January 07, 2010

an opinion--then and now...

I was going through my old posts today when i came across this which i had blogged down way back in october 2008.
On reading the post and the comments on it, i couldn't help but smile.
Almost everyone who commented agreed that life definitely turns beautiful when two people with juxtaposed realities and different attitudes meet because they, as we all normally believe, complete each other..have something to learn from each other and can only improve and better each other.
In retrospect i was so hell bent then, that life can only turn beautiful if two such people get to know each other and become a part of each others life.

Today in 2010, i am quite certain that i no longer believe the same to be always true.

somewhere along the way, i learned that sometimes juxtaposed realities and opposite perspectives can also spell 'incompatibility' and more often than beautiful, a life 'impossible'!!


Anonymous said...

i cannot agree wth yr view.my hubby n me are poles apart.we have our share of fights and arguments.but it jst makes our love stronger after we cool down n life is beautiful again.

Anonymous said...

i forgot to sign in my previous comment.(i think u wud know me as liquidsoap from rediffblogs.remember????)

Arv said...

the need to be together gets the better of everything else :)

ash89 said...
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ash89 said...

i guess i agree with u. I always knew me and my guy were not compatible. Though i tried really hard to make it work, the relationship ended and left me shattered.

mayank said...
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sri said...

U know the funny thing about life is how it never ceases to prove us wrong we think we got it all right :)

Hope u find uncondtional love, peace of mind and fulfilling relationships :)

Pri said...

@ varsha
then i would say not everyone is as lucky as you :)

@ arv
not always true though..but i do agree that 'love' does make u overlook all the differences.

@ ash89
i can understand..guess some bitter endings are inevitable.
no matter however much we want them to be otherwise, sometimes we are forced to accept them!

@ srivats
thanks srivats..im not being cynical but i doubt if any of those actually exist :)