April 29, 2008

from weird to weirder...

here's yet another small fact about pri---
I have this habit of listening to the radio till i drop off to sleep and even wayy after...

It started the fateful day i realised i was a victim of insomnia...and no amount of sitting online,reading or writing diaries guaranteed to help...

calling up friends was a big nono because i just couldent keep up to the conversation for anything more than 5 mins...no matter how hard they tried,i never then realised when i would slip away into indifference and oblivion...

so afraid,to lose out on my friends, i decided to play 'sleeping beauty' everytime they called (forget i said beauty ok?it was just a phrase..u dont need to smirk! :-/)
i was diagnosed as being on the verge of depression and i admit was terribly scared to slip off the edge...
i would violently blog those dsys but yet nothing helped...
everyone was tired of me because i neither wanted to tell stories nor listen to theirs...

so i resorted to somethin which wouldent hurt and which wouldent hurt me...somethin i could switch on and off without feeling guilty...somethin which wouldent feel ignored and left out if i dint speak..and yet somethin which would
take me back in to the past without telling me to move on or let go...
and that i realised could be none other than MUSIC!
started with online stuff...raaga.com, coolgoose.com, desi-radio.com etc etc..i remember those hours of nothing but downloading stuff and listening to it over and over again...those times i used to doze off on the chair itsself with the musical environment embracing me...
seeing that, one fine day mom decided to gift me an ipod to save me from 'torticollis' and 'early spondilitis' which she feared i would soon suffer from the postures i assumed as i dozed off head slung on the hard wooden chair...anyhoo the ipod was a cool surprise! :D

as time passed by, i helped myself get a lot over that phase...my friends were back (the ones who never left me ofcourse!)and so was my incessant chatting...but i could never really say 'goodbye' to music...lol!! i make it sound more like an ex dont i??

ok so coming back to the point,for the past 3-4 weeks 'mr ipod' seems to have done a dissapearing act :(
though mom is quite certain that 'kamal' must have flicked it,i have been paying her comments a deaf ear...
now why would kamal flick my ipod when there are things like my gold earings, bracelet, watch etc lying recklessly on my dressing table and bed...
see!!i got a point no??:-/

this explanation of mine has further heightened moms constant bickering of how careless ive become but it has also not been moving enough to get lazy me searching for it...im SURE it is there SOMEWHERE!!(procrastination rules...yet again!!)
i have never lost any of my things till date though it has always seemed soo close to that..heehee

Another thing wch has not made me search enough is that my ever loyal cell phone has come in handy since the past 4 weeks and thanks to it that im not deprived of my daily dose of 'moosick' wherever i may be...

but no! pri's life cant be that smoooth...there HAS to be a CATCH for every good thing isnt it?? *rolling eyes*
so hence, those blasted phone earplugs! ARGGGGGHHHH!!!

DONT dare to think im exaggerating!!this has given cause to an aching ear every single morning...
please note this has nothing to do with degrading the earplugs nokia provides with cell phones...its just that, the careless user that i am has somehow managed to rip off the cotton covering off them and now all im left with are these metallic objects for earphones...sigh!

NO! i cant get electrocuted in the process..ive confirmed that already...thankyou!:-/
its just that my ear would ache and ache and ache till one fine day i finally go deaf!
now everyone in the family finds this real weird,that inspite of the pain inflicted,i neither get the damn earplugs repaired nor stop those music sessions...
only explanation i have for this and wch i havent given anyone yet is that im too lazy for the former and too addicted for the latter...fine?

ohh just for the records,i lately (2 nights ago) discovered something better...i can actually listen to the radio by using the 'loud speaker' option on my phone instead of those stupid earplugs (yeah dont look at me like that...FINE!!im a bit of a technologically challenged 'einstein' to have discovered that so late..WAT-E-VER!!)

ok so if uve finished laughing and sneering, the point here is that now urs truly has now been sleeping with music on all night and has been waking up to new 'earacheless' days...yippeee!!
another highlight is it has managed to drive away the 'evil di' from my room which i have been unsuccessfully attempting for the past 5 months now...heeheehee
its a different think that it has got dad suspicious of whom his darling daughter has been talking to in the wee hours of the night :-/
i guess the volume was a bit too loud to have reached their room...

its okay!! i dont blame him...its hard to tell my voice from music ;)
i wonder why he almost choked when i said that...hmpf!!


