March 01, 2009

its high time we got you married mr phoenix!! ;)

ive been robbed!!.a brilliant idea was taken away from me while it was still being processed by my brain and bloggerdashboard!!!!!!!!!! :( :(

chandni got there here

and to think i was soo happy (that i even mentioned writing about this in my prev post) to make it to the grand status of 'matchmaker' for one particular mr phoenix..sigh!

now i wonder who leaked out the idea (considering it was known to ONLY the person in question himself)
or chances are more that chandni and i function at the same devilish frequency..ahaa!!

anyways, to make matters more interesting and to add a little more mystery-spice lemme mention here, that all the concerned candidates who send me an email with their details (before sending anything to chandu or the phoenix himself..heehee) will get an added advantage---i will send itsy bitsy pieces of the photo jigsaw puzzle (which on joining together will give u an entire fotu of the forementioned celebrity---ofcourse without his consent since he is extremely sensitive about his photos gaining unwanted attention..yea the guy has got his delusions u see!)
i will see to it that u receive just one piece of the puzzle a the process u can get about knowing mr phoenix better so that at the end of it all, even though u might never get about completing the photo puzzle, u will definitely get about having a complete picture of the incessant chatterbox who can speak on any topic under the sun..
ohh but watch out--in case he gives u the silent treatment and keeps smiling all through the chat, then its definitely not what it seems like---he is certainly NOT impressed!!

please note: 1)copyrights of the above mentioned photo-dramatic idea solely belong to urs truly and any resemblence to similar ideas online or offline---in any book/movie/blog/real-life will be considered as violation of my creativity and stringent action will be taken against!!
thankyou one and all!!
2)i agree chandni has covered almost all the points and done full justice to each though i guess i could have exaggerated them a little more--such that everyone would see through the lie..heehee (so what?? 'veeru' ultimately got basanti dint he??)
3)adjectives used by the celebrity in question when asked for the criteria included words like 'pataka' 'bewdi' etc etc.when expressed shock, he further goes to explain that 'pataka' need not necessarily mean the 'rakhi sawant' 'angelina jolie' type though such candidates might be given extra preference...
4)electronic gf's, long distance communications strictly not allowed on suggestion of his boss and coworkers who think that he spends too much time on the pc already and still does not manage to meet they dread to even imagine what it would be like if the pc would have to be the mediator of lurrrveeee....
the phoenix though is scared of writing in wrong windows and hence does not want to disrupt his love life with any sorta side-confusion..ahem!
5)if urs truly is not heard of after this post or just incase u hear about any terrible news of me being murdered without a trace, u know whom to direct the police to dont you??
ofcourse RAKHI SAWANT!! what were u thinking----'the phoenix'????? nawwww..he would'nt hurt a fly!!
but then again, im human *gulp*

neverthless till we are alive and kicking,
cheers!! :D :D


rahul said...

i hope your friend gets lucky soon.afterall two blessed souls are helping him ;))

Anonymous said...

i can smell it...
you are there
but beware,
i am out to get you
ok ok
happens all the time...
but you'll just have to learn to deal with it, no???

Hemanth Potluri said...



Pri said...

@ rahul
ahh and even if we werent, im sure he'd get lucky soon anyways :D

@ punyaprabha
naah beta! we dont suspect foul play nor we accusing anyone of plagiarism...knowing chandu, i can but only say 'great minds think alike' :D
and then again we are cohorts of the same demented frequency too...heehee

@ hemanth
smiling eh?? do u have someone in mind for the post? :P

@ all who are visiting and revisiting only to leave silently:

aap log bhi comment kar sakte ho..aisa koi rule nahi hain that only potential candidates can comment :p

or shud i assume u girls are plain shy and u guys are plain jealous?? ;) j/k

Pavi!!!! said...

Very sweet effort!! n wat an interesting way for sum1 to find their soulmate :)

ps: i visited Phoenix's blog n really liked it

Keshi said...

TC Pri HUGZ! til next time then.


Lucifer said...

how come i didnt see this post b4 :o :o

waise koi fayda bhi nahi hota...mujhe kuch samajh sa nahi aaya...

ps: i liked ur older template better

Pri said...

@ pavi!!
thankyou--all done in perfect 'finding soulmate for mr phoenix' intention...they say HE works in strange ways..maybe im destined to play cupid here...heehee :p
koi nazar mein hain toh email kar dena!! ;)

@ keshi
hope to seee u sooon...dont extend your break too much :(

@ mayz
///how come i didnt see this post b4 :o :o///
i guess nobody could see my blog for a had suddenly vanished :(

///waise koi fayda bhi nahi hota...mujhe kuch samajh sa nahi aaya...///
kyon kyon kyon?? kaunsa part complicated laga?

///ps: i liked ur older template better///
sigh! meeee toooooo....dont even get me started on i said my blog had almost vanished--my old template got this is a temporary one till i get the old one back (i hope) :(

sob sob!HALLLPPP MEEE!! :( :( :(

rahul said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
rahul said...

ya the previous header was better and more suited to your nostalgic moments :(

Pri said...

@ rahul
ARGGHHHHH!! i knowwwww :( im trying to get it backk...krupaya patience rakhiye...and come on gtalk and help me with it..hmpf!!

Anonymous said...

i think im interested :P

Pri said...

@ anonymous
great..we HAVE a match!!! yoohoo!! [see i always knew keeping the anonymous option open would get ishmart of]

i must appreciate your guts and honesty..but why 'anonymous'????? :(
ok i respect your privacy too..drop in a mail with your real name and details please and we will forward the matter to the phoenix *beams with pride*

ahaaa! the game (oops i mean 'matchmaking') has just BEGUN!! ;)

The White Phoenix said...

The White Phoenix denies any use of the word "pataka" or "bewdi" in his statements. The media ,like always, has distorted facts.

"still does not manage to meet deadlines" - is again denied vehemently. The person concerned is one of the most efficient employee around. He finishes up work in 2 hours when others take a full day(Well, it dosen't matter that he only works 2 hours a day"

baaki cheezon par tippani samay ke saath hota rahega

Pri said...

@ the white phoenix
///The White Phoenix denies any use of the word "pataka" or "bewdi" in his statements. The media ,like always, has distorted facts.///
and like always, the celebrity in question goes in denial *yawn*

/// The person concerned is one of the most efficient employee around. He finishes up work in 2 hours when others take a full day(Well, it dosen't matter that he only works 2 hours a day"///
ahhh the phoenix beating his own drum...bery interesting!! :p

///baaki cheezon par tippani samay ke saath hota rahega///
thankyou hainji for blessing our humble space with your esteemed presence..we are honoured!

IncorrigibleV said...

all the best to the phoenix :)

Anonymous said...

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