April 05, 2009

of selfish promises i make today....

After a lot of careful introspection, ive finally realised that i need to make some promises to myself...
ive made a few before---some ive lived up to..some i have unintentionally broken..each for a different reason under different circumstances.
but promising myself certain things makes me feel better...it makes me feel i have my life under control.
it gives me a utter sense that im in touch with my reality and that i know what im supposed to be doing.
and more importantly, it might just help me gather myself during my weak moments saying "pri, u promised--and here is proof u did that right on your blog!!" and maybe snap me back into my senses..

ok i hereby permit you to remind me incase i choose to forget all about these and drown myself in melodrama (im accused of doing that during my weak moments and NO! i do not mean 'PMS' here)..
just make sure u dont get too irritating ok? :-/

so here goes--for the records and (for all its worth) much more than that:

1) i promise il'l never lose myself to self pity.

2) i promise i wont blame myself or anyone else for things that cant be changed.

3) i promise not to allow anyone else define my happiness for me.

4) i promise that once i get about making a decision, i wont look back at it to see whether its right or wrong.

5) i promise i wont give ppl more importance than what they are worth.

6) i promise not to judge present times on the basis of the past.people change and so do situations.every day is a new day and if something which seemed so perfect in the past does not feel right today, it just means it probably was but now is not!!

7) i promise i wont cry over things which will only make me feel miserable.

8) i promise to stay away from anyone who try to magnify their problems or mine because being at the point i am right now--just on the brink of insanity, all i need is a lil push and i fear i might topple over..sigh! :-/

9) i promise to make books my 'best friend' because even though they sometimes dont live upto your expectations, they never hurt you.

10) i promise not to build up impressions about ppl or things i hardly know.

11) i promise to remember that its okay to be selfish sometimes and remind those who've forgotten, that im human too.

12) i promise not to feel guilty and blame myself for things im only 50% responsible for.

13) i promise not to expect anyone to be half as good as i imagine them to be.

14) i promise to enjoy my present one day at a time no matter what others have to say about it.

15) i promise to put things across clear and straight at the risk of them looking rude.

16) i promise to pay a deaf ear to unwanted opinions, nags and advice.

17) i promise not to put up a happy front all the time inorder not to ruin the mood of some ppl who i know couldent care less anyways.

18) i promise not to allow anyone to tell me what im supposed to do or not do or how wrong or right i am.

19) i promise to always listen to my gut instinct, my inner voice--because no matter what anyone says i know it has always worked for me.

20) and last but not the least, i promise to try my best to live upto these above mentioned promises.


sid said...

Given you my detailed comments-live-pls make the modifications!

pisku said...

I like no 17.

But some of these are being a bit hard on yourself!

Go listen to 'I hope u dance' from lee ann womack

"Dont let some hell bent heart leave you bitter,
When you come close to sellin out reconsider"

Lucifer said...

those r a lot of promises for one tiny soul...i wish u all d best to not brk any of em...

btw promise #2...always keep someone to blame jus a backup...its always easier :P

The Furobiker said...

"being at the point i am right now--just on the brink of insanity"
oops.. and i thought you already were :D

Anonymous said...

Well thats alot of promises to keep...but i hope n pray that u succeed!

Hemanth Potluri said...

i like all the promises made they are good..i wish u to succeed in all ..have a gr8 week pri :)..


Đžidhi S said...

Wow, its gud to make promises to oneself, but with all this dnt you think u r being too hard on urself.
Common, its okay. Sometimes it jsut not ones fault, its just a matter of people and situation u undergo.

I completely agree with - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 10 & 12.

And as mayank says, others are always there to be thrust the blame upon ;)

Anonymous said...

i hope u meet success in living up to your promises.


Anya said...

define your own happiness.. like that attitude.. all the best for the other promises too


Arv said...

I like some of these promises made here... especially #3 & 19 :)

wish you the best as always Pri... take care... cheers...

Anonymous said...

// i promise to enjoy my present one day at a time no matter what others have to say about it.//

loved all of them esp this one..
howdy pri?


Pavi!!!! said...

All the Best Pri !
Also...remem that IF by any chance u do fail on any of the promises(which i hope u won't!)..not to punish urself for it...It happens!

PS: with my comment on ur last post guess i fell under category 8...sorry abt that!

Pri said...

@ sid
this, i must say is the HEIGHT of laziness *rolling eyes*
as for the live--mode of communication, we both know the story..sigh! :-/

@ pisku
thanks for reminding me about that :)
but these promises are made after careful consideration and reconsideration.
but like they say "jo hona hain woh toh hoga hi...aur jo hoga, woh dekha jayega!!"


@ mayz
haha thanks for that suggestion..we will consider! ;)

@ abhishek khanna
its not ur fault..tu hamesha galat sochta hain :p

@ meera
thanks dear..i hope so too :)

Pri said...

@ hemanth
thanks :)
u have a great week too!

@ nidhi s
naah not being too hard on myself...sometimes promises are needed to get things into perspective.
and its only when u aim to reach the moon that u reach somewhere around the stars :)

take care!

Pri said...

@ anonymous

@ chriz
thanks...ive gotten to realise that u should always allow only urself to define ur own happiness and work towards it..because nobody else knows u as well as u know urself :)

@ arv
thanks.u take care and have a nice week ahead too :)

@ dreamscapes
heyy gal, sorry for not visiting u for soo long.
hardly get around visiting blogs these days :(
hope to talk to u soon.

take care!

Pri said...

@ pavi!!
yess dear..i love myself too much to pinish myself :D
and heyy no need to be sorry...infact, thanks for being there when i need you :)

u were being supportive and i appreciate that...besides i guess somewhere i allowed myself to wallow in self-pity in the last post..that in a way triggered off theae promises---thought i need the change! :)

take care

Urv said...

Pri, I might borrow some from you.. coz i can relate to a lot of them.. Take care dear.. :)

aneri_masi said...

That's a LOT of good little promises! You'll keep them, I bet :)

Dewdrop said...

Great set... but don't b too hard on urself if u cannot stick to all of them, all the time!!!

Ann said...

good list... Even I have made some promises to myself...

I can relate to No. 19 :

i promise to always listen to my gut instinct, my inner voice--because no matter what anyone says i know it has always worked for me.

Anyways, great work...