September 10, 2018


Light a candle near the window
In memory of a life interrupted
A tear unshod, a word unspoken
For there was no one then
To understand and ask
Light a candle near the window
So history does not repeat itself
Save a life, lend a ear
Help someone overcome their fear
Extend your hand, try to reach
The tired warrior battling the darkness
inside his mind
Searching for a beam of sunshine
he cannot find
Light a candle near the window
And let your light spread out

Every forty seconds, there is a suicide happening in the world. This year, the theme for 'World Suicide Prevention Day' is 'Working together to prevent suicide'. 
Human emotions are extremely fragile and need to be handled delicately. We never know who is fighting a battle on the inside, who is struggling to survive. The signs of long term depression are not always evident and hence a more sensitized approach to the world becomes the need of the hour. Depression can hit anyone at any time. And it is only when we eliminate bias against it, that we will be able to fight this demon. 
Today, lets all promise to be more sensitive and open towards mental health and depression. 
Lets work together to prevent suicide!

Linking this post to #FridayReflections by Shalini and Corinne here , hoping that this pertinent message reaches a wider readership. We need to spread suicide awareness and prevention as far and wide as possible.

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Leha Divakar said...

Extend your hand, try to reach
The tired warrior battling the darkness
inside his mind.... These lines resonate miles! I loved your poem.
#MyFriendAlexa #literarylehareads

Purva Bhatia said...

It's the need of the hour given how distanced we are today in this age of digitalization.

Pri said...

@ Lenha
Thank you, Leha. We all need to look out for one another. Suicide prevention is a collective effort!

Pri said...

@ Purva
True to an extent. The 'Six degrees of separation' has managed to distance us as much as it has managed to bring us closer...
We need to tame down our addictions, lest they hollow us out!

Lancelot Quadras said...

Indeed it is very important to talk about this and look for signs. We don't know how a person is hurting from within and using a poker face to hide their pain!

Pri said...

@ Lancelot
True! Appearances can be extremely deceptive. People often put on a tough exterior to hide the chinks in their armor.

Rashmi said...

Being sensitive towards people is the first step towards helping people suffering from depression. Loved your poem.

Rashmi said...

Loved your poem. Being sensitive towards people is the first step to look after someone who is depressed.

Anonymous said...

Pretty! This was a really wonderful article. Thanks
for supplying these details.

Pri said...

@ Rashmi
True that! It is only when we acknowledge the suffering of others as our own that we can understand their pain.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Pri said...

@ Anonymous 1
Thank you. I am glad you found your way here.

@ Anonymous 2
Thank you. I will :)