Rià said...
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Rià said...

He he loved ur post gurl!!jus an innocent little confession from ur side. Well lemme tell u even i love music and its has been my best companion so far!! :)and even i m an insomniac...i jus cant fall off to sleep after goin to bed..it takes me a minimum of 15 mins to 1/2 an hr to fall asleep!but thts when my gud old mobile phone comes to my rescue. :) so dont worry u r not alone!

Ankur said...


can only laugh at this time, comment is due as m in office... supposively workin :P :P


Rakesh said...
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Rakesh said...

most of people whom i know r lazy esp. me....i am glad to know there r so many like me...u have nicely penned ur dukh barhi katha....i think this comment will not hurt u..what i felt i wrote and always..u should put moderator on so that if u don't like don't accept...i am here to find out other's thought(answer of ur ?).

Pri said...

@ ria
yaa it feels good to know im not alone :D
u talking about 15-30 minutes?? i take hours to drift off to sleepyland sometimes even though i try :(

@ ankur
lol!!im sure u r a great actor then ;)

@ rakesh
naah! i dont fine any comment offensive unless it is meant to be one...and hence no comment moderation...because i truly feel my replies can be far more slashing...lol!!
its a open forum and if ppl decide to get rude they should expect the same in return...so no worries! :)
thanks for answering the question from 'in a nutshell'...i was confused!


crasiezt said...

Wow that's a long post girl!!
Music is indeed the most beautiful thing to have happened to the world and it's awesome that you're making full use of it:-) Cheers!

Anonymous said...

to fall asleep fast, check out any boring movie on zee cinema, i bet nothing can make u fall asleep sooner than this!!!

IncorrigibleV said...

sweet post pri...
"but i could never really say 'goodbye' to music...lol!! i make it sound more like an ex dont i??"
u don't rem the v day post ?? ;)
anyways congrats to the relief with the ear ache...
take care :)

Solitaire said...

Very funny post!! Nah..not laughing at you. Laughing with you!

I am the same! I am addicted to music! And I leave my IPOD on the entire night on REPEAT mode for just one song. Right now its the one playing on Psychobabble. Been that way since I was a child. Of course, there were no IPODs then but there were tapes and CDs. And I would wake up in the middle of the night to flip the tape over.

:) Keep it up! Music is the best thing in the world!

Rambler said...

I generally hate to use earphones..I find it highly uncomfortable specially when I am laying down and listening

Anonymous said...

hehehehe! seriously Pri... u r uhh-so technologically challenged!

and sachi batao kisse baat kar rahi thi!? hain hain? :P

sid said...

1- I have been sleeping with music ever since I can remember. Years back I remember my batteries dying down every night (It was a auto reverse walkman- as a result the tape played from one end to the other n yet again-all thru the nite!)

2- I thought only my life was supposed to be smooth-but damn!-you are giving me competition there:-)

3-Its a nice post & made me remember my days at home too;-)

Anonymous said...

even i listen to music at night but switch it off just before going to sleep :)
this was a simple and very cute post

Blog Boy said...

good one Pri....
very honest post...

cm chap said...

FINE!!im a bit of a technologically challenged - Ho not really Pri dear... ur absolute Dumbo. Yeah u heard it right.

cm chap said...

Hey soon I will fullfill ur tag... Sorry abt that

ceedy said...


I have a tshirt that says "music is the weapon of the future"

but i am complete opposite - i need silence to sleep and even a pin (really) if it drops I will be up as if I was never sleeping

result I am always tired....wondering if the brain does not have sleep mode....

reading this reminded me of Pushpak!!!

ceedy said...


