May 07, 2008

love---a universal feeling!!

25th sept 2082---sound signals detected and interpreted as received from the planet pluto

voice signal 1: "maybe this is what they call 'love'?"

voice signal 2: "WTH!! u should have been cautious...i had warned u against it..."

voice signal 1: "i know..i know.but i dunno how..i never got a chance to was sucha short holiday..but now i know, im going back there...just for her!"

voice signal 2: "u cant...she isnt even green...she wont fit in here...
eyuckk!!for milky-ways sake, shes human!"

voice signal 1 (in a strange sing-songish preachy manner): "i dont in lurrrrveeee..and it knows no COLOUR"

voice signal 2: "damnnn these humans!! i should have never allowed u that earth trip anyways"

signals disturbed by strange metallic noises which resembled hitting of some object (suspected--alien head) against the wall...

PROMPT words from 3ww -- 'human' , 'maybe' and 'cautious'

this piece is inspired by a random thought which crossed the idle mind today--that perhaps the best guys are found only on 'pluto'..sigh!
no offence martians! ;)


Anonymous said...

Love crosses all boundaries

anthonynorth said...

Well that was certainly different - and very enjoyable.
Good to know that aliens are so ... human.

Unknown said...

Love is... intergalactic, or something like it???

Come to think of it.. I would mind a sexy hot alien girlfriend :D

Unknown said...

ooppss.. wouldn't mind

Travnet said...

I speak Marathi Only... How come they Interpret my voice in English On Pluto:p ..

A Germ

skeptic saint said...

hmmmm...yeah and where do you think all the beautiful gals belong to???

gotta check out the signals from there soon...

and by the way, i m from pluto too...

Travnet said...

please dont reply on this ID ... i guess my Friend left it on ... on this PC

Pavi!!!! said...

I always wanted to goto space on a vaccation n now my wishes hv b'com stronger....All for the so-called Best Man!

But i have to think of an alternative companion for the trip...I'm sure hubby dear wont appreciate this motive! ;-)

Amit Charles said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Amit Charles said...


Caught the wrong signal I guess.

Mayday! Mayday!!

(Wrong call sign)

Houston we have a problem


keep it rollin;)

aneri_masi said...

hahaha, this was a funny one :) you have such an imagination!

Rambler said...

ha ha great imagination pri :)
so did they have a song in there too? lol just kidding...

black coffee said...

hilarious doc!
ofcourse the best of 'men' arent martians! :P

Vrijilesh Rai said...

Shud we men take this post as derogatory or just plain humourous? If its the latter, then it was gr8, but if it was the former, Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Bow bow !

paisley said...

very clever and an excellent take on the prompt!!

sid said...

Man i hope it would have been year 2008..rather than 2082...I would have loved to find someone from pluto n settle down out there.N since they have inet there--would have been quite a life;-p
PS: Idle thots make up for one nice story!

TC said...

"u cant...she isnt even green...she wont fit in here...
eyuckk!!for milky-ways sake, shes human!"


LOVE that line. Hilarious! :)

Keshi said...

haha very funny and quite a smart one too!

Can I say Love is 'planetproof' then? LOL!


cm chap said...

I sincerely condemn this act of gvg the Best Guy tag to Plutoians.

I'm doing ur 8 start tag next... I promise...

Prats said...

hehhe...alien in a romance, brilliant...who would have thought of that. And pluto....greater!!!

Chakoli said...

Are they found there...;-)))

I have a doubt;-)))

we gals shud not hope for this...coz I know we would be disappointed...;-))

Anonymous said...


cute one Pri... cudnt help smile ta thisone!

and i like the song in the backgnd... makes it uh---soo romantic :D


Mavron said...

hey fellow martian, dat was way up u will feel our frequencies match.

funny n smart,dats all i got to say.:)

WriterKat said...


Anonymous said...

phew! how cynical can u get at times :(

Pri said...

@ pia
yep it sure does..interplanetery ones too ;)

@ anthonynorth
thanks! :D
atleast i imagine them to be---just the way some humans are err...soo 'alien' :p

@ j
sigh! how very 'typically martian' :-/

Pri said...

@ a germ
long time 'mr kitanu' :p
i guess u dint get it right...the voice signals were from the planet pluto but they were interpreted on 'earth'!
and no issues about the id, i dont mail my replies (just post them on here) no big deal! :)

take care!

