April 11, 2022

#BlogchatterA2Z: I for IFFI - for the love of International Cinema.

Today’s post in my A to Z series is a special one, for it caters to the cinephile in you and me. 

I’m talking about the International Film Festival Of India that happens in Goa in November every year. 

IFFI is the only official film festival of the Government of India and is conducted jointly by the Directorate of Film Festivals and the state Government of Goa. It is an ‘A’ grade film festival accredited to the International Federation of Producers’ Association (FIAPF).

IFFI was founded in in the year 1952 but was moved to Goa from Trivandrum only in 2004. Since then, every year, it has been showcasing here a collage of the best contemporary and classic films from around the world. 

It is here that world famous filmmakers, actors, academicians and film enthusiasts celebrate cinema and the art of filmmaking. There are a number of screenings, master class sessions, panel discussions, presentations, and seminars held on each day of this week long festival. 

IFFI has a schedule of 300+ screenings.

Held annually in Goa, the festival is attended by cinema buffs from all over the country who visit Goa especially for the festival.  

IFFI provides a common platform for filmmakers from across continents  to showcase their talent by putting across their best works.

In this way, it not only allows the intermingling of various cultures but also provides a wide exposure to cinema from across the world. 

The festival features a wide spectrum of movies ranging from feature films to documentaries to biopics and occasionally other special sections. 

There are interactive sessions after the screening where the audience has a chance question the filmmakers present about the movie. Sometimes, the screening of the movie is followed by a panel discussion where the film is discussed, thus providing a unique opportunity to hear the experts speak about their experience during the making of the film and understand the nuances of cinema. 

For the last two years, IFFI is being conducted in the experimental hybrid format, considering the ongoing pandemic. So that means the festival is conducted both virtually and physically. However, those attending it online will miss out on the makeshift snack stalls and gorgeous art installations put up especially for the event, one a feast for the tummy and the other a feast for the eyes. 

As for the physical event (barring in exceptions like the  pandemic), the following protocol applies: 

1) Log into the website and register yourself as a delegate.

Registering for IFFI gives you access to the film screenings, workshops, seminars, master classes of the festival, everything except the opening and closing ceremonies. These are invite based events. Online ticket booking needs to be done. 

2) Once registered, you can collect your delegate badges and IFFI kits from Kala Academy. The kit contains a catalogue with the schedule of film screenings and their timings. 

3) IFFI has you spoilt for choice, so it helps to decide in advance which screenings you’d like to attend—-make your own listings accordingly. 

From then after, the show is on! 

It is for this very display of creativity, talent, and style, and a chance to appreciate world class cinema on the big screen, we, in all enthusiasm, cheer and say, ‘Obrigado, Goa!’ 

Watch out for tomorrow’s post where we talk about a unique local flavour. 

Until then, like I always say, 

Mog aasu di. 

(Let there be love!)


I'm participating in #BlogchatterA2Z. 

My theme for the challenge is ‘Obrigado, Goa!’, under which I’ll be writing 26 posts on Goa (April 1-30th, excluding Sundays), each post corresponding to the letters of the English alphabet. You can read more about it in my theme reveal post


Suchita said...

A friend of mine had attended this festival and I remember she still has the brochures she had collected. Sounds like an epic place to spend your time :)

Anagha Yatin said...

IIFI sure adds to the 'glamour' quotient of the city and puts it under the focus of golden light!
A very informative post as well, Priyanaka.

Pri said...

Indeed, Suchita. It is an epic experience. You should plan a trip around that time. :)

Pri said...

True, Anagha. IFFI does add glamor to Goa. But Goa adds a lot more to IFFI. I guess that's why they choose to have it here. :)