August 13, 2011

'My favorite PC app'---not a school essay, mindya!

When I first received an email alert from IndiBlogger announcing the 'My favorite PC app' contest, I was only too happy to participate.
I had just downloaded the 'NOOK for PC' on the computer, a couple of weeks back and here was a chance to brag about it.
Well, all those who know me personally would know what a geek I can be.
Being surrounded by books right from an early age, I can proudly say that 'books' have been my oldest companion.
I remember when I was a kid, summer holidays used to mean frequent trips to the library.
From my pre-teen collection of 'Famous Five', 'The Three Investigators', 'Hardy Boys', 'The Five Findouters', 'Tintin', and 'Sweet Valley' to books by 'Erich Segal', 'Emily Bronte', 'Khalil Gibran', 'Khaled Hosseini',  'Orhan Pamuk' to finally now, a stage wherein I am ready to devour almost any book I set my eyes on (and then burp or puke accordingly), trust me, it has been one hell of a journey.

So when I learnt that I could have all the books I wanted at the click of a button, I was overjoyed.
All my favorite authors in one single place...a whole library of heavy cumbersome books all packed in one easy application, my joy knew no bounds.
I immediately downloaded the 'NOOK' on my PC from the App centre and since then have been enjoying fast and easy access to all my favorite books---a treat that any avid reader would love to experience.
Beyond all doubt, the 'NOOK' has to be my favorite 'PC App'
Supported Operating Systems for the NOOK app (you can download for free from the intel appcentre)

* Windows 7 32 bit
* Windows 7 64 bit
* Windows XP

Apart from speed and easy accessibility, the other highlights of this application are--

1) You can now enjoy a great selection of over 2 million titles to choose from (a ready made library)..and even download more.

2) It enables you to automatically sync your last page and bookmarks to any other device with a NOOK eReading application.

3)You can add notes as you read, highlight those quotes close to your heart and bookmark to continue reading from where you last stopped.

4) You can now sample-read any NOOK Book for FREE and get FREE 14-day NOOK Magazine and NOOK Newspaper trials.

5) You can share as many NOOK Books as you want, with friends and family with exclusive LendMe(TM) technology.

Had my childhood been the age of computers, e-books and NOOK apps, it would have saved me all the trouble of packing up my mini library collection, every time I went holidaying.
Besides it would have also saved me from the torture of being labelled a 'geek' (who weighed much less than the library she carried along) and my family, the back pain from having to carry more than half the load..sigh.
Another added advantage is that I now do not have to lend my books to anyone and fear that they'd end up lost.I hate lending books.more because I'm always worried that people might lose them or never turn up to return them----say what you want, but I guess that would be just one creepy insecurity I'd have to deal with my whole life through if it wasn't for this lifechanging application---"NOOK" :D
Now I can simply use the 'LendMe' technology and share whichever book they want.
Also it would save my book from rough handlers and pesky friends who still use the primitive method of marking pages by folding a small corner at the top (I hate the expression as much as I hate to see a book with 'dog ears'..whatever!)

So bottom line is the 'NOOK app' is a blessing in disguise for all those using a laptop, tablet, or even an old fashioned PC..

After all, a books is one companion that will never leave your side..and just in case you are worrying that it might, when you are too old to carry it around or too weak to read in fine print, your days of worry are over.
With the NOOK app, you can now zoom up your favorite e-book to whatever font size you want and enjoy reading comfortably.

Finally, I will end my post here with the parting words of a wise old woman who lived in a nook of the world wide web (no brownie points for guessing who she is)---Reading is life...give up on reading, give up on life!! *takes a quick bow and returns to her virtual library*


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asha said...

i am downloading nook right away.thanks for the information :)

Someone is Special said...

ahh.. great post for the Intel Apps Contest.. You have written it very beautifully...

Someone is Special

Pri said...

@ asha
you are most welcome :)

@ someone is special
danke! :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the bookworms club ;-p

i love your blog.

Jose Tinto said...

Good Article. Liked and promoted. :)

Pri said...

@ anonymous
thankyou...i guess im one amongst the founders of that club :P
but now lets rephrase that "welcome to the NOOKWORM'S club" :D

Pri said...

@ jose tinto
thankyou :)

Buenrrostro said...

@ asha you are most welcome :) @ someone is special danke! :)