October 17, 2007

Reliving my 5th birthday...:)

Look what i found today...

my oldest "BUDDAAAYYY GIFTTT"...yippeee!!!
it was tucked away safely in an old closet in the store room and conveniently forgotten about...until today, whn i happened to open the dusty drawer and find 5 lil froggies peeping at me with mic in hand ...and tht got a lotta memories gushing back!!
My silly lil heart juss needs an excuse to do a flip flop and reign in nostalgia and what better excuse than finding ur 5th birthday gift after all these years...
All these years definitely has taken its toll on the poor lil things which were far more functioning then than now... (i love u mom for having carefully preserving it all these years...muaaahhh!!)
Much to my moms amusement, i tried placing some batteries frantically and checked if it still was working :-/...my dad and di were laughing all this while as they remembered it was with the same zeal and enthusiasm that i had opened my gift on my 5th birthday...
But to my dissapointment it dint work anymore..the "rock star" froggies juss refused to croak as i continued performing auditory function tests by ringing the doorbell making the neighbours wonder if i'd finally lost my marbles to not notice the door wch was kept wide open...but all in vain, the lil froggies had gone deaf n dumb too and could no longer sense sound signals and croak in sync as they used to :((...damn these good-for-nothin battery operated toys!hmpf!! :(
But needless to say,i was really happy on finding it ...was kinda reliving the past again as my mom and dad narrated incidents from my childhood...though they got a bit too carried away and also brought up the vases i had broken, the number of fights i had gotten into with my kiddo classmates ,the pranks i had pulled on my classroom teachers, and the tactics i had tried to get my name removed from the harmonium classes wch my mom had forcibly enrolled me into...heehee.
I quickly distracted their attention back to the "discovered treasure" lest they remember a "lil less adorable" things i had done as a child :-/...
Coming back to my "frog band",it was only when i dusted and wiped it clean that i noticed one of the microphones they held was lying detached wch i managed to attach back after a lotta effort...The small lil board at the back (giving it a total rock band effect) wch said "THE FROG BAND" was now missing...:(
But pri has not lost hope yet...it must be lying somewhere for sure...and she is determined to find it and complete the "frog band" wch her parents had soo lovingly gifted her at 12 am on the 3rd of june 19 yrs back...(my heart juss did a flipflop again and is now wearing a funny hat and singing "summer of 69" ,guitar in hand)
Tomorrow i plan on cleaning every corner of the store room again...*james bond music in the background*
sigh!...ive suddenly started missing the "pink casio" wch my sis had gifted me when i was eight :-/
I know its got to be there...SOMEWHERE!


Anonymous said...

Wow, its so nice and nostalgic to find one great memory attached to those carefree wonderful childhood days and a bday gift adds the icing to the nostalgic cake that gets cooked in minutes.

Liked the way u described it. May be the froggies wont croak again, but does it matter? they are there as a reminiscent of a wonderful childhood and a token of love of parents which is infinite and oceanic.

And if they start croaking, the doc turns successful engineer. lol

Tk care

The Furobiker said...

Dear God,
Please Help Pri find that Rock Band board

Thanking You in Anticipation

Blog Boy said...

Mine was a flute...with Which I was disturbing my friends and neighbours...it was a gr8 fun.....
Hope u find ur Rock band board soon....


Keshi said...

OMG u still hv it? how cute is that!

I can rem my fav childhood toy...a doll names Helen that spoke n cried...


Keshi said...


The 'Mad' Orchid said...

Hey Pri
nothing more to say...n I do see quite a posts coming up frm u ab jo tujhe ek ek treasure milenge frm SOME N EVERYWHERE of ur storeroom...Luved the post
such'e' cuteeeeeeeee oneeee :D
Luv n hugs

Compassion Unlimitted said...

That was some nostalgia..Slipping back into your childhood.You must thank the froggies for giving you a wonderful free ride on the time machine !how time slips past and when we look back in time,happiness just engulfs us.
Happy cleaning up..

Pri said...

@ ashy
heehee..u bet ashi! i dont care if they can ever get about croaking again or not...im juss too happy i found them :)
and heyy uve juss given me an idea..do u think an engg friend could help me out with this? ;P...
u into engg rite?? *hint hint*

@ abhishek
dear god,
please listen to abhi ...please please!!

@ blogboy
thanks blogboy..i hope so too...heehee...
btw do u still have tht flute?:)

@ keshi
heyy thts cute...i had a big collection of dolls too...i had a talking doll as a kid too...but it used to scare me everytime it cried :-/
I was a nut i tell u...my family says i still am...hmpf!!

Pri said...

@ madhavi
thankoo thankoo ...:D i hope so too...but dont think there r any more hidden treasures there...:(
maybe il'l check the other rooms as well..heehee

@ compassion unlimited
yess u said it...its really wonderful how time slips by and we forget all about it as life moves on...only to be pleasantly surprised by remnants from the past wch spring up into the present and allow us to bask in the glory of nostalgia :)

radiohead said...

Bond .. James Bond .. in the services of your majesty !!

wrap a cloth around the face, some gloves n there u go .. I used to preserve a lot of stuff too .. bt thn it was d stuff tht was meant to b thrown away .. so was happily called a 'kabadi' at home . :(

but thn .. I liked it .. I do that evn now .. hehe
I am not really a throw away person ;)

Gud luck in ur endeavor doc

Anonymous said...

Hey Pri, me a software engg. Not a hardware engg. A elex engg wud help your cause, but me being a lame duck with electronics cant help much.

Show this 2 ne electronics engg. s/he wud help u out.........

Sameera Ansari said...

It's such a warm feeling to re-live those days,and even better when the ones who shared the moment then are there with you as you go through it now.I am sure your Froggy Band will start rocking again :)

Pri said...

@ anuj
thanks a lot, kabadi!! ;p...heehee

@ ashy
good idea ashy...will start the hunt then...heehee...most of my friends are into software engg.maybe will try convincing thm to change stream...heehee
...ok ok i know...bad joke!!:p

@ sameera
yess u said it sameera...its more important to me because of the memories associated with it...and looking back at the past and speaking to ur loved ones who were there to share it with u is a diff joy altogether :)
I dont think "the frog band" will ever start functioning again..but who cares??? i got what i wanted...:)

radiohead said...

u kabadi
who's gonna look in to the 'kabad' hun? .. haha .. so ur d one ..

m all clean ;)

Pri said...

@ anuj
oye!!mana mana ki main bhi kuch kam nahi but ive got memories associated with it...so dont u dare call it kabad :-/
*looks angrily at anuj kabadiwala* :p heehee