October 12, 2008

life's lessons---from the learned...

life has taught veens to stop figuring out what life really is...and just go with the flow...and remember to live it

life has taught keshi that as she plans life, it has it's own plan for her

life has taught nitin why Godji has given 2 hands one to hold.. other to..
(nitin, buddy you should have completed that...you seem to have really learnt something which u think is soo very important...so go ahead, dont leave us baffled...give it a complete shot--speak your mind out!)

life has taught rambler not to take it seriously, its not worth it

life has taught sid that some things cant be changed...n which can be,have already been

life has taught luckydivz that living it is not easy!

life has taught deluded that its never wise to try and sneak into class if youre late(like they show you in the mentos ad).......it seems that the teacher also has a tv

life has taught priya joyce to be firm and strong in whatever situation she is

life has taught holytrance to think big and it will come true.

life has taught pavi!! that everything does happen for the Best. Eventually you’ll realize it

life has taught solitaire that everything works out in the end

life has taught urv that nothing can be taken for granted; most things turn out to be illusions

life has taught rantrareflect to be a self-coagulant, life makes ya bleed, but ya need to heal yourself n live on..

life has taught ceedy> that it has taught him really nothing and that he is still learning from the learned.

life has taught vandita that its not always fair and that might actually be required sometimes

life has taught sri to work for his dreams, even though its hard to achieve them everytime

life has taught adi that it is impossible to understand some people

life has taught alok that nothing defines but oneself and that he must remain true to his definition

life has taught anuj that it is more important to enjoy what you have rather than keep running after things that would eventually turn out to be meaningless
and 'to be himself and that things/people are not always what you think them to be

life has taught deepali that life goes on...Things change, people change, but life goes on.

life has taught stupidosaur that he dosent have a life and that it simply means theres nothing for him to learn :p

life has taught abhishek khanna the grass always looks greener on the other side.. but u never know!

life has taught ash89 that no matter what happens...someone will always be there to hold your hand and get you out of the worst

life has taught tulipspeaks that she will die the day she stops trying :)

life has taught punam that it is always best to let God do the talking for you. He always takes care of you, and answers all those people who hurt you in his own divine way.(and this she is speaking from experience)

life has taught anonymous that which doesnt kill you makes you stronger
that u should follow your heart..but make sure you know your heart before
that you should never let anyone fall for you if you are not going to be around to catch
to treasure your loved ones..because thats all you really have
ki paisa sab kuch nahi hai par sab kuch se kam bhi nahi hai

thanks everyone for sharing with us what life has taught you....this post will serve as a record...you are free to submit in your comments/learnings/views whenever u want...the lessons will be suitably updated for the others to learn from and you to smile over :)
thanks for sharing and reminding us about these pearls of wisdom which at some point, we all have been made to learn but some of which we somehow forgot along the way....
using the lessons that life has taught you through ur own experiences and of those around is entirely upto you though...so u gotta decide for yourself...afterall your are the only person who knows whats best for you...

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take care and god bless! :)


Solitaire said...

Thanks for doing this.
It helps to know what lessons people have learned from life and what we are yet to learn.

tulipspeaks said...


life has taught me that I will die the day I stop trying



Keshi said...

Excellent! Everyone had something really unique.

LOL @Stupid's comment!

And tnxx Pri, ur doing a great job HUGS!


lukkydivz said...

i liked keshi's, stupid's and ash89's lessons :P

will try and learn them very soon :)

Nitin said...

what can I do..aapne word limitation.lagayee thi .. :)

Stupidosaur said...

//Solitaire said...

Good idea!

Life has taught me...that everything works out in the end.

:P. If its already the end when everything finally works out, whats the point of things working out?

By definition, after 'end', there is nothing so nothing 'matters'

Punam said...

Hi Pri, Life has taught me that it is always best to let God do the talking for you. He always takes care of you, and answers all those people who hurt you in his own divine way. I am speaking from experience.

alok said...
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alok said...

I appreciate your effort jotting down the learning of life from different people’s perspective at a single place. Well done! I would love to see their blog links here :)

You check my post later today… :) here is the glimpse

…. You are different, your world is different and so your life is different. Every one of us here something more to say about life and the lessons learned from it. Maybe we already know some of them or maybe we are yet to know about everything happening in our own life. So knowing others perspective on life is as important as your own. Whether it’s good, bad, ugly or beautiful you will identify it with those ones … go on with a bit of you in it :) See the difference; see a new world around you ….

ceedy said...

What about your Life gyan?

Urv said...

Really interesting thoughts.. As you said a very good reminder.. :) And what about your pearls of wisdom pri?

Anonymous said...

i loveeeeeeeee this SONG!

makes me feel all cry-cry after listening to it!

and amazing post :)

and u have nothing to say ehh?! :)

Anonymous said...

Bits of my learning..

that which doesnt kill you makes you stronger

follow your heart..but make sure you know your heart before

never let anyone fall for you if you are not going to be around to catch

treasure your loved ones..thats all you really have

paisa sab kuch nahi hai par sab kuch se kam bhi nahi hai(wd hv been lost in translation)

Pavi!!!! said...

As I mentioned on ur earlier post..lovely idea Pri..it really helps..I'll probably visit this post more than once n recommend a few friends to read it as well.

BTW..where is the lesson life taught u huh??

I loved Sid's lesson :"that some things cant be changed...n which can be,have already been.." so spl thnx to u sid..V.true one there!

@Ceedy: I don't blv u.c'mmon..Life hasnt taught u a single lesson all these yrs?? Learning is a constant process..n teaching can happen with learning..rite? [no offense meant here k]

Keshi said...

ty Lukky! I learnt it the hard way tho..


Pri said...

@ all
thanks a lot for ur input guys :)
and im glad u appreciate the idea...
as for what ive learnt from life, i will definitely write on that pretty soon....maybe a whole new post :)

will keep updating....
u rock!!
luv u all

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