October 06, 2008

its all about celebrating nostalgia....

scribbler: I want to see pics of your house
Do you have any?
me: umm....il'l have to search
will get some through
scribbler: kewl
I like to see houses
It tells so much
me: it does??
and hows that?
scribbler: They have stories to tell in every storey :P
me: ahaa....
now thats interesting
har ghar chupchap se yeh kehta hain,
ki andar isme kaun rehta hain ;)
scribbler: you bet
me: thats the asian paint ad...special :p
scribbler:You know these things what they call paranormal activity
me: yaa? what about that?
scribbler: I've read and also one of my Colleagues who's into such stuff told me
jus like the audio gets recorded on the tapes
Some incidents make a deep impact on the walls
or the interiors of a house
me: :)
i think thats kinda true maybe
scribbler: it seems tht the walls do have ears in way
10:45 AM me:some incidents are forever saved in my house or maybe more like in my memory
and whenever i go to those rooms, i relive it all again
scribbler: like for example if someone's brutally murdered in a room
You do get the vibes when ur there
THt was more of a sad example
me: heyy yaa thats scary..
im talking about positive experiences
scribbler: but it applies to the most happiest moments too
me: yeps...i agree...
scribbler: like for eg: the places we lived during our childhood
Nostalgia is triggered from both sides
me: hmm
10:47 AM scribbler: It's just like smelling an empty tin of strawberries
even if the strawberries aren't there
you know tht strawberries were there some how

me: :) thats a beautiful interpretation
10:49 AM scribbler: I so wanna go to my granny's place and take a nap there :-/
but tht place is sold
me: but u know scribs...sometimes this very same thing make us not ever want to go the same place again
scribbler: in a way it does
like bitter experiences
10:50 AM me: its more like everytime u enter that particular spaqce, u relive all of it..the memories come back...and u realise they are just memories now
dosent it make u miss them all the more?
scribbler: OH yes
you're right
me: no im not speaking about bitter experiences here
me: just some sweet moments which unfortunately are not with u nemore
scribbler: and thts how it is sweeto
You only know when it's over
10:51 AM me: very true
scribbler: I'm just learning to live for NOW
me: but then reliving it can only bring pain....pain that its over
pain that u would never get to live it again .....if not for these brief moments when alone
10:52 AM scribbler: we get so carried away at times with other things that our present is lost. And before we know it's past
me: yaa i agree...and i sometimes i feel its plain escapism not to visit those places nemore for fear of memories which haunt u
10:53 AM me but then the question is are u strong enough??
i guess there comes a stage when these same memories become ur best friend and dont hurt u anymore
10:54 AM the point is by doing this are we trying to cling on to the past?
scribbler: how true
me: and if we are, then is it the best thing to do?
scribbler: It's foolish to live in the past
10:56 AM But It's ok to look back
It's like this rear view mirror in the car. You gotta glance at it at times. But constantly peering into it won't help you at all.
10:57 AM me: hmmm...
me: what if u just remove off the rear view mirror...break it maybe...
i know that would be a risk to life...
but atleast ur freed in a way
scribbler: It's not advisable to remove it
It comes standard
10:59 AM Removing it would only let you make more mistakes
YOu need to refer to your past experiences at times, don't you?
me: but thats only when u fear ur going to go the same path again...
11:00 AM scribbler: not necessarily
me: u dont need to refer to the past if all ur trying to do is run away from it...from anything like it...from everything
looking back and running will only tire u out
11:01 AM scribbler: Perceptions differ
if you consider mistakes as experiences I don't think it would
but if it's vice versa, you're stoppin urself with regrets
me: noo its not thatt...its more of not considering experiences as mistakes
more of not regretting anything yet not wanting to repeat it someplace again...cos ur soo full of ur experiences that ur having a tough time making room for new ones
scribbler: I remember leaving behind a whole lot of things,
Some of it can be reclaimed and some will remain unchanged.
Few moments that can’t be reversed and a few things I may have to let go.
Because I believe that yesterday’s sacrifices become blessings of tomorrow....

