May 19, 2009

a picture speaks a thousand words!!



ApocalypsE said...

gaining a few ponds never hurt... :)

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan said...

hehe.. i shd do that instead of moaning !!! why didnt it occur to me that the machine is lying !!!

Lucifer said...

main kuch nahi boloonga!!!

neerad said...

i am a new reader of your blog.just want to tell u that u write amzing well and have got imeense talent.
your blog has gotten me hooked for the last couple of hours now.
i especially liked this post of yours

keep writing and god bless!
(i will come back to read more)

The Furobiker said...

the machine nvr lies!

aarti said...

hehe kaha tha jyada khayegi moti ho jayegi :p

rahul said...

ok the above comment was written by me magar baat aayi thi aarti ke dil se ;))

Arv said...

oh oh... someone is in trouble :)

take care mate.. cheers...

Suree said...



Anz said... the pic! Very motivating ;)

P.S.: using it as my display pic for sometime..hope u dont mind :)

Pri said...

@ apocalyse
yea yea..the one who wears the shoe feels the bite :(

@ dr roshan r
yea u should try that...such consolations feel good (atleast till someone confirms otherwise.sigh!) :-/

@ mayz
phew! yeh apne aap mein bahot badi baat hain..heehee

@ neerad
thanks for appreciating my writing...that does mean a lot to me! :)

@ abhishek khanna
hmpf!!! weight machinehain raja harishchandra toh nahi :-/

Pri said...

@ aarti
ab main kya kahoon? kaash main bhi us ad wali ki tarah 'I DONT CARE' keh sakti...buit right now i so doo :(

@ rahul
duh! what is that supposed to mean????

@ arv
yes u guessed right..weight trouble! :(

@ suree
yea yea...atleast someones laughing
snif snif! :(

@ anz
not at all..feel free :)
very soon i will be falling in love with my weight machine and then i wont need the pic anymore..just u wait! *thinking wishfully with a dreamy look*

Richa said...

rofl!! I am the everyday victim of the weighing machine :D

Anwesa said...


Amal Bose said...

lol.... :)

Anya said...

hahaha... i so bady wanna be there.. and i wanna shout liar too


Pavi!!!! said...

weighing machines should be banned..wot say???

Đžidhi S said...

:'( Same to same. **sniff**sniff**

:P Who cares...just cant resist food ;)

Anonymous said...

LOL... Machines don't lie :D

Cheer up :)

Pri said...

@ richa
sigh! i dont dare to look at it everyday :-/

@ anwesa
funny!????!!! :o
not for me! :(

@ amal bose
hmpf! ok atleast its making someone laugh :-/

@ chronicwriter
yea that would be some consolation...sigh!

@ pavi
absolutely!! and so should those ppl who tell u that uve gained weight..heehee

@ nidhi s
damn!! ur a mind reader..but there is a difference..i care.really i do..but not enough to resist food :p

@ kido
hmpf!! i cant believe u siding the stupid machine :(

rahul said...


The Furobiker said...

cmon doc.. u hav to loose jus 50 kgs!! keep gng

Pri said...

@ abhishek khanna
phew!! thanks for the consolation..i thought i would have to lose atleast 80kg to look human :-/

The Furobiker said...


finally u admitted the truth

Lena said...

looks a lot like me :D

The Colors Magazine

Stupidosaur said...

Batata Wada...Batata Wada.. ;)

Maybe growing a tummy is good. You will look like a zoozoo and whole world will love you ;)

Oh wait, if I remember correctly, you also have a Vodafone connection to boot isn't it ;)

laddu said...

well i curse it all d time i chk my wt.....:P:P