January 08, 2010

old is gold!!

i was speechless for a whole two minutes on seeing these in my mailbox.......its been ages!
the roses have wilted but their scent still lingers in my mind....
do u remember?? :)


sri said...

hell ya I remember these !

RamNarayanS said...

Walked in from Srivats blog.

Lovely one. I am sunk as well. Memories of a lifetime, past.

Ramayan - Divine
Salma - Up to date
Byomkesh - Inquisitive
He Man - Drumrolls
The DD screensaver - priceless :)

Vrijilesh Rai said...

I still remember all of these stuff!

In fact I have videos of Byomkesh Bakshi episodes with me rt now!

sjmach said...

Finally someone agrees with me!!
Check out my article, very similar to yours: http://isundeep.blogspot.com/2010/01/whats-on-tv.html

Pri said...

@ srivats
yea..the good old days!

@ RamMmm
welcome to my world of nostalgic moments :)

@ vrij
wowww!! thats quite something..i often google them up when i get all nostalgic..but all thats available there are snippets!! (that too if one is lucky)

@ sundeep
aye aye captain! :)

Princess said...

yeah i miss those days..

here is more of it if you like to listen, watch and indulge in more nostalgia..

loads of luv as always to you pri