October 11, 2011

Cryptic thoughts #35

Sometimes all we want at the end of the rainbow is another rainbow to walk on.
The pot of gold would herald the end of the journey, and most of the times, that is exactly what we aren't looking for!


rm said...

Wont it be boring continuing the Monotonous walk from one rainbow to another ? what if we take the pot at the end of one rainbow and keep walking. wont it be much more exciting if we have the pot of gold with us?

Pri said...

@ rm
thats exactly the point...the pot of gold would mean that the rainbow has come to an end.i dont want my rainbow to end at all or rather want it to end in another rainbow, so that there is not even a single 'non-rainbow' step..wishful thinking, i know! but hell! im a dreamer alright!

and besides, what use is the pot of gold if it doesnt guarantee another rainbow? :)

when it comes to rainbows (read 'happiness'), "monotonous" is hardly ever boring :D

rm said...

Does the rainbow journey of caterpillar ends inside a lava. will it not enjoy its butterfly days?
Embracing change is experiencing life.

Vyankatesh said...

Beautifully thought. Yes, the end of a stupendous journey is a beginning of another endevaours.