October 19, 2011


All around you searched in vain,
in every cranny, corner and nook,
in golden fields and sparkling creeks,
in each rivulet, stream and brook...

in thunder clouds and rainy skies,
in rainbows and stars galore,
in fairy tales and fable crowds,
in acts pleading encore...

in ballads and in soulful songs,
in a beloved's doting eyes,
in words spilled from a poets quill,
in blood thick bonds and ties...

in the morning sun at the crack of dawn,
in the moonlight shimmering bright,
in the guilt of those who knew had wronged,
in the virtue of who were right...

The worry of an unknown tomorrow,
the hunger for lasting cheer,
the search for constant jubilation,
had filled your mind with fear...

The rainbows and stars you noticed not,
were blessings from the skies above...
the silent goodbyes with tear filled eyes,
were cues to have found true love...

But all around you searched in vain,
for something that was never there...
trying to make some sense of life,
you quite lost out your share...

You'd met contentment in every sight,
but were far too busy to see,
It was never the journey that mattered, friend,
it was how you chose it to be!!!

Writer's note---most of the above write is written metaphorically.Just thought i'd mention :)


Tanz said...

Beautiifully expressed!sometimes what we want is so simply staring us in the face and yet we refuse to see it! Bitter truth of life.

Anoop Mathai Mathew said...

Startled up at the reflections of life...the craziness of the gone years and the laziness of the years to come. Good thinking!

Lady Whispers said...

That was so beautifully conveyed :)

So much to convey...so much to know and so much there ...yet we keep searching :)

Henry J said...

am inspired with ya profile! superb dear.

Watch this Short Video clip!
Life is beautiful, the way it is...

rm said...

we read & we read
these profound thoughts
we munch & we crunch
and it 'pop's in our head.

the questions are there
the answers too
what shall we say
but ponder still

why that flicker is yet amiss?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful carvings of an artistic and gifted mind!
Thanks for sharing with us.

Maitreyee Bhattacharjee Chowdhury said...

Would have been a silent reader from Indiblogger..had it not been for your welcome note :) In fact if I were to be terribly truthful..I liked it better than the poem I'm supposed to be commenting on..but Nice this too :)

Pankaj Verma said...

To be precise and concise.. I'll like to say that its wonderful as always..!

Pankaj Verma said...

To be brief and concise I'll to say that its wonderful like your every post :-)

Upasana said...

Beautiful!! Its so true !! We seek contentment in the material things in life.We forget it actually was right there,around us and we overlooked it.

My world,my thoughts,my musings...

Subhrashis Adhikari said...

OK...after reading the welcome note i have to put a comment here....really liked it...i mean your welcome note...

not to say i did not like your poem...that's great as well...esp the last 2 lines :)

Pri said...

@ tanz
thanks dear :)
and yes, its easy to miss the obvious!

Pri said...

@ anoop
the listless mind meanders in the realm of introspection, yet again :)

Pri said...

@ scribbling girl
thanks dear...
the pursuit of happ(y)ness is a neverending one :)

Pri said...

@ henry j
i dont know tamil and hence couldnt make perfect sense of the dialogue in that video..but i did manage to capture the gist of what it meant.
thanks for sharing :)

Pri said...

@ rm
ahh im flattered and impressed at the same time.
that's a lovely piece of poetic reflection there...thankyou :)

Pri said...

@ anonymous
thanks for the kind words...only too happy to share my thoughts with you :)

Pri said...

@ maitryee
im soo glad you decided to comment in..silence however much golden, does get eerie after a while :D
as for you liking the welcome note more, il'l take that as incentive to improve upon my poetry..so thanks again ;)


Pri said...

@ pankaj
ummm...an elaborate and not-so-concise comment would be welcome too...but thankyou ;D

Pri said...

@ upasana
thanks upasana...in the pursuit of happiness we often overlook the small joys that come our way---the small joys that actually start to matter most but sadly only in hindsight :)

Pri said...

ahh..thankyou..thankyou..im glad the welcome post did trigger off this reaction *rubs her hands with glee as an evil cackle plays in the background* ;D

A grain of sand said...

"It was never the journey that mattered, friend,
it was how you chose it to be!!!

beautiful , soulful..and the rhyme is solid..
I like the take on life this poem depicts!

A grain of sand said...

"It was never the journey that mattered, friend,
it was how you chose it to be!!!

beautiful , soulful..and the rhyme is solid..
I like the take on life this poem depicts!

The Privy Lotus said...

in words spilled from a poets quill