June 28, 2018

'Always & forever' (a short story)

Miles away, living in a different city, Ajay missed her terribly...sometimes even more than family. His family would often tease him about it; that he spent more time with her than with them. But what was presumed to be puppy love had blossomed into a symbiotic dependency over the years.

Now in a new city, lonliness felt like a visceral pain every time he entered his empty apartment. He had promised he'd come back for her as as soon as he had settled in at his workplace. Until then, they'd have to make do with webcam and phone.

She'd always been a patient girl. Confident of her love, she was sure he'd never leave her in the lurch. Ajay still remembered the look in her beautiful brown eyes when he told her he had to leave for another city. It had pained him as much as it had saddened her...the moment of separation outside the airport.

The silence in his empty apartment made him miss her even more. He missed every moment of the time spent with her---those lovely walks they took together, the wordless understanding they would sometimes share, the comfort of her cozy hugs. Two weeks here and he'd realised why they say absence made the heart grow fonder.

His nostalgic pinings were interrupted by the chime of his computer.  8 pm; it was time for the daily rendezvous with his sweetheart. Enthusiastically, he switched on his webcam.

"Yo bro! Ready for your date?" said his brother, grinning on the other side of the computer screen.

"Dude, don't waste my time. Where is she?" Ajay frowned, straining his neck looking for his beloved.

He could hear her now. Music to his ears. Excited yelps reached their crescendo as the webcam was shifted and an enthusiastic golden retriever came slowly into focus, wagging her soft furry tail in excitement.
Ajay's joy knew no bounds, as his little darling climbed up his brother's lap and smothered the computer screen with wet sloppy kisses.

"I miss you too, old girl," he cried, almost hugging his laptop.  "I miss you too..."



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Bhawna said...

Just loved it and your words are like adhesive which make stick to the end of the story. Love is love which never ends.
And end is quite good.
#CrossBorderSisters #OpenNTalk

aditi said...

Loved the 'cheat n twist' in the end Priyanka!😉



Unknown said...

Loved the story & its flow.... #NISSATalks

Anagha Yatin said...

Oh man...Never saw the end coming this way! You are a creative yarn spinner for sure Priyanka.

Anonymous said...

That is a bit different ending than expected. As I was reading, my mind was guessing what will come next. And then came the "golden retriever". Ahh, nice twist Priyanka.

– Anami from #InvincibleGang for #OpenNTalk #Week4

Sayeri said...

oh no!! its a dog :)The way you have created the climax is just amazing.

Deliciously Alive said...

Really sweet story! Lovely writing.
#OpenNTalk #JAMSS2018

Zeffirra said...

SO sweet. Truly mans true friends are his pets.

#Bloggingdivas for #OpenNTalk


Deepa said...

Haha..loved the twist at the end. Completely unexpected. #Bloggingdivas #Openntalk

Pri said...

@ Bhawna
Thanks dear. I’m glad you liked it 😘

Pri said...

@ Aditi
Thanks Aditi. I wanted to keep it real! 😉

Pri said...

@ Silja
Thank you. I’m glad you did 😊

Pri said...

@ Anagha Yatin
Thanks Anagha. I'm happy I can atleast spin something right! 😉

Pri said...

@ Anami
Thanks. I’m glad you enjoyed reading it 😁

Pri said...

@ Sayeri
Thanks. I’m glad I could maintain your curiosity till the end! 😜

Pri said...

@ Deliciously alive
Merci Beaucoup! ☺️

Pri said...

@ Zeffirra
Man’s best friend indeed!
Thanks for dropping by 😊

Pri said...

@ Deepa
Thanks dear. I’m glad you enjoyed it! 😁

Sudha Krishnan said...

haha that was an interesting twist. very well narrated. #NISSATALKS sudha

Varsha said...

Hahaha what an innovative short and cute story. I smiled reading the climax :)
I am a dog lover too, I can co-relate to this situation. Thanks for this one, I miss my neighbor's day back in Pune at mom's place who always came seeing my bike or me :) wagging his tail.

Manisha said...

Manisha: It was good kahani mein twist but loved the story, kept me hooked till the end.#CrossBorderSisters #OpenNTalk

Pri said...

@ Sudha
Thanks Sudha. I’m glad it got you laughing 😁

Pri said...

@ Yogeeta
The pleasure is mine, dear. I’m glad this brought back a fond memory! 😊

Pri said...

@ Manisha
Thanks Manisha. I’m glad you liked it ❤️