@ skeptic saint
just wait another 74 years and ul'l know ;)

@ pavi!!!
haha...u better make sure not to take hubby along...we wouldent want to acquaint those chaps with 'jealousy'...they already green enough ive heard! :p

Pri said...

@ scribbler
u sure that was the wrong signal??lol!!
we girls on earth found it pretty alright ;)

@ aneri_masi
u bet! and it does work in 'alien' ways! :p

@ rambler
well that got me imagining again...heehee
wonder if 'alien romance' novels would sell! ;)

@ black coffee
*hear oh maritans hear!!*
now that makes two of us to think that way...heehee

@ vrij
err...if the cap fits, wear it!! *muhahaha*

@ paisley
thanks! :D

Cinderella said...

Loved this piece of idle thinking from you.
Brilliant !

Pri said...

@ sid
thankyou! lol!!
but sorry! only the best 'guys' are found to be on pluto...
the best gals are still on earth ;)
so dont crib and start looking before ur miss right spots some cool dude from pluto...heehee

@ tc
heehee...thankya..i enjoyed writing it! :D

@ keshi
u bet! the universe is afterall a beautyfool place...heehee

@ cm-chap
see! see! if it was a plutonian i'd tagged, it would already have been posted aeons ago...sigh!

and u say YOU 'condemn' ME...blah! :-/

@ prats
now u an idle mind functions? ;)

Pri said...

@ chakoli
that was mean girl! u burst the pretty bubble of hope the rest of us had :-/
we had given up on 'earth' and now u tell us to give up on 'pluto' too :(:(

@ veens
heehee...the song wasent intentional though...its just one of my favs :)

though now that u said it, bob marley does have an alien kinda voice..heehee
i love it neverthless...

glad this post got u smiling! :)

@ mavron
eep!! did u just say 'FELLOW MARTIAN'...
im a hardcore VENUTIAN and as far as i know, so are you...unless its someone else in that pic :p

neways glad our frequencies match on this...and that just goes to prove ur a true venutian...heehee


@ writerkat
thankya! :)

@ secret admirer
ohh...u wouldent really want me to answer that wouldya? :p

@ cindrella
heehee my idle mind thanks u for the accolades :D


crasiezt said...

Hahaha funny that was:D

Sweetstickychewy said...

That was really creative. Enjoyed the read.:)

Love takes you away from the real world. ;)


Anonymous said...

Love the originality of the post. Could it be that such signals are already here except that we still are unable to decipher the it. Nice and clever take on the post!

The 'Mad' Orchid said...

Acha doc ji ab aap LOVE STORY 2050 ko apna version bana k LOVE STORY 2082 bana dia...well done..kuch b ho love hai nethng with love u knw im rite there :) loved it..and it did tickle the funny bone quite hard bt in a really gud way :D

Ankur said...

hehe... it sounds to me like someone is in love :P :P

but i dont mind u sayin tat, coz in d end u have to be with one of d martians :D :D


but i like this story... this is different and interesting :)

Keep it up ...

Solitaire said...

I know what you are talking about! Its that time when you were coochie cooing with the green alien and your friend called you at 1 am!

Pranay said...

Hey Pri, nice imagination u've got there. I especially liked family...had a lump in my throat while reading it...Loved it.

Pranay said...

Oh! and u r a doc as well! Even more commendable that you allow yourself to imagine still...nice to meet you fellow doc.

Junius said...

hehe mars venus mein pluto kahaan se aa gaya? lol

Rho Tau GWIS said...

Very funny AND clever!!

Phoenix said...

crazy thought but a proof of your fertile imagination!

i now realize how much ive mised not reading your blog so long but i hope to rectify all that now :)

RiĆ  said...

cute one!u definitely think very creatively gurl...i guess all gud martians r already taken!! :D ;)

Sahefa said...

This was an interesting post Pri
Keep it up

ceedy said...

hahha you forgot one detail doc....pluto is decommisioned from the planetary system....

guess you and your alien friends need a new intergalalcitspacoforgination softwate 1.8 (read in millions)

now you will have to search all over again or simbly visit mars....

Anonymous said...

nice one.

Anonymous said...

made me laugh... so love is hard... regardless of whaevah galaxy we're from...

Anonymous said...

Ahhh!!! Now thats what I see as "Sweet Madness called Love" in future tense. I am sure it would still be a wonderful feeling no matter which era you are in. Quite some imagination doc.

Anonymous said...

martians have taken offence.... :-x

cm chap said...

