initiative is it?

@ all
why do i have a feeling that most of the people here do not want to answer this question??
is it too personal or something?
thought u'l would like to share ur precious moments gone past/yet to come :)

Ankur said...

i have been turned down quietly and sadly... so thats my story... i hope no one proposes like me ;)

hehe... still life remains fun!!!

Pri said...

@ ankur
well buddy,all i can say is when ul'l meet 'the one' ,ur STYLE of proposing wont matter..just the fact that u DID propose will...

so chin up :)

Ankur said...

haha... still i was turned down!!! :D

i know wats matter... "ME!!!"

its wat was turned down! ;)

and dont want to make any such mistakes in future... :)
so chinups will go just to reduce those 5 kgs... all for me... myself!!! ;)


broca's area said...

wil just go and tell what i feel about her!!...ultimaterly liking and trust matters no!!...all this glamour thing during proposal really doesnt matter much!!..

Mysterious Mia said...

babes this was so cute...heheh

n i dont think i wud propose to the guy instead i would get him to propose to me but if if if at all i had to, then i'd use the line from if only

*I am just a girl standing in front of a boy, asking him to love me, would you love me forever?

Pri said...

@ ankur
all i can say is that there will definitely be more reason than stop thinking its got to do with YOU...ul'l only end up losing ur self confidence...and its NOT worth it...nothing is worth it! :)

///and dont want to make any such mistakes in future... :)///
hmm ok...that means u think of it as a 'mistake' then...
so we should say there is hope for u buddy...because when its love, we'd hate to call it a 'mistake' :)

///so chinups will go just to reduce those 5 kgs... all for me... myself!!! ;)///

wayy to go! all the best for it! :D

@ brocasarea
ohh well..ur right..but then it need not be glamorous...
there are other ways to make it memorable isnt it?? :)

@ anvita
///n i dont think i wud propose to the guy instead i would get him to propose to me///
love ur spirit, girl!! ;)

///but if if if at all i had to, then i'd use the line from if only

*I am just a girl standing in front of a boy, asking him to love me, would you love me forever?///
awww thats a cute line...we have our very own 'anna scott' here...
here's wishing u get ur hugh grant! ;)


The 'Mad' Orchid said...

well as discussed with u doc..
i would write here hw i would like to be proposed well if u ask me i would say tht agar bandha jus says the 3 words tht would be enough bt u c aakhir thodi bahut dreams hoti hain na so..
Sunset as the the seaside with waves comes n waves caressing our feet as v walk he would suddenly would stop and would turn back to see him down on his knees as the style goes and as i come near him he hold my hands and saysthose 3 words... :D
aaahhh perfect bt keeping it simple as i said before i wouldnt absolutely wont mind if he jus says those words :)Guess i would prpse tht way if i would at some time :P :)
Fair enough doc?????
hugs and love

RADhika said...

well, my partner actually did it in some (according to him)"funny" way... if i was to do it, i would never do it this way! :)

sid said...

2 good...awesome....really cute hai ji....
PS: I was kind of awaiting your thots below that post...cudnt find it...told you-great writers n abstaining..makes me dizzy:-p

Blog Boy said...

1. being my self.
2. 1 good romantic poem.
3. truth from the heart.
4.wait for the result..
5. go for dinner( I knew it will be ÿeh"- how confident I was.........)

Pri said...

@ mad orchid
ahhh now thats romantic! the 'filmi' ishtyle---do they do that nowadays??
but very good imagery there...hats off! i guess ur the only person uptil now who has dared to describe her dream so vividly...
most of them just shyed away :-/

@ radhika
but it worked!! so it must have been good ;)
feel free to share the 'funny' way with us...some of us might just get ideas! :P

@ sid
uhoh..that wasent my idea..its a comic strip...toh itni tarreef kyon? by default is it? :p

and btw u havent answered the question :-/

@ blogboy
ahh very carefully planned out proposal i must say..coool! :)

Anonymous said...

ahh well ... i m not sure...
i ve not thought abt proposing neone :D

and i have not known hw i wud liked to be proposed either :D

but i m sure... there wud nt be any need of proposing as such for an arranged thing **sigh**

Chakoli said...


