October 18, 2008

juxtaposed realities

there was a HIM and a HER...

HE hated to smile even when he found so many reasons to
SHE had no reason yet always smiled
HE met people who really cared yet wondered what love is
SHE had noone yet knew all about it
HE was ambitious as hell but refused to dream
SHE was a dreamer and believed in them
HE knew no compromise
SHE had compromised all her life
HE thought sacrifice was 'futile'
SHE believed sacrifice was 'love'
HE had all the words but nothing to say
SHE had so much to say and yet could not speak all she wanted
HE could never make a decision without the fear of losing
SHE had never won yet kept taking decisions all her life
HE was building for himself a strong future
SHE built castles in the air
HE saw life with a practical approach
SHE never wanted to take off her rose coloured glasses

there was a HIM and a HER.......
each with a different reality...each with something to teach the other...each with something to learn....

there was a HIM and a HER....
and when they met, life was beautiful!!

PROMPT: 'juxtaposed realities' taken from 'matineemuse'


Lucifer said...

well dont they say opposites attract...they r jus perfect for each other

Anonymous said...

very sweet :)

Anonymous said...

how very cute and sweet

Princess said...

a full length love story in a few lines.. lovely dear

radiohead said...

I was wondering if in the end .. both could take half-n-half from each other .. and that ways both could be much happier too ..

or prolly when they got together ..they kinda did that .. thats how life was beautiful.

but ME sounds quite like Me..
n the SHE .. seems like a nice gal ;)

Lena said...

** and when they met, life was beautiful!!

Amen! i wish life was that simple!

ash89 said...

awww so cute

Pri said...

@ mayz
dunno if they are perfect...but they definitely have a lot to learn from each others :)
their imperfections balance out well together i guess...

@ gautam
thankyou :)

@ veens
how?? :p

@ princess
well to start with, i had no intention of writing a 'love story'...it was just about two juxtaposed realities and how a lil bit of each can make life beautiful and how each can learn a lil from the other :)

lol!! that makes me wonder if you would still consider it a love story had i written about two guys :p

damn! before u get imagining, its best that we keep it the way u see it right now---a love story ;)

Pri said...

@ anuj
yeah thats how it was supposed to go...we all have a little to learn from everyone
we all live in different realities and accordingly, we set the rules...sometimes it'd be much more fun if we exchanged some rules, share someone's reality and watch where it takes us :)
hmm if u could relate to the 'HE', i wish u all the best infinding that nice girl 'SHE' whom u can share your reality with :)

@ lena
life is only as complicated as we want it to be....think about it! :)

@ ash89
thanks for appreciating dear :)

Rambler said...

strange thing is, after reading about "him" and "her"..I am still not sure who was better :)

Macadamia The Nut said...

Awwww Pri!!!!
If only....

aditi said...

Very beautiful...each of us has some parts of both of the sides

Keshi said...

Nicely done!

When the SHE in me meets that HE, its always chaos tho lol!


Urv said...

Beautifully done Pri.. Lovely :)

WritingsForLife said...

aww so cute... if only these things would come true :-)

Entertainer said...

u need a partner not to complete u ..but to share ur incompleteness.."said by some great guy..not me"

Pri said...

@ rambler
both are good in their own way...u just cannot say who is better :)

@ macademia the nut
that says a lot dear...if only...


@ aditi
happy is the one who has the perfect balance...
most of us have a lil too much of only one :)

@ keshi
sometimes chaos is just the beginning of perfection :)

@ urv
thanks :)

@ raaji
well sometimes they do....u never know!

@ entertainer
well said...true love is not about loving the perfect person...its about loving the imperfect person perfectly! :)
each of us have our imperfections....
and IMO the one who loves u truly is the one who knows everything about u and still loves you :)

Anonymous said...

priyanka is it always that life becomes beautiful when two people with so many differences meet? :)

your secret admirer

relations said...


great work,,
life has to be so beautiful when they mee because they just complete each other..

IncorrigibleV said...

happy ending! :)