October 10, 2011

An ode---TO THE MAN!!!

I have been in love with you for over a decade now, not just for your voice but for the fighter spirit you had in you.
Despite having to face countless tragedies in your personal life, you emerged stronger from each one of them and kept moving on.You truly have been an inspiration.

In my lowest moments, I would find solace in your soothing voice and have often lost myself to it for hours together.

There was a phase when I thought staying away from you would be best for me---listening to you sing would make me sad.
There was this reality in your voice which tugged at my heart and refused to let go..an ache strong enough to make me reflect on my own life, throw me into the doldrums of depression.
But there was also this beautiful strength...of expression perhaps, which made me stay addicted and taught me to be a little more numb to the harshness of reality.

I have spent entire nights pondering on your words..reflecting the pain in your voice..relating to every emotion you must have felt and then promised myself that I would move on.
But morning would find me go back on my decision, and I would succumb to the temptation again.

That was the magic your heart warming voice would have on me.

If you cant get someone out of your mind then perhaps they are supposed to be there, they say.
I could never give up on you and the entire CD collection of your soulful ghazals.

And today I know and promise myself that I never will.

Your ghazals are all that I have of you, and they will stay with me for ever.

Rest In Peace, Jagjit Singh!!!

your ardent admirer and die hard fan.

P.S: This post is dedicated to the renowned Ghazal Maestro, Jagjit Singh who was admitted to Lilavati Hospital on 23rd sept for brain haemorrhage, where a life saving surgery was performed on him.
His condition remained critical though, and he passed away today morning (october 10th 2011) at 8 am, leaving behind a deep void in our hearts and to the world of music.
Needless to say, he will forever be remembered and missed by innumerable fans all over the world.


Unknown said...

This would be one of the saddest moments in any music lover's life.

Anonymous said...

jagjit singh was a legend, and india has lost one of its greatest treasure

Lady Whispers said...

You said whatever I also feel today :(
So true :(

You know I had the toughest night last night and I woke up today to this news....first time in my entire life I slept off with a switched off cellphone...maybe my maestro was going and taking away my pain with him....sigh :(

Saru Singhal said...

He was a legend, I am fan of his work...May he rest in peace...


Red Handed said...

No one can ever replace him. Such a sooothing voice and such amazing lyrics..!RIP

Sarah malik said...

he was definitely a legend and the loss is immense. May his soul, rest in peace.
His songs always strike a special cord somewhere..and now they somehow seem to touch even more!


Pri said...

@ tapas
true that!

Pri said...

@ bwsketches
india has indeed lost one of its gems..though the legend that he is, will continue to stay alive in his ghazals forever!

Pri said...

@ scribbling girl
i can feel your pain...he was my fav ghazal singer too.
ive been listening to him since ages now..had hoped to go for his concert the next time he performed live.
unfortunately thats never happening now :(

Pri said...

@ saru singhal

Pri said...

@ red handed
absolutely!! he was really the ghazal maestro of all times!

Pri said...

@ sarah
he will forever be missed...the only consolation is that his songs will stay alive forever, for generations to come :)

Pankaj Verma said...

Though he is not with us but his Ghazals shall always make us felt of his presence.. :-)