April 28, 2009

are u even listening??

dear god,

you are supposed to be the 'know all' right?---then how on earth do u keep forgetting the simple fact that im just human!!

your truly,


Suree said...

hey hey ,

what happened... he always listen to everyone and he knows when should do and what should be done...lol...

Anonymous said...

he always listens..
just wait for his response.

Sam said...

hey pri, u fine? :)

phatichar said...

now what happened...?

aneri_masi said...

Sigh...I have the very same question :(

pisku said...

I remember asking similar questions until I realised that he knew what was right for me better than I did myself!
Cheer up Pri!

Anonymous said...

Nah I Havent forgotten that you are WHOMAN :p

A Germ

Arv said...

Hope your prayers are answered soon mate... take care... cheers...

Hemanth Potluri said...

wat happen doctor..:(


Anonymous said...

don worry pri...he ll come to u.
right nopw u r on waiting list :)

Đžidhi S said...

Hey sweets

whats wrong..???//

dnt worry. all willl be well. He knws whats best for you, and just take it as his test before gifting you the best. Cheer Up..!! :)

Amal Bose said...

dont underestimate humans, afterall its us who invented the most influential thing in the world - god !

Anya said...

God has given you the strength to fight...

Gold is precious cos it stands the test of fire...

diamond is precious because its stands the test of cutting and shaping...

God is under no obligation to answer us.. He has already answered us...

Even if he answers, his answers might not be the ones that we expect.. but its always the BEST


sri said...

I read this somewhere

God always answers our prayers
Sometimes the answer is no

May be everything that happens to you right now is shaping you and good for you. Although you may not know why, you would soon find out :)

WritingsForLife said...

He doesnt forget. He just challenged us.
Have faith! :-)

Lucifer said...

mayb he wants u to look in d mirror again n realize u r not one :)

Nidz said...

is he testing ur patience??

aarti said...

why do u keep forgetting that HE is GOD and that he can set your life straight in a moment and he will.
HE has a plan and its HIS style to unfold it slowly but surely :)


Keshi said...

cmon Pri we cant always RELY on God for everything. If God answered all our prayers then there wont be anything called 'learning' in our lives.

Then what abt all the poor kids in this world? all those who die in hunger, war etc? What abt their prayers? I think God has too much to handle these days :)

Just TC n be well

Mad Blogger said...

Dont worry!!! He knows everything.. and he hears everything.. Always remember - whatever happens - happens for the good

tulipspeaks said...

He is always there sweetheart! No worries!



Pri said...

@ suree
thanks for the reassuring words...though im still confused why u lol'd.

@ dreamscapes
it sure seems like a long wait :)

@ sumit
im always fine aint it? :)

@ phatichar
a bad day happened...
some realisations happened...
some introspection happened...
some angry arguements (with HIM) happened...
and last but not the least, this post happened! :)

@ aneri_masi
sigh! all i can say is welcome to the club :(

Pri said...

@ pisku
that was very reassuring..but sometimes it feels soo wrong that i just dont know what to believe..

@ anonymous/mr kitanu
sad sense of humour really..hmpf!! :-/

@ arv
thanks a lot for the wish
u take care too..

@ hemanth
have already answered that---chk my reply to 'phatichar' :)

Pri said...

@ meera
hmm ok il'l believe u on that..but it sure seems like a long list right now.

@ nidhi s
why does he have to test us soo much?
what does he want to gauge reallyi wonder--our faith, our strength, our patience or our pain threshold?? :(

@ amal bose
im not..but it hurts when HE over-estimates us at times :(

@ chriz
thanks for the beautiful words chriz..i guess at times we just have to hang on to the faith that he has something good in store for us...just that we cant see it yet cos maybe he is planning on a surprise..
and if atall i dont get my surprise party before i die, then i promise to give HIM a miserable time with my tantrums even up there even if it means that i have to bribe my way past those pearly gates :p

@ srivats
yea i read it too..but u know, times like these u are so tempted to believe that all the hope inspiring things uve read are just a bunch of big fat lies :(
but will try to believe that---hope HE really has a materplan for me!

@ raaji
but why does HE challenge us is the question?? i never dared HIM to :(

Pri said...

@ mayz
mayank, much to your dissapointment i dont belong to your group--i am human! :)

@ nidzii
i dunno :(

@ aartu
point taken, maam--wont forget! :)
as usual, thanks for reminding me.

Pri said...

@ keshi
i guess ur right--HE has too much to handle..buit then again he is GOD--if HE wont handle too much, who will?? :(
i know i dont sound practical et al...but at the point i am right now, i dont really care--i will always remain this crazy lil girl who will keep hoping for her miracle! :)

@ mad blogger
believe me, im soo very much trying to convince myself that! thanks for the comforting words :)

@ tulipspeaks
yeps dear---ur talking to someone who has counted on HIM all her life! and i guess thats the reason im mad at HIM at times :)
expectations only come with complete trust isnt it?

Suree said...
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Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan said...

just hoping you're doing good... weird how I was asking the same thing for 2 months now, being immobilised in bed and unable to move my leg.. As I've written in the blog, sometimes the answers can be in the most unlikely places.. Hope you find ur solutions too.

Pri said...

@ dr roshan r
i do understand what u must be going through..strange are HIS ways.
the solutions will appear only when they have to--we can only try our best and leave the rest to HIM
wish u a speedy recovery!

rohit mishra said...

hey pri,
there is a movie worth watching... PARZANIA...
there ia a narration inthe movie:
"we hav to understand that lord gives the person a burden that they are strong enough to handle. That the burden muist fall somewhere in this world, and when they fall on you it is not just a test but a symbol that life knows that u have the strength to endore them..."hope i have saved god from answering the query... :P

but, it was nic..!!