August 08, 2011

A not-so-formal invite to THE big day...

I have good news for you. *throws secretive looks all around*
Ok, for all those who assumed I'm getting hitched from the title of the post in your google feeds and rushed to my blog to read about it, I dont blame you. :D :D
This was actually just a cheap trick of getting you all to come here and read my post..heehee
and no, this is not about my marriage..this is something much more important.ahem!

So brace yourself, ladies and gentlemen as I proudly announce thaaaaaaat

my long awaited baby is arriving in India on the 10th of august 2011...finally!!!!!
*drum rolls in the background*

Do not miss the live webcast of the launch. 

Be there...
Be with me...
Celebrate my euphoria...

*throws confetti in the air followed by a sheepish shrug and facepalm*

Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 Launch

On a slightly more formal note (for you to understand the seriousness of the situation and err..of course, my sentiments too..ahem!), all of you are cordially invited to the auspicious occasion of the live official webcast launch on the

AUSPICIOUS DAY--- 10th august 2011.
AUSPICIOUS TIME--12.00pm to 2.00pm
VENUE---my blog 'nostalgic moments'

No RSVP permitted please

Presents in blessings and 'clicks' only (though bouts of generosity and affection involving someone gifting me a SGT [Samsung Galaxy Tab] will be most welcome)


Here's a sneak peek--just for you,

Featuring a 10.1-inch display, the new Tab runs on Android Honeycomb, an nVIDIA Tegra 2 processor clocked at 1GHz, 1GB of RAM with 16/32/64 GB variants for internal storage.
It has the added feature of dual cameras--3.0MP on the rear and 2.0 MP on the front.
The SGT 10.1 is slimmer than the iPad 2 (8.6 mm) and has a 7,000 mAh battery that is good enough for playing 72 hours of music.

OK..that's enough for now. I wont kill the suspense. You will have to wait for the launch to know more of my hero.

Till then watch this space, spread the word and count the hours while I dream about THE big day.


P.S: (This post is written as a part of the 'Samsung Mobiler's Contest' held by IndiBlogger for the month of August.)
The webcast video will be streamed on 10th August. So please update your calenders and phones and adjust your schedules to grace the occasion.
(For those who still think I'm kidding, I promise you I'm serious as HELL If buying a SGT doesn't fit your interest, at least gifting it to someone should. Huh? Huh?*bats eyelashes*)


Priyadarshini Joyce said...

I thot u r getting married :P:P

Subhrashis Adhikari said... are really serious :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

:-| And I won't even get to touch it.

Congratulations. I yam jealous :)

Blasphemous Aesthete

Latha vijayakumar said...

k wil wait and c on 10.8.11

Red Handed said...

A reminder has been set on my phone.

Pri said...

@ priya joyce
haha...i knew you'd fall for it :P
oyee, btw be there for the launch!!
gadgets/gizmos ke baare mein apna knowledge kuch toh badha :-/

Pri said...

yus yus i am!!
you'd know when you view the webcast launch :D

Pri said...

@ Blasphemous Aesthete
oyee, kaahe ka 'congratulations'?? we two are sailing in pretty much the same boat..
ive just done some homework---thts all it takes to dream nowadays ;)
the rest im waiting for the launch to tell me..
dont forget to watch it on the 10th---we can then become official 'samsung galaxy tablet 750' fans and crave for it together :D

Pri said...

@ latha
yayyyyy!!! ive got company...thankyou :D

Pri said...

@ red handed
actually, im so excited about the launch--its almost as if im launching! :P

aayanman said...


Bhargavi said...

ha ha.. and i thought it was something else!

Nidz said...

congrats gal

Pri said...

@ gyanban
the samsung galaxy tab, right? yea, NAAAAIIIICEEEE it sure is :D

Pri said...

@ bhargavi
i had a feeling most of you, would ;D

Pri said...

@ nidz
be there for the launch today :D

The Narcissist said...

I thought you were getting a SGT lol

Pri said...

@ abhishek
i never said i wasn't ;D

Deguide said...

Good way to promote samsung galaxy, were you present on the meet at Bangalore