June 21, 2018

#OpenNTalk: That's the way the cookie crumbles

Imagine this enticingly gorgeous Black-Forest cake (complete with dark chocolate glaze dripping et al) sitting coyly in your fridge, waiting to be devoured. You have recently discovered and confessed your love for Black-Forest, and your possessiveness is at its zenith, forbidding everyone else from enjoying it, because, well, you’re a crazy cookie who tends to go bat-shit-obsessive in love.
Anyway, moving on...

Days turn into weeks. Everyday, you have a slice of that sinfully delicious cake. Every night you remind yourself how lucky you are to have such a decadent treat all to yourself. Every time you see your friends in confusion on which pastry to pick, you convince yourself how lucky you are to love something without a doubt. Then you go home and have that customary bite of your Black-Forest (BF) cake in the fridge. The cake that is always there...

Weeks turn into months.  By now, everyone is convinced of your sheer love and loyalty towards BF. Your friends and family never miss on getting it along whenever you join them. It’s amusing (and mildly irritating too), you think, how wherever you go, BF tends to follow...

And then, one fine morning you wake up. Brush your teeth as usual. Perform your daily ablutions as usual. Check your email, read the news, get dressed,  as usual. And just before leaving for work, you open the fridge, expecting your black forest cake to be there, waiting for you like always.
And bammm!! It’s gone! Vanished without a trace.

However, instead of feeling shock and remorse, you are actually happy. You feel liberated of the pressure of having to keep up with your alleged passion for BF. So glad are you, that you don't even bother finding out what happened. Maybe someone got tempted and ate it without your knowledge, or maybe it sprung feet and walked out of the fridge all by itself.
"It was time for a detox anyway," you say to yourself, experiencing a strange sort of relief.

And that, my friends, is exactly how falling out of love feels like...


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Sayeri said...

Its like a soul story of you and black forest! #Bloggerbabes #OpeNTalk

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha... Seriously !! I can understand that so very well. Great post Priyanka.

– Anami from #InvincibleGang for #OpenNTalk #Week3

Arvind Passey said...

Sweet Tooth posts are always a pleasure to read. Though I must admit that I now try to stay away from sweets... and am generally unsuccessful. :)

Arvind Passey

#NISSATalks #OpenNTalk

Varsh said...

Oh my, I hope no one falls out of love like this. Wouldn't we be worried where and why the BF went off rather than rejoicing that it did? It didn't ask us to love it so much now, did it?
#OpenNTalk #BloggerBabes

Pri said...

@ Sayeri
Haha...well, what can I say? I have never really liked Black Forest!😁

Pri said...

@ Aneri
Thanks dear. Sometimes falling out of love is a relief, isn't it? ;)

Pri said...

@Arvind Passey
Hmm...did you read through to the end? :)

Pri said...

@ Varsh
If we are worried, wouldn't it mesn we are still in love? :)
I believe falling out of love happens gradually over time, but the moment of realization is always sudden and has a finality to it!

Varsha said...

Hahahah I can connect with this post so well :)
I keep imagining the same thing each night I buy a pastry or make something sweet. I'm the only one who has a sweet tooth so mere BF hamesha fridge mein secure hota hai :p
P.s. my sister and I always tend to fight over this issue even if there are 2 separate pastries :P

Deepa said...

I love sweets and I know what you mean when you say its hard to resist and its hard to let go but that's life. Isnt it?

Ila Varma said...

It's tough to move away from Sweet if you have a Sweet Tooth. Liked your expression and you won the race by deleting it from your life for some time. #BlogAMile #OpenNTalk

KickUpstairs said...

Its really difficult to move away from those things which you love the most.
At the end always healthy food wins the race. Loved reading the post.

Unknown said...

Interesting post. My dad has a sweet tooth, we use to keep him away from sweet because of his age... 20% only work. #NISSATalks

Manisha said...

Difficult but true, through a simple example you have explained some deep stuff. #CrossBorderSisters #OpenNTalk

Snigdha Prusti said...

Hahaha.. It is always difficult to moveaway from the thing you love most... Love the write up.. #jamss2018 #OpenNTalk

Mayura Amarkant said...

Lovely post. Loved the way you made blackforest your muse. #RoarWillRock

Tanuja said...

I would rather say falling out of a habit or falling out of a relationship.
Love these days is rare I believe and a genuine love is only born out of a genuine intention to keep the love through the storms; I guess there is only one possibility where one can fall out of love (and that is a sane thing to do as well) when the love, communication and feelings are one sided

simi gn said...

something new... tnx for sharing