November 13, 2009

virtual khetibadi

1 pink cottage
1 grain silo
2 dairy farms
1 chicken coop
1 tool shed
1 small pond
1 mailbox
1 picnic set
1 red gazing ball
1 well
1 rest tent
1 fruitstand
1 axe and block
1 wheelbarrow
2 haystacks
1 barrel and butter churner
1 white jack-o-lantern
1 water pump
7 white sheep
8 pigs
10 rabbits
4 goats
6 horses
6 ducks (including 1 ugly duckling on whom i have high hopes)
4 cows including 1 bovine-09 cow (from outer space) i had most enthusiastically bought
3 bird baths
2 cherry trees
2 avocado trees
6 passionfruit trees
4 grapefruit trees
7 date trees
7 apricot trees
2 lime trees
4 fig trees
6 banana trees
1 red maple tree
1 apple tree
2 orange trees
1 lemon tree
1 harvest table
15 awesome neighbours to compete with

and last but not the least the enthusiasm to buy more, plough more, sow more and harvest more and more....the only reason why urs truly has not yet quit accessing facebook---"FARMVILLE"!! :D

UPDATED (15th november 09)---dont ask me what happened (take it as just another bout of un predictability).
guess farmville wasn't reason strong enough to stay there afterall!


ash89 said...

i luv farmville!! :D

ash89 said...
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Anonymous said...

haha.. reasons why many havent quit using farmville i guess! :)

hbsp said...

i think i found a new species :P you are the first person i know who is a fan of farmville!!!

Princess said...

hi pri,

everyone is a fan of farmville ;)
keep farming while blogging too..


Pri said...

@ ash89
well for me, 'love' is a strong word..but yes i sure want to reach the last level of the game!! (if there is some end to farmville that is) :D

@ leo
the more the merrier isnt it? :D

@ hbsp
really??? :o :o
then im afraid u must not be knowing a lotta people.

@ princess
haha..that pretty much sums up my 'lukhhagiri' :p

aneesh said...

that is the reason i dnt like these spocial networking sites

aneesh said...

if wht i think 2 b the reasn is correct then i think u shud speak it over once b4 quitting

Pri said...

@ aneesh
what is the reason????
speak it over? what are u talking about???

Suree said...

I have seen my friends playing this farmville.. But i never played it, never thought of playing it too.

Some how i was not attracted by the game...

I advice you to keep away from this kind a games ,,, you will get addicted...

aditi said...

Yup I also want to reach the last level! It grows too much into a habit that you forget that it's game