the above is an excerpt from a conversation between 'scribbler' (from the blog world) and me...it happened to be one of those very few conversations which make u ponder long after they are over....
sometimes people who u feel dont know much about your life can actually surprise you by making few pieces of the puzzle fall right back into place....
its probably because all of us share a common pattern somewhere....dunno!

yesterday, i went through that locked chest of memories once again...and it was surprising how i felt them lying right there in some corners of my home where i had last left them......
it was painful--the realisation that i can never relive them again like the exact first time i experienced them....but the fact that they still happened to be fresh in the mind inspite of those several attempts to leave them behind amazed me, making me smile at the irony....

yesterday scribbler taught me something---that no matter how much ur running from them, its okay to peep back once in a while and gaze at those lessons of yesteryears but only long enough to learn from them and move ahead......
trying to avoid them will only drag their extra baggage wherever u go.....
memories are inevitable...dont try to change them...just play 'truce' :)

im sure all of us have atleast one memory we would want to live all over again....so feel free if u want to share them and help make a beautiful collage of nostalgia right here at 'nostalgic moments' :)

i dont know u enough...and neither do u and probably thats what eliminates the bias...nobodys going to judge u here...the moment u want to relive may be from any phase in your life....any part of your house...any corner of your world....
(updated: but i also understand that u might not want to share your memories because it is only natural sometimes to be selfish about things/incidents/moments that are very dear to us...so thats completely fine too...i leave you to decide...)

whether they are shared with others or not, one things for sure they are definitely not meant to be caged or locked away (atleast from the self)---these precious memories....life is all about setting them free and yet never losing them....
so open up your heart and release them....
lets not avoid them...lets not run away from them...
today, lets celebrate them for a change :)


lukkydivz said...

No wonder, scribbler's the yet to be famous philosopher :D i loved the chat pri! Thanks for sharing it with us, we so need it :)

Solitaire said...

I would love to go back and relive the moment I experienced my first crush. I would love to go back to the times when the heart was so pure and the mind so innocent.

radiohead said...

somehow .. whnever I come to think of such things after reading similar stuff everytime .. I can't think of anything substantial ..

There's a diff .. cause there are people who are quite good at dscribing/stating the imp incidents of their lives .. I guess I am not ..

as of now ..there are a lot of events that I would like to scrapoff as if they never happened

Anonymous said...

Musu Musu Hasi Deu Malai Lai
Musu Musu Hasi Deu
Zara Muskura De Mukura De
Zara Muskura De Aye Khushi
Gham Baat Le Tu Apne
Humse Tu Le Hasee
Ho Gaye Hum Abh Tere
Tu Ho Gayee Apni

u remember those days pri?and the old gang? :)
i wish we could have them back

Pri said...

@ luckydivz
no philosopher there divz...just a very good friend who has learnt from life, to see the positive aspect of even the toughest problems...and learn from them....rather than keep questioning why it happened and run away....
we all need to learn from him i guess :)

@ solitaire
ahh im sure thats a very sweet memory to relive----
the innocence of those wonder years :)

@ anuj
i know what its like anuj and can understand...but sometimes we need to be happy cos it happened even though only for a short time...(admit it is very difficult to get yourself believing that)
just give it time...we all have gone though it...
as for bad memories,as i said just play 'truce'...and they'l stop haunting you :)
as someone rightly said 'your memories will stop following you only when u stop running'....

take care!

@ shilps
heyyyy how can i forget that song...those days....and ofcourse our gang :D
but trust me, we are definitely going to relive those times once again....definitely some time soon....
u just get backk and ul notice nothing has changed afteral :)

its great to hear from u.....

loadsa love

Pavi!!!! said...

Very nice conversation between the 2 of u all...Does leave me ponderin over somethings...thnx for sharin it...

The house carryin memories with it bit is stuckin my mind...n for now i'm flooded with memories of our home in Blr where i lived for 14 yrs...the entire duration of my school-life.Where me n my sis gre from tiny-tots to naughty teenagers!Would love to relive those 14 yrs!

Keshi said...

I'd love to RELIVE the times I spent with my dad..


Pri said...

