November 09, 2009

of first impressions going drastically wrong...

I need to realise that first impressions are not always the last impressions.
i was being stubborn all this while..
was adamant into believing what i wanted to believe.
someone commented on here with an anonymous handle and when i got to know who it was, i was alarmed, irritated and angry.
later he confessed he had planned to fib his way into knowing me better when the truth was he did know me a little already..
now one thing i cant stand is betrayal of trust however small it may be!
so without a second thought, my mind immediately labelled him a 'liar'!!
but apparently this 'liar' told me he cared which i thought was just a futile attempt to justify his comments and anonymous emails.
so without a moments delay my brain registered all pieces of evidence as against him and labelled him 'liar in denial' (so much so as i try not to judge people, i did judge him a little in a fit of anger)
i avoided him.
i shunned him..
i ignored him
i detested him..

to cut the long story short, i closed my mind to what he had to say.
but yesterday, something happened just out of the blues which kinda compelled me to listen to what he had to say..
and when i heard him out, i was taken aback.
amidst a million apologies, he explained why he went ahead and created that anonymous aura and accepted that even though it doesn't completely justify what he had done, he was feeling hell guilty about it and would have come out in the open soon enough had i not confronted him about it.
and then again, im happy we shed the awkwardness in between and spoke about it...because talking always helps sort out misunderstandings--and so it did!

im glad my first impression wasn't the last one---because in a strange uncanny sorta way, this time i think it just might have earned me a life-long friendship.

i guess all's well that ends well! :)


Princess said...

hey Pri,

thats nice to know - a regained friendship is most precious than before.

howz u?


aneesh said...

poor guy!
its good tht u gave him a chance to explain ;)

sri said...

Thats good! a regained friendship! is much stronger than a new one! All the best

Suree said...

yeah... happies endings...

Nidz said...

kaun hai wo

Pri said...

@ princess and srivats
well we were pretty much strangers to begin with..but i think this is the beginning of friendship :)

@ aneesh
yea not always that forgiving u know ;)

@ suree

@ sweet addiction
some acquaintance who has now become a friend :)

Karthik S said...

"I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship" :-)