January 27, 2010

on reactivating a closed account...

dont you wish life was like 'facebook'

you leave...and when you come back, nothings changed..nothings lost..and everything is just the same as you'd left it.
you go back, tap lightly on the 'reactivate' option and POOOOOFFFF!! its all right there where you'd left it--everything from your friend list, your messages, your scribbles, backlog and even farmville--all intact!

damn! why cant life be like 'facebook'?? :(

*goes in sulk mode*
*sulk mode ends abruptly, interrupted by a second thought*


maybe just maybe, life is better off just the way it is...without second chances!


The witch said...

I think its better off the way it is.Trust me.You cant just temporarily deactivate from life.It has to be for good.

khushi said...

u have come bk on FB???
but i still dont see u in my list :(

Pri said...

@ the witch
u know u can be dragged to court for giving people ideas??!! :-/
anyhoo, what i meant was that life allows such disconnections but when we want to return, things are almost never the same..so unlike facebook where everthing is exactly like before u disconnected.
ohh but the permanent deactivation u are talking about is a scary thought to consider...................atleast for now, we are thinking short-term! :)

@ khushi
yaa im yet to figure tht out..a coupla contacts have mysteriously vanished from my friend list :(

sri said...

u said it all! yes life is different for otherwise we take everything for granted from relationship to even god.

Anonymous said...

facebook is boring yaar.

life is different. life is fun. the fact that anything once done is done.. like DONE.. is cool.. life is not a popularity contest.. you can live ur whole life with only 3 friends on this planet.. u don't need "who's gona be my 500th friend" to sustain it..

yea, I CAN GO ON AND ON.. :)

someone once said.. LIFE IS LIKE THAT!

ouch! :P

Butterflies said...

everything is perception.....just forget everything and start freshly :-)

Sam said...

you can really deactivate life, can you?
how are you? :)

moi said...

i know life doesn't give second chance and we need to make the most of what we get in 1st attempt itself.Life is not a facebook after all!!

Ankur said...

oi... u said u were back to check my status msgs... not to read all those! :P

WritingsForLife said...

ahh interesting point :-). Now you are making me wish life were like facebook ;-)

Pri said...

@ srivats
yeah..i couldn't agree more with that

@ -
hmm i know what u mean...but sometimes u cant help wishing that life would be as easy..
sometimes 'boring' is good!

but i really liked your perspective :)
and i envy the fact that with a mindset like that, u must be finding it very easy to move on.

keep up the attitude
and i think the rest of us should try adopting it.

Pri said...

@ deja vu
yea..sometimes ends are new beginnings.
but then again, sometimes an end is just an end! :)
probably forgetting everything is not humanly possible but yes keeping it all behind you is worth a honest try.

@ sumit
u cant deactivate from life..but u can, from what u consider 'life' :)
[that is precisely what the post was about.dunno if it made much sense]

@ moi
true and believe me even if you feel u havent given it your best shot, sometimes its best with no second chances..because there is this big fat possibility of screwing up things even more the next time around!

Pri said...

@ ankur
yes ofcourse..only to read your 'republic day' msg (since u increased my curiosity so much)
but now that im there, please can i have the permission to read the updates from my other friends too..please.please.pretty please!! ;p

Pri said...

@ raaji
sigh! if wishes were horses.....

Nidz said...

changes are good Pri. other wise imagine life without change. no surprises, no twist in life.. Wht fun??

CYNOSURE said...

if everything would have to be the same....then what are we here to make efforts into..???life will be taken by everyone as "to be granted"....and if its so....nothings gonna be interesting.......

Pri said...

@ sweet addiction
hmm you are right..maybe we shouldn't take life too seriously!

@ cynosure
sometimes too interesting spells 'complicated' :(

Anil Sawan said...

cheers on the thought of the last line :)