I have a tshirt that says "music is the weapon of the future"

but i am complete opposite - i need silence to sleep and even a pin (really) if it drops I will be up as if I was never sleeping

result I am always tired....wondering if the brain does not have sleep mode....

reading this reminded me of Pushpak!!!

Keshi said...

ok lets put it this way. Music is my life, my body and soul. I cant live w.o. it and if I ever become deaf, that wud be the day I die. I swear!


Chakoli said...


Such a cute sweet confession...
even I have a habit of listening listening ...listening....
dnt know...fr hw looong!!!!!

Pri said...

@ craziest
u think this is a lonngg post??
guess u havent read much of me thats why...its tough to make me stop when 1)im talking 2)im writing...heehee
as for ur opinion about 'moosick', i couldent agree more...


@ ashu
ive tried! :(
even 'khoon ki pyaasi dayan' and 'shaitani ilaka' couldent get me to sleep...so u can imagine..sigh!!
it just makes me yawn and then i drift away in completely tangential thoughts :(

@ vands
heehee...ofcourse i remember...heehee...
it was fun getting soo many good wishes and 'im soo happy for u two's :P
im soo happy my earache has stopped though :D

The Furobiker said...

cool.. so wat do u like.. rock??

Dewdrop said...

:-) That was a sweet confession.

Try some things like reading a boring book, having a glass of milk or count sheep(1.2.3.....)

Even i suffer some insomnia at times, those nights, i just cant sleep no matter what i do. So you are not alone :)

Pri said...

@ solitaire
///And I would wake up in the middle of the night to flip the tape over.///

OMG!!..ur worse than me :D

@ rambler
yeah me too :(
but thats too less to get me off music...

@ veens
heehee i knew u would agree veens...afterall who would know that better than you after the template fiasco the other day? :p

nahi yaar...kisise nahi...u dont believe me :( nobody believes me..sniff! *makes a sad face and looks at veens*

@ sid
join the club! :D

///I thought only my life was supposed to be smooth-but damn!-you are giving me competition there:-)///
err..i think theres some mistake in this statement of urs...isnt there??
never said my life was smooth :)

///Its a nice post & made me remember my days at home too;-)///
why thankyou! :)
but why nostalgic? dont u listen to music anymore??

Pri said...

@ secret admirer
hmm but how do u know when ur going to fall asleep?? :o
u mean its intentional..like a timetable or something?

@ blogboy
thanks :)

@ cm-chap
sigh! thanks i needed just that! :-/
about the tag,no problemo..take ur time...but considering i dont bribe u with free lunches, will u really take it up? ;P

@ ceedy
heehee i can actually imagine someone dropping a pin and u sitting right up on the bed with james bond music going on in the background :D
could never get about watching the whole of pushpak...just caught snippets of it...but heard its a great movie :)

@ keshi
hmm god forbid that day...
but yaa did guess u were quite a fan :)

Pri said...

@ chakoli
great...looks like ive got some serious competition :)
somehow ive noticed i get dreamless (also nightmareless) sleep with music on...

@ abhishek khanna
no particular types..im open to all kinda good music...but yaa..hard rock is OUT! it just gives me a headache :-/
whats ur fav btw?

@ dew drop
have tried all of that :(
the sleep get tired of jumping over the fence but they still dont manage to get me to drift off to sleepyland...
and milk wont help...i HATE milk! itll just keep me awake to puke all night :-/

The Furobiker said...

obviously hard rock !

The Furobiker said...

blog updated..

aneri_masi said...

hahahaa :) Lazy lazy girl. Go find that iPod. Einhhh...never mind, no need yet, hahaha.

A long long time ago, I used to fall asleep to "Silsila" songs. No such luxury now, I try to sleep, with ear plugs on, before my husband starts driving his "snoring truck"!

Ok, now here's a sure-shot way my ex-mother-in-law swore by to find lost stuff. Tie a knot in a handkerchief, and while tying it say "champaben ke sasurji ke naam ki gaanth baandh rahi hoon, please help me find my iPod".

Now if you have stopped rolling and laughing, I am dead serious, this is what she asked me to do! No kidding!

