May 04, 2009

the devils workshop goes creative!!

i accidently came across this video on youtube.
have u ever heard this song??

i am clueless about what prompted these lyrics...i guess the guy writing them was hungry and had to meet a deadline and the poor thing just couldnt distract himself off the food...
and then again, guess "lurrve" in hindi cinema goes with almost everything---even 'batatawada' :p

(i wonder if the choreographer was inspired by 'betal' from 'vikram and betal' for some of the moves in this song...chk it out--ul'l get to know what i mean!)

now that uve heard and seen the video, please humour me and sing aloud my inspired composition maintaining the original looney tune of the song.ok? u can even dance the betaal step if u want! *angelic smile*

(starts with combination of nagiin dance+classical)
"batatawada heyy, batatawadaaaaa
ketchup nahi lenaaa tha, lenaaaa padaaaa
oh oh oh oh
batatawada batatawada!!

batatawada,heyyy, batatawada, hoyee
churan nahi khaaana thaa, khanaa pada..
ahaha ahaha
batatawada batatawada!!

(now the much awaited 'betaal' step..try from a table top---go!)
hote the jo hosh mein hum,
aise na hum yoon khatee..hoyee
accha yaheen tha pehle,
hum iske paas naa aatee

ab ise na khaana hain, mushkil bada
batata wada heyy, batata wada!!
ketchup nahi lena thaa, lenaa padaaa..
batata wadaa dadada
batata wadaaa!!

lagta hain bhooke pet ke armaan nikal gaye,
kaisi hain acidity hum jisme jal gaye...
laa jaldi ENO' kaa, glass badaaaaaa
batata wada, heyy, batataa wadaaa!!
ENO nahi peena thaaaha, peena padaa...
batata wadaa, oh ho oh hoo..batatawada!!

(now with anil kapoor beating the dholak like a mad man and madhuri dancing like a drunk woman)
masti mein health ki kashti jaaye na doob apni,
tu ek paar utre, insurance hain khoob apni..
tu aise hi paka lena, main khaunga khana sadaaaa
batatawada batatawadaaaa!!

batatawada batatawada hahaha
batatawada batatawada heehehehhe
ketchup nahi lena tha, lenaaa padaa
batatawada batatawada!!"

i'd make a better lyricist dontya think? huh? huh?

ok so have the neighbours gathered yet?? *rubs hands in glee*

whatttt!!!! no?? u mean u dint sing aloud? hmpfffffff!! :-/
nobody has respect for my talent feelings i tellya!
*goes away sobbing*


Arv said...

translation pls :(

will google it later :(

Pri said...

@ arv
tujhe kasam hain saare blogistan ki, tu hindi seekh le...plijj! :-/

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan said...

In the immortal words of Chandler Bing's ex-gf : OH. MY. GAWD !!!

This just defeats everything else and becomes my new 'song to woo a girl' of the month

rohit mishra said...


ones in ages comes a lyricist who changes the way a song is written (and sung, and choreographed...)
u have it in u Pri.. y dont u try in movies. M sure u will do good...
i sung it loud everybody appreciated... :)and i think u have a singer ready for all the songs that u will write..

thanks for shareing this awesom creation with us...
i owe u one...

A said...

hahaha cant stop laffing at this :-))

Vinz said...

absalutly phunny..


Pri said...

@ dr roshan
heehee all the best! :D

@ rohit mishra
thankyou thankyou *takes a bow*
finally someone who recognises my talent!
its a deal..i will see to it that i mention u to be the mandatory playback singer for my sure u'd have a voice which could do full justice to them! :p

@ A
:D :D

@ vinz
err..i hope i dint insult the batatawada too much :-/

rahul said...

original gaana bhi kisi doctor ne hi likha hoga :p

Urv said...

Oh my god Pri! That was hilarious. Batatawada batatawada. Hahahaha. Ekdum super. U r very talented must say :)

And I am being escorted to a safe place now! I was in office when I started singing aloud :P

Anonymous said...

Too good :D Trust me, your lyrics are better, any day :)

The choreographer sure seems like a Vikram Betaal fan :D

Anya said...

dint udnerstand... but the dance was funny


varsha said...

i sang it to hubby and he is still laughing :p

varsha said...

our joint vote goes to your composition ;))

Anonymous said...

this is amazing.

sri said...

LOL this is crazy L=:) do you know "Benni lava" video , check it out in youtube and wiki . You can write a post on that too

Pri said...

@ rahul
thankyou thankyou..hum doctors hi itne creative ho sakte hain ;)
magar choreography toh kisi engg ne hi ki hogi..tabhi toh steps copy kiye hain.betaal tak ko nahi chhoda kamino ne! :p

@ urv
heehee.thankyou..hope the safe place isnt some mental asylum! :p

@ kido
thankooooooo *flying to cloud 9 in 'betaal' style* :))

Pri said...

@ chronicwriter
awww :(
the lyrics take away not only the cake but the baker and the bakery also..
translating it would make it lose its effect..
when r u going to learn hindi btw?? its high time!! :-/

@ varsha
danke! *takes a bow*

@ anonymous
is that 'udibaba' supposed to be a clue by any chance, o anonymous one!?? :-/
*scratching her chin*

@ srivats
LOL!! wudent get a word of it if it wasent for the kind soul who put up the funny subtitles in this link on youtube---
prabhudeva is a joker anyways :p

Stupidosaur said...

Ah my favourite pair of all times :) (Really!)

Only thay can carry off such stupidly silly song in such a cute frivolous way!

And sorry I was too busy watching (DROOLING AT) pretty Madhuri , so I forgot to sing your lyrics!

But I think original lyrics are more fun and senseless.

If you start with batata wada and go on to sauce and bad tummy and medicines, its the plain, expected and hence most boring thing. ( I was already extinct. Now I am so dead! Pri is gonna poison my batatawada or something)

Pri said...

@ stupidosaur
eggjactly!! you are absolutely RIGHT! (for onc)
u got 5 mins to leave the country..go back in hibernation mode!! :-/