January 12, 2010

two hearts

one rainy day, in a land afar,
two weary hearts did pass...
different from each other, or so they seemed,
one of stone and the other of glass!

curious each others life to know,
started they, a cordial debate...
presenting an interpretation of their own,
each mocking the others fate!

"like plastic flowers can never wilt,
for they have never bloomed...
you hearts of stone, can never love,
the relationship as good as doomed!"

"like glass houses cannot stand for long,
one blow and crumble they...
you hearts of glass, can shatter too,
a price you have to pay!!"

each, a different truth believed,
a valid point each made..
one wanted to fall in 'love'
the other was too afraid!

"we are happiest when not in love
free birds should fly alone...
its better never to love at all,
thats why we are made of stone!"

"rainbow dreams and happy endings?"
the glass heart started to glow...
"what it is to have loved in life,
that you would never know!"

"i couldn't care less about it all"
the stone heart declared...
"i would rather live and die for love"
quipped the heart which truly cared!

thus every time they would debate,
and time would seem to fly...
too engrossed, they failed to see,
'cupid' often pass them by!

but soon enough, took notice they,
and inevitable was the end...
coz hearts of stone can never love,
just as glass can never bend!

and another day in that far off land,
like the one when it had rained...
two hearts went their separate ways,
yet in each, a void remained!!

writers note: Phew!! i guess love is too complex an emotion--neither to be understood by hearts of stone nor by ones of glass, the former being too resistant to the fragility of the emotion and the latter being too vulnerable to it...


rahul said...

the glass heart and the stone heart are not meant to be together.the stone heart can only break the glass heart into pieces.

fibreoptic hearts are the best

adi said...

wonderful analogy :)

u rock!!!

Varun said...

ye tune likhi hai?

Pri said...

@ rahul
makes sense!!

///fibreoptic hearts are the best///
nice way to pass on the message :)

@ adi

@ varun

Sorcerer said...

nice!! beautiful one!

Pri said...

@ sorcerer
thanks :)

sri said...

love is defn a complex emotion, how lovely your poems are, but try to add bit of positivity :)

Pri said...

@ srivats
thanks :)
i guess it is tough for me to associate positivity with complex emotions.
its not love that is to blame..its probably just me! ;)

Pratz said...

That's one of the best poems I have read so far... :)

Very Nice