April 15, 2009

of roads, bridges and uncertainities

I often like to believe that il'l cross the bridge when i get there!!
but sometimes i worry myself out thinking what if i reach the edge only to find out that i cant turn back and there is no bridge ahead...

in hindsight, thats what makes life complicated--the what if's which are soo difficult to ignore...

the questions which do not have any answers...

the boulders along the road which cause me to stumble and squeeze the joy outta the journey making me ponder on where i am actually heading...

the small voice in my mind which constantly searches for logic in my emotions brutally rendering them senseless when it does not find any...

the strange deafening silence which pushes me into an abyss of time and space one moment and in the very next moment, breaks its self managing to pull me out and hold me close...

At times i wish the watch could stop and time could stand still for eternity---because somewhere i know that i can never be prepared enough for what is to come..
and yet somewhere, the uncertainity of the bridge makes me aware that i will have to learn to swim before i reach the edge...
such is life!! :)


pisku said...

Hi Pri,

In response to this, I'll just repeat the tagline in my blog

"Do not wait for life. Do not long for it. Be aware and at ever moment that the miracle is in the here and now"

Try and live the moment :)

Arv said...

I'm so in the mood for this :(

its a lonely tough road at times... but u know.. i just keep walking :)

take care mate... cheers...

sri said...

"If God pushes you from the cliff, either he gives you wings to fly or holds you in his hands "


Cheer up

"You dont know whats coming for you"

Anonymous said...

When you come to the edge of all things that you know,you must believe in one of two things:There will earth on which to stand or you will be given wings to fly :)
So chill!He will take care of you dear :)

Lena said...

you can swim... when the moment comes you will just get into that damn cold water and swim.. because you have no other choice.. and well.. because you can :)

Anya said...

i dont understand whats happening inside your head.. your words depict some form of sadness. but there is something more than words running in your head...

hope things fall in place soon


Sam said...

oh well... i just go ahead, if there ain't a bridge and I still need to go ahead... I jump!! and somehow, i always survive... though I may end up at funny spots at times :P

Lucifer said...

as i replied to one of d comments on mah blog tdy...

such is life...if it wud have been any more fun it wud b called sex

n waise life is supposed to b an adventure...aint it...waz d pt waitn for somethin...go n hurl urself at it...live it completely

rahul said...

if at all u find no bridge u will find frnds like me ready to thrw life aside and build one for u so tht u can rch the othr side safe and sound.
so keep walking!


Pavi!!!! said...

Therz no easy way to say when its too fast or when its too late..to take note and act!Experience, instinct, luck, influence, reasoning and several other factors contribute to this decision-making process.

Anonymous said...

whole world revolves around this "if"
what if is not the only connection
there are so many.. nice read

aarti said...

i second rahul.those who love you will be there with you throughout the journey not just to make it easier but because they want to be there with you forever.

Anonymous said...

hi pri,
you have put the complications of life in simple words.
I think when we actually face it we wld have gained the strength to face it.

and yaaaaaaaaay my fav song you have put up yaar. Thanks deary..


phatichar said...

Do people, especially docs who're in a place that holidays 365 days a year, really think like this? Amazing... :-)

Kidding. On a slightly serious note - chill!

Pri said...

@ pisku
very true :)
but somewhere between living one moment and the next comes in a lotta insecurities...c'est la vie!

@ arv
i guess ur right..u just gotta keep walking..
"what is this world full of care..
we have no time to stand and stare"


@ srivats
u know that last line of urs can be awarded the worlds most reassuring line or the worlds best scariest line :P

but il'l be happy with the quote u shared..thanks :)

Pri said...

@ meera
thanks dear..im sure HE will see me through it :)
sometimes thats the only hope we can depend on..

@ lena
thanks for having that kinda faith in me..makes me feel strong! :)

Pri said...

@ chronic writer
thankyou..but im not sure whats running in my head too..its too complicated half the times ;)

@ mayz
life is definitely an adventure...but i wouldent want to get lost along the way :)

@ rahul
thats soo sweet rahul..thanks a lot :)

@ pavi!!
ur absolutely right dear..will keep that in mind :)

Pri said...

@ distantcords
thankyou...i do understand what ur trying to say..
'IF'---the word which can make us dream, laugh, hope, cry and at times even sigh at the irony of its existence :)

@ aarti
thats so true aartu..and i know i can count on u guys to remind me when i forget.
i know that ppl who love me will be there with me forever and if they arnt that just means they just dont have time/space for me in their lives :)

@ aiz aka dreamscapes
hmm u reminded me of something i'd read a long time back---"that which doesnot kill u can only make u stronger" :)
thanks dear
take care!

@ phatichar
yeps sure they do...how else do u think they utilise all the free time? ;)

Nidz said...

this was something. i mean u just wrote it like some movie dialog.
u knw i too think this so many times. rather than being optimistic i start thinking logically and i see no good result. i dnt knw if being pessimistic is wrong or its just trying all the odd option which makes us more confident abt the situation tht mite come forward in any shape. i hope i make sense,.

Unknown said...

Life is difficult as you see, but its necessary to now tht even the road with boulders narrowing as you move is to let you realize how important each thing , each moment is and to live those moments to the totality.. not thinking what would happen next but to live today and have more strength to face the future..