May 05, 2008

a reminder for the glut!! :(

got chinese 'take away' for dinner...ate too much of 'mushroom manchurian' and i think im going to puke now!! :-/

thats it! im off mushrooms atleast for a long long time to come...


Solitaire said...

Awww...take care doc!

Anonymous said...

doc sahiba, u tagged :))

sid said...

:-))) just redefined MSP(Milk saturation Point) :-P

Vrijilesh Rai said...


unfuel the planet said...

somehow u don't expect the doctors to fall ill... so i feel very strange

black coffee said...

lol! the comments are as hilarious as the post itself!(sorry if i shudn be laughin at ur plight!)

you are a doc pri you are not supposed to fall ill! ;)

aneri_masi said...

einh...I would blame the restaurant. Gave you some stale food. Not your fault, you're not a glutton, no, no, not you :)

Rambler said...

hehhe I guess when it comes to eating..nothing is too much :P

Keshi said...

I love mushrooms..actually Im the only one in my family who loves mushrooms. My mum and sis puke at the sight of it.

U TC now HUGS!


Ankur said...

Doc i love mushrooms, but was it buy one get one types???

why did u eat so much yaa???

not feelin well is sun raha hoon itne dino se... when r u gonna feel good...

Take care Pri


Nitu said... is too much even for a doctor!!

Anonymous said...

Cant help doc... You are not to be blamed. Mushrooms are just too tempting :) If you are just as crazy about Mushrooms as I am, then I would still ask.... How about some Mushroom Tikka Masala???? I am game for it. How about you????? ;)

Do take care :)

Chakoli said...

Ahhh...even docs get swiped away;-))

take care dear:-))

Mez said...

U mite be allergic to 'em. Who wud know better than doc herself. Tc!

Pri said...

@ solitaire
thanks! :)
will try to...

@ ashu
heyy thanks for tagging..but have already taken that one up :)

@ sid
eyuckkk did u have to say 'MILK'?? i feel like throwing up again :-/

@ vrij
naah! atleast not till now :(
it was more of asparagophilia...heehee...

but now i think im not going to meet another mushroom atleast for some time! :-/

Pri said...

@ rukna
OMG!! thankgod...the medical fraternity dosent think like you..i would be kicked out a long time back otherwise :p

@ black coffee
arggghhh!! not you too...phuleez! :-/

i can understand a non medico saying that ...because often they tend to believe we are magical superhumans who never fall ill...
but YOU!! sigh!
ok ok just pulling ur leg ;)

@ aneri masi
heehee thanks for keeping the faith! :D
well err..i dont think the food was stale...problem mujhme hain :(

@ rambler
sigh! when it comes to that, i guess it makes two of us...atleast until ive finished eating :p

@ keshi
i used to love mushrooms too..but after yesterday, i dont know! :-/

Pri said...

@ ankur
kyaa...mushrooms mein bhi yeh schemes hote hain kya pune mein?? ;)
arre hadent eaten all day (after lunch ofcourse! :p)and i go a lil overboard when it comes to chinese..heehee
oye!!...itne dino se matlab?? sach sunna nahi hain toh kyon poochte ho? hmpf! :-/

@ nitu
:( u mean the 'mushrooms'??

@ shekhar
naaah!dont even say 'mushrooms' infront of me...
after what happened yesterday, im OVER mushrooms! :-/

@ chakoli
u bet they do! :-/
im a jeeta jagta example...sigh!

@ mez
naa! not been for 24 years now...touchwood!

Ankur said...

**mushrooms mein bhi yeh schemes hote hain kya pune mein?? ;)

haha... nahi, par chinese main hoti hai and usme mushrooms bhi hote hain :P

*arre hadent eaten all day (after lunch ofcourse! :p)and i go a lil overboard when it comes to chinese..heehee

toh iska matlab... BOGO :P :P
wah wah doc :P

**oye!!...itne dino se matlab?? sach sunna nahi hain toh kyon poochte ho? hmpf! :-/

oye... yaar... tu sahi ho ja... i toh mean this only :-/

get well soon

crasiezt said...

Did you throw up then?
Man I so wanna eat mushrooms right now:D

Anonymous said...

you are off mushrooms but not chinese food?
you are a sweetheart :)

Unknown said...

Today.. while the rest of the gang almost threw up for over indulgence in biryani.. I felt quite nice sufficing myself to just the rice and raitha.


Gluttons.. I tell you

Anonymous said...

chinee food :) thats good once in a while....

Pri said...

@ ankur
whats 'BOGO'...koi full form hain ya nahi? :o

@ craziest
u can have my off mushrooms for a while :-/

@ secret admirer
im a sweetheart because im off mushrooms??
hmmm seems like u dont like them much do u? :-/
and no waysss can i ever be off 'chinese food'...
would go into withdrawal if i try :(

@ j
u really felt nice??? :o
heehee but why do i sense a tinge of jealousy there? ;)

@ ashu
well for me 'once in a while' is becomming once in every 8-10 days :p

Anonymous said...

waise r u sure u r off them?

i pledged not to eat chicken for a long ime.. but welll for the last 3 days i have had nothing else :(

sid said...

Man...just overate....n remembered this post of yours!!! were off mushrooms for along time to come..i think i am off food for a long time 2 come:-P...had 2 entire(yes entire!) boxes f Pringles...needless to say I am feeling quite pringly!

Pri said...

@ veens
heehee i hope i can stick to the resolution better than you could :D
so far so good!

@ sid
haha im a huge fan of pringles so its gotta take me more than that to be off it...
all the best to u! ;)

IncorrigibleV said...

me does not like mushrooms!...
u take care pri :)