November 16, 2009


Reality came knocking on my door again,

but this time i slid beneath the bed covers, took the blanket over my head and pretended to sleep--hoping to escape...

When i eventually opened the door after being convinced that it had gone away, i could not help but smile at the irony.
There was a note lying at my doorstep.
with trembling hands, i opened the envelope and read the note aloud to myself as the deep seated void in me continued to grow with every word.
remember how you always complained that all i do is dissapoint you everytime i come to meet?
just wanted to let you know that i had come visiting again today...

but this time i had brought along with me a long lost friend..........'happiness'!


sanely insane said...

slap slap

now roll the dice and play the game :P

sri said...

I loved this piece for the sheer irony it portrayes! if its happening to u , I am sorry u had to go through to be happy. All the best!

rahul said...

cheer up swthrt :(
happiness will def come knocking again soon

ash89 said...

not ur fault..reality does suck most of the time...u dont expect it to bring happiness

Pri said...

@ sanely insane
who do u think ur slapping? huh? huh? *slaps right back* :-/

dont u know its the gods who roll the dice? we merely have to comply :)

@ srivats
well life is itsself sucha big irony isnt it? :)

@ rahul
thanks rahul..but happiness and reality knocking together is somewhat a rare occurrence isnt it? :)
normally they refuse to share the same space.

@ ash89
i guess its not totally reality's fault either...
when it brings happiness along with it, its usually me who is too afraid to answer the door :)

The Witch said...

Its about time you wrote something cheerful:-/

Pri said...

@ the witch
yess maam..your wish is my command!!
let me just fix my 'cheerful inspiration' seems to be malfunctioning a lot these days ;)

ash89 said...

hey sweetie. Ive made my blog pvt. Ive sent u an invite. Hope ul drop by soon!

Princess said...

i feel so sad reading this..
i should never miss an opportunity.

Pri said...

@ ash89
thanks for the invite dear..will visit u soon

@ princess
some oppurtunities are probably just destined to be missed...thats fate!!