Vrijilesh Rai said...

Oh.. wonderful.. me too was in a much similar phase a few yrs back when I was studying. Those were the days when there were no ipods and no music phones.. so, my good old radio was my saathi.. so much so that my friends swore that I'd get married to a radio (maybe theyr rite.. wifey sounds similar hehe with those disturbances alrite). And that too no radio city and mirchi.. good old vividh bharathi!

I used to listen to man chaahe geet till 11PM and then the news and doze off.. and my mornings used to humm the udayavani/vande mataram at 5.55 AM !!

The 'Mad' Orchid said...

:)...have already commented...
no wonder i relate to u doc... :D
hugs n lodsa love :-*

Gayatri said...

I do the exact same thing, even before the ipod fad set it. My dad's been after my life to get me to change this habit of mine with li'l luck!

Chakoli said...

dream less....
Thats serious I shud say....:-)))

Its good to have nightmare less sleep althou I guess:-))

aneri_masi said...

oh and I forgot to add...once you find your iPod, go feed a stray cow, or else you will lose it again :D

Anonymous said...

ohh ok ok!!

mann liya ji :P

sid said...

Error regretted:-).Meant that my life is usually "not" smooth!... Nostalgic cos u mentioned "dad suspicious of whom his darling daughter has been talking to in the wee hours of the night". Something similar used to happen with me, even I used to dose off with music on & that did get my parents wondering...I do listen to music these days, but in the land where I am getting to hear understandable music (read hindi & english music) is a luxury..they follow some strange language called french here:-)

Macadamia The Nut said...

Lol!! Innocent ramblings.. but funny nonetheless :D I can't sleep without my music either, but that makes me stay up later :( because i keep changing the songs like a frenzied lunatic until my eyes refuse to stay open

Pri said...

@ abhishek khanna
:-/ dunno why but i guessed it would be *rolling eyes*
will visit soon!!

@ aneri masi
LMAO!!ur MIL had some sense of humour i must say :D
heehee and this does sound easier than actually getting my lazy ass off the bed and searching for it...
umm maybe il'l try!! :p
pehle 'stray cow' toh dhoond loon..heehee
i like the songs in silsila too...magar one disadvantage of using radio channels is that u gotta bear with whatever they fling at you...
jus yest that faltu rakhi-sawant-song---'dekhta hain tu kya' was going on after every 15 minutes...arghh!! :-/

@ vrij
wait till wifey gets to know that hubby dear is comparing her to 'vividh bharati'...ul'l have to sleep on the sofa! :p
heyy i stil listen to 'man chahe geet' sometimes when im travelling...
but i guess with the advent of radio mirchi,vividhbharati has taken a back seat!

@ mad orchid
yeps...all great minds think alike ;)
waise fools seldom differ too..but i would like to think we confirm the former...heehee :p

Pri said...

@ gayatri
welcome to the club :D

@ chakoli
true! but we hardly are given the option to choose isnt it?
isliye either both in or both out! :D
and i'd rather choose both out! ;)


@ veens
OMG!! my ebm is ACTUALLY working!! yayyyy! :D

@ sid
ohhh...paris!!the dream city of many!! cool!(read that in ur blogger profile just now)
ahh..but i can understand...despite being in one of the most beautiful places in the world,the feeling of nostalgia from back home still rules isnt it? :)
how long have u been away??

Pri said...

@ macadamia
lol!! naah for me, thats the time i usually listen to anthing the radio throws at me or if im using my ipod,then its my favs in random order :)
thats how it stays on till morning--even hours after i drop off to sleep...

sid said...

Been here about 2 yrs(n in total 8 yrs away from home) & always get thinking why is it the "dream city" ;-)).I guess its nostalgia of my country...to the extent of sounding "crazily-over-the-board"..I love that place (blame it on God!--he made only "one" country like that:-p)

Pri said...

@ sid
this might sound a bit cynical...but considering uve spent soo many years away from home,im a lil surprised to know u still have such feelings for ur country(very pleasantly though) :)

or is it like u love ur country only for the 'nostalgia' bit it brings??

