June 26, 2018

Of choices and illusions

I was reading an article in the newspaper, when my eyes fell on this one particular line that stood out like a sore thumb.
“Our lives are defined by the choices we make,” it read, in bold, right at the center
of the printed piece.

And that got me thinking. Is it fair to call every decision a choice? There may be a number of factors that contribute in the making of a decision.
Not everyone is emotionally adept in recognising and milking an opportunity. Sometimes the timing may not be appropriate. At other times, it may be our frame of mind.
Too soon, too late, too quick, too slick, so many reasons and the chance just passes us by.

So what do we do then when we realise that we have given up on one such moment or conversely when the moment has given up on us? 

Eternal optimists who believe everything is a choice, would recommend chasing the opportunity. Keep running and you will catch up with it someday, they’d say.
But what when the moment is gone for good and what we are chasing is just a mirage? How can we tell the real from the illusory?

It is imperative in such cases to realise that no matter how precious, all moments come with a shelf life. So do all relationships...
And the best thing one can do in such cases is step back, accept that it has run its course, and wave a dignified goodbye.

Because farewells are painful. But running after butterflies will only tire us out! 

1 comment:

Tanuja said...

Exactly - When either party does not feel reciprocated, it is time to stop living in denial -- Usually a lopsided story is what ends this way ...