@ pavi!!
the house carrying memories kinda got me thinking too....
maybe thats why the tinge of unspoken sadness while moving out to some other place...probably its got to do more with the memories stuck with the place....
have u watched the 'freinds--season finale' ??
it does remind u of the last scene where they focus on the whole empty apartment and thats enough for everything to come rushing to you :)

@ keshi
i somehow expected u would say that dear :)
no matter how many memories life gives us along the way, the moments spent with dear ones (even those a long time ago) are always the closest and can never be forgotten....


ceedy said...

Interesting conversation...you know my stand on it ;)

Just on a side note - I agree with scribbler - that a home portrays so much about a person...thats what I observe when I design for someone specific.

The physical form of a house is a constant...just like our outer appearance...but the inner residents (inner world) changes over time...and its up to us what to cherish and what to ignore...

ceedy said...

And again on a side note - There is an interesting artical on Street that is a physical form and its changing patterns...as per the time of the year, festivals...more pertaining to Bombay...

It is by a historian Sharda Dwividhi...if I find it...will forward it to you.

Pri said...

@ ceedy
///I agree with scribbler - that a home portrays so much about a person...thats what I observe when I design for someone specific///
shhh...i dont think u should give out ur professional secrets like that ;)

///The physical form of a house is a constant...just like our outer appearance...but the inner residents (inner world) changes over time...and its up to us what to cherish and what to ignore...///
well technically speaking, our outer appearances do change over time....i guess it is the other way around...
appearances change but the basic inner 'YOU' remains the same...
i hope i havent misinterpreted what u were trying to say....
maybe we trying to say two different things altogether here....if so, hoping u will explain :)

///There is an interesting artical on Street that is a physical form and its changing patterns...as per the time of the year, festivals...more pertaining to Bombay...///
just on a complete tangential thought, i seriously am thankful its only the streets wch change and not the ppl....though i must say there are a few who do change with seasons....and unfortunately unlike the streets, its not their physical appearances we are talking about here :)
do fwd me the copy if u manage to find it...would love to read...thanks :)

Pavi!!!! said...

@pri: Hec ya...the FRIENDS season finale was such a tear jerker!...
Made me get all teary-eyed thinking of the house n the moments they had in there!

ceedy said...

By physical appearance I meant the basic structure of humans...like the beams and columns of a building...

the inner you according to me changes...as per the "inhabitants" over the years ;)

and on your tangential thought...let me get the artical...will check tonite...it talks about how the same street changes its appearance when its a festival, cultural inputs...then a procession and then a death or an emergency...and how the physical aspects even tho same define the moment

Keshi said...

aww HUGZ!


Pri said...

@ pavi!!
yeah...i think ive made a record when it comes to watching reruns of the series...but i still remember the first time around, i watched it with my friends,and we almost emptied a whole box of tissues during the parting scene....
that series really had us wrapped :(

@ ceedy
heyy thanks for that article...im yet to read it in detail...frankly speaking, reading it in a hurry would only make it seem like a bouncer to me :p
so will read it at length before discussing it with u...
man!i sound like im preparing for an eggjam ;p

@ keshi

Deepali said...

Very intense and interesting conversation. I really like the strawberries in a tin example.

Pri said...

@ holytrance
woww im soo glad this post made u remember them all...
ur lucky to remember only the good memories though...
thanks a lot for sharing these..brought back my childhood days :)

@ deepali
yes...it does leave u with a smile on ur face :D
thanks for coming over...

Amit Charles said...

Memory Remains...

keep it rollin;)

Pri said...

@ scribbler
and there u are!!
u seem to have won quite some fans here ;)

IncorrigibleV said...

great chat, i love having such 'analysis' chats as i like to call them... have only had most of em with bonnie aaj tak :)
anyways abt my memories, aah so many
1) wanna relive my goa trip when i was in the 11th std ... was the most fun i had had in school
2) my pilani trip from the second yr of college... will never forget it also coz thats the only time i got to go anywhere with my frnds
3) 24th - 29th oct last yr for somethings that i wish wud happen again sometime and for somethings i wish wud have happened differently
4) a time when i didnt feel so alone sometimes...
PS: the house that im living in, have been for 12 yrs now... is also gonna be a memory in the next 10 days... we're moving out for good!