Pri said...

@ sid
dammit!! i mean 'OUR' country...
hell! i was speaking like some 'phirang' there :-/

aneri_masi said...

no no, not joking! She was serious! And I had the exact same question for her, US mein stray cow kahaan se laaon? Can't remember what she said. And the ex being such a mama's boy, and so absent minded, there were lots of knotted hankies around the house, and of course, he couldn't remember which one was knotted for what reason!

sid said...

Nopes-As a matter of fact love it for just more than the nostalgia. Now that i reflect,the reason is cause thats where i belong to(ya rite!gr8 inisight u wud say). What i mean is if home is where you have your people,friends, a sense of belonging,food:-p n heart then-thats the place. And unlike, many others I anyways never have been a "move-out-of-India-asap" advocate...so may be that too!..N now that you have got me thinking so much about "our" country-I feel the need to plan a move back there soon:-)
PS::-))....you almost sounded like a phirang on that mix-up!

Pri said...

@ aneri masi
OMG!! no offence..but that sounds totally crazy :D
i really wonder how u managed with that eccentrically 'knotty' behavious of hers :-/
and he must have been either a 'genius' or a 'wacko' to remember the reasons for all the knots...heehee!!

@ sid
uhoh..did i sound that convincing?? :D
u know what..maybe they should employ me to talk ppl out of the 'brain drain' or something :p
*feeling very proud of herself*

err..i dont take 'phirang' as quite a compliment u know! sigh!!
but i guess i asked for it this time :-/

aneri_masi said...

einh, she was alright...other than the knots thing. By the way who's this "evil di" you're talking about..the one that got driven away because of the moosic?

sid said...

I am always waiting to head that way-you convinced me of the need to do it a little fast though ;-).Personally I have been an advocate of the "no-brain-drain" policy. Never bothered me too much cos (a)by definition you need to have a "brain" for that:-P & (b) my intention was to learn things their way n "drain them" rather than doing the opposite:-)

Clyde said...

Hi Pri
Not too many people know how serious insomnia can be---they think you are just losing sleep but dont realise hoe debilitating that can be.
You mind does not shut down and you become depressed about your whole life.
How lucky am I---I will sleep through world war 3 because I can.
But I lived with a girl for a while who needed the TV on in the bedroom all night---it was the noise and the light---I would wake in the middle of the night and switch off the TV because she was soundly sleeping and she would wake straight away----it was her way of coping and it didnt disturb me.
I have to say that I love your music if your blog music is your choices----I sit here and listen.
I hope that you find something that allows you to sleep deeply and a partner who can sleep with it without you having to wear headphones ----
Oh, and tell your father that you're not talking in your sleep---tell him that you have a man in your room---that will keep him awake at night

Ankur said...

yes i m a gr8 actor... any doubts!!! :D :D :D

hehe... n btw... yes..

"its hard to tell my voice from music ;)"

*rolling eyes*
:D :D


P.S. more comment due later :)

Pri said...

@ aneri masi
yes u got it right...my one and only 'evil di'...shes one of those necessary evil kinds..u know, the ones who cant 'live with' and cant 'live without'!!:-/

@ sid
ahh mr modest at his best eh? ;p
ohh as for the intention, must say im impressed...
but why 'was'?? why not 'is'?? :-/

@ clyde
haha thanks for the compliments ans well as the idea---with which i would pull my dad too in the world of 'insomniacs' :p

on a serious note, i do understand what ur saying...and ive had my share of worrying too over the same issue...
thankfully things are a bit better now...music helped!! :)

@ ankur
well no doubts expressed on that one...lol!!

*rolling eyes*
:D :D///

btw my dad had somewhat the same reaction when i said that!! :D
except the 'really' was expressed with a question mark...wch im sure u missed by error...hmpf!!

P.S: i know ull be pissed as hell because i listed out ur error again...what to do? i am like that only!! :p

Amit Charles said...


(Now Imagine the Same in Freddie Mercury's Voice;))

Keep it rollin;)