January 19, 2010

dessert unforgettable

19th jan 2010
another kitchen record broken----"vanilla-cream-pudding-disastero!"
tadaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! *drum rolls in the background*

ok fine!! it was just supposed to be "vanilla-cream pudding" but i added the 'disastero' to it..and its pretty self explanatory why.

After freezing it stone hard in a futile attempt to increase palatability, it still tastes like...umm..er..GELUSIL!!??!!

welcome to pri's world! :(


Suree said...

So u r poor at cooking ah?

its good that it actually look like vannila pudding, if at all i give any attempt i bet it will look like something.

anyways enjoy the gelusil :P

Ankur said...

thodi cooking seekh le.. shaadi ke baad kya hoga? :P

alok said...

"tastes like ... GELUSIL" :D

sri said...

so can we take it for acidity :) LOL or only for constipation hehe

:) common it cannot be that bad :) congrats on ur first attempt :) now that u learnt how not to make that desert , better luck next time

adi said...

no comments ;)

Anonymous said...

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Anil Sawan said...

a pudding a day keeps gastritis away :P

TheUncanny said...


ROFL....Nice one!!! u've got a neat blog here!

Dawn said...

I see a good start there :)
Keep trying

Pri said...

@ suree
thanks..that was some consolation!

@ ankur
jo hoga manzure khuda hoga ;)

@ alok

@ srivats
///so can we take it for acidity :) LOL or only for constipation hehe///
the world needs more people like you..talk about positive attitude!

//now that u learnt how not to make that desert , better luck next time///
yus yus..im not giving up as yet!

even thomas edison failed a thousand times before he succeeded ;)

Pri said...

@ adi
yea yea..say that u cant comment because u know how great i am at cooking otherwise. *adjusts her shirt collar*

@ sawan
i think if i try making that pudding again, itl'l keep everyone away :p

Pri said...

@ the uncanny
thanks..u are forgiven!
the compliment did distract me from the fact that u laughed on my experimental pudding :(

@ dawn
err..not exactly a start..but then u can say its a start to a good 'vanilla cream pudding' journey..heehee

Anil Sawan said...

lol :D

Stupidosaur said...

Add ENO to it. Then it will become a whole new food category - The Dessert Sizzler!

Bonus is, Gelusil+Eno will ensure there is no acidity, by this item or others in the royal meal ;)