Ha Ha... Now ur honured... Chk my blog

Emaan said...

my mom-dad are perfect examples of 'love'.. they crossed all boundaries to get together.

and now im there to add to their 'love'..
nice blog, my mommy loved reading it...

Zee said...

hahahahahaha!!!! awesome!

Ire said...

Interesting read and a very interesting blog!

Macadamia The Nut said...

"u cant...she isnt even green.."


rantravereflect/ jane said...

'and she isn't even greeen '..

pluto isn't ven another planet, haaa...
love is reallly blind, n knows no boundaries!!!

thud on the wall- girl, ya've got some imagination!

haaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaa :)

Pri said...

@ craziest bechare ka dard samajhne ke bajai u are laughing on him...tsk tsk! ;)

@ sweetstickychewy
hmm a very profound statement there--'love does take u away from the REAL world'...sigh!

@ ratanaoung
yes pretty much...but by 2082, we should be there :D

@ the mad orchid
heyy i googled up love story 2050 to chk what ur saying...per nahi yaar mera idea bilkul original hain...
aisa raapchik idea aur kisi ke dimaag mein pehle kaise aa sakta hain mamu? :p

@ ankur
really?? does it sound like that? *rolls her eyes*
waise of all the words (alien, green, pluto, trip), u had to cling on to love isnt it?? heehee
now i wonder why...hmmm! ;p

Pri said...

@ solitaire
shh! that was supposed to be a secret, loudmouth! ;)
ok ok since it is already up on ur blog, i guess its okay...heehee

@ pranay
i think ur a firsttimer around here isnt it?
thanks for dropping by...and thanks again for the compliment :)

heyy nice to meet someone in the same field around here...
just proves docs are not as 'artitistically challenged' as they are assumed to be...sigh!
we arnt thaat bad! :-/

@ endevourme
well just goes to show how 'extinct' good guys are becoming :p

@ carolinagi glad it made u laugh!:)

@ phoenix
hugzz dear!
glad ur back :D
my thoughts will always remain as crazy no matter how many years come and go by...and i can vouch on that!
so no worries...ur welcome to join me whenever u want ;)

@ ria
i guess so!some venutians got lucky and found their soulmates on earth itsself...
and some like us are waiting for spaceships to land...sigh!
whatsay?? :-/

@ sahefa
u found it interesting?? relly?
why thankyou! :P

@ ceedy
heyy thanks for that bit of info there...just confimed it...
and now can only hope the 'kuiper belt object' regains its lost status by 2082 :p

thanks for updating me about it though :)

Pri said...

@ an illusion
thanks :)

@ one more believer
u bet! :(
guess somethings always get in the way of good things and good ppl...sigh!

@ shekhar
thanks for the compliment :D
as regards the 'wonderful feeling',i guess ur right...wish we could wait to find out what its like in 2082 :D
but on second thoughts, thankgod we cant! :-/

@ samby please please dear martians...please dont get offended..u 'not so green' ppl are my only hope...
i cant afford a spaceship and no plutonian knight in parrot-green armour would come to venus to take me :(

and now someone told me it isnt even 'pluto' is not even recognised a planet yet :((
so maybe they arnt even allowed spaceships yet...sob!
hmpf!! on second thots, no martian would do that for me either...but WAT-E-VER!:-/

Pri said...

@ cm-chap
okies..will visit it soon :)

@ emaan
awww im coming there right away...not for ue mommy but onlyyy for youuu, cuto-pie! :)
btw when did the stalk drop u???

@ zee
*fluying over cloud 9...a lil afraid to land*

@ the_new_cynic
thanks...nice of you to drop by! :)

@ holytrance
heehee no wonder we are 'soulsistahs' :p

@ macadameia

@ rantavereflect
pluto was..but no thanks to the recent theory, it no longer is!
who knows it might regain its lost status by 2082...
if a lil green alien man can fall in love with an earthling woman, anything is possible! :p

Bone said...

Haha. Humorous and very imaginative. And good to see Pluto getting some play after it was so unashamedly de-planetized.

vanilla sky said...

yeah! really a universal feeling!
made an interesting read!
and nice blog!

Pri said...

@ bone
haha...thanks..and i hope 'pluto' regains its lost status by 2082 :D

@ vanilla sky
thanks! :)

IncorrigibleV said...

hmmm, how bout we plan a pluto trip together?

Pri said...

@ vands
yep sure...anytime!!
just let me find my spaceship..i forgot where i landed it the last time i was touring :p

Anonymous said...

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