Be my "LION".....;-)))

rantravereflect/ jane said...

awwwww:) tat was sooooo cuteeee..
well, on the flipside, if ya wanna ditch sumone, ya can just say- i'm not ya penguin!:)

Rakesh said...

pyaar bhi karo aur ekrrar bhi karo na bhai na...try to understand the logic.:D

Anonymous said...

i would make her feel as if she is the only woman in a room full of women.. my attention will soley be on her... my eyes in her eyes... and ill say the words..:-)... make me yours.. instread of i love you....

*then ill hope ill get a kiss instead of a slap*

Pri said...

@ veens
ahh u never know!...just what makes u soo sure its going to be an 'aaranged' thing??? ;)

@ chakoli
wowww thats wild! :p

@ rantravereflect
heeheee yeah but then one must make him/her read this comic strip in my blog first :P

noww wait a minute---u dint answer :(

@ rakesh
haha there is no logic in love..besides i think, no matter what we should never hesitate in telling someone we love how much we love them :)

@ vishvsambyal
aww thats soo sweet!
(wish u) luck (vishu) :D

BIG Omi said...

wow .. what a boost to my imagination..

" Would you like to grow older with me ?"

yeah i guess this could be my kinda statement...
What say u??

BIG Omi said...

and that penguin thing is so damn coooooll.. i likd it.. may be i will try it sometime..
For sure..

cm chap said...

he..hee.. toughest question some1 has asked me ever... I need more time :-)

Rià said...

Yep!thts true...btw i love SRK too!so u hav got competition. :D Good for me tht my guy took the first step else i wud hav never taken the first initiative...i blong to the old school of thought here. :)

Anonymous said...

coz it is :)

crasiezt said...

I really dunno how I would do hoping the guy does it:D

But if I really do have to make the proposal, then I guess it'll have to be like Monica did in FRIENDS!! That scene is one of my fave emotionally funny sequences...You've seen it? It's awesome how she starts and he ends it!!!

And the comic strip is so so so superly cute:D

aneri_masi said...

this is SOO cute!

well..I don't think I would propose. I dropped some huge hints, until he finally got it, and caved :)

Pavi!!!! said...

This monday V(the hubby) told me that coz we had got a lot of work(packing n other chores) accomplished tht wknd ,we shld treat ourselves to a dinner we went out
n then V passes this note to me saying "will u marry me, given a choice again" n at the bottom it was scrawled "PS:Guess wat" . I just loooooooooooved tht proposal n had to say yes :)
(our weddin anniv is on june thts why the re-proposal)

We had watched PS: I love u on sunday nite n we both loved it :)

La vida Loca said...

I a love letter :D

Mysterious Mia said...

thanks babes......yur such a sweetheart! hoping u get the guy of yur dreams too

Pri said...

@ big omi
aww thats soo sure she will be floored with that 'straight from a chickflick' kinda proposal ;)
ohh and hope u meet ur penguin soon :D

@ cm-chap
tough question or tough answer?? :D
no problemo we will wait..take ur time!
as long as u dont keep her waiting...*grin*

@ ria
yess somewhere almost every girl belongs to that same school :)
thankgod! uve found ur soulmate...u wouldent want SRK nemore now...the less competition the better ;)

@ veens
hmmm...but koi nahi...arranged marriage ko love marriage mein convert kar lena :)
as i always say, it dosent matter whether its love before marriage or marriage before love...what matters is the love which is meant to stay...forever and for good! :)

Pri said...

@ craziest
wowww!! ofcourse i remember it...
that is the cutest way anyone could propose marriage...
sigh! monica is just too lucky! :)
thats one of my fav scenes btw in the entire series...

@ aneri_masi
either u dropped some really strong hints there or u are lucky to have sucha smart guy :D

@ pavi!!
howw romantic! :)
what better than having the guy u love propose to you even long after u are committed...
im sure he loves u very much...

cheers to your happy married life!
*raises a toast*

@ la vida loca
thats sweet---the good ol way...wouldent ask u what was in it...because i guess that would be personal ;)

@ princess mia
thanks i think il'l dream with caution! ;)

IncorrigibleV said...

ummm i wudn't really ... i wanna be proposed though and how thats done is upto the guy, but anything simple wud work :)

Crimson Feet said...

i never really "proposed" and that became one of the reasons for her to leave me!! ;)

also... Penguins CHANGE mates every year!.... EVERY FUCKIN YEAR... unless they die, they change the mate!