August 06, 2011

All For You

When twilight drops her silky scarf,
and your chosen path turns around a bend,
remember il'l be there for you,
just in case you need a friend.

When the sunshine stands peeping out,
and those faded memories cross your mind,
hold on to them--don't let them go,
turn and you'll find me right behind.

When the morning frenzy kicks right in,
and the rest of the day seems all a haze,
close your eyes and il'l be there,
to remind you that it's just a phase.

When the noon is rough and evening low,
and life has put you to the test,
don't stoop and bow, or bend and break,
just keep walking, and give your best.

When the moon seems harsh & the night feels cold,
and time refuses you sleep to lend,
remember il'l be there for you,
just in case you need a friend.


Madhavi said...

Hey first of all Happy Friendship Day to u Doc :) and secondly it feels so awesome to be back to a place that always given me smiles and made me nostalgic :)
And I loved the flow and the way the words it narrated the journey of friendship :)

Subhrashis Adhikari said...

lovely...and happy friendship day :)

Sarah malik said...

this is comforting and serene :)
loved this line a lot 'when the twilight drops her silky scarf'

happy frndship's day :)


Sh@s said...

aaww...this is so sweet. Wish you too a Happy Friendship's Day.

Anonymous said...

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Pri said...

@ madhavi
thanks dear..its always great to know you are reading :)

Pri said...

danke! :)

Pri said...

@ sarah
thanks for being does mean a lot to me :)

Pri said...

@ shas
thanks dear..wish you the same :)

Pri said...

@ anonymous
thanks for that tip :)

Pri said...

@ madhavi, sh@s, SUB, sarah and all the others----hope you had a great day so glad to have you all around here.

cheers to friendship and all things beautiful! :)

Anonymous said...

beautiful thoughts on friendship:)

Mi said...

What a wonderful poem, pri!

Keep it up.

Amit Charles said...

Back to Nostalgic Moments after a long time.

It's still that nice and cozy place it used to be.

A very comforting write.

keep it goin;)

Pri said...

@ sanjeev
gracias! :)

Pri said...

@ mi
thanks...and welcome aboard! :D