April 30, 2022

#BlogchatterA2Z: Z for ‘Zooming in on Goa’ - an overview. .

Today is the day my ‘Obrigado, Goa!’ series takes its final bow. 

Welcome to the finale special of my A to Z series. I'm feeling a tad bit emotional while writing this. And a journey like this deserves some reminiscing.  

'Obrigado, Goa!', hitherto, has been a beautiful journey of 26 posts spread over the last 30 days. 

I still recall the day I signed up for the challenge. It was my first time and I was feeling antsy about it. Also, being someone who doesn't believe in making plans beforehand, signing up for a 30 days campaign was no mean feat. I had no post planned and that would mean committed writing everyday of the month.

However, the energy of other Blogchatter members was infectious and the enthusiasm soon caught on. I decided to enroll myself. 

Choosing a topic to write on was the easy part though. Being majorly right-brained,  I decided to write on a topic that was close to my heart. A topic I had long wished to write on. A topic that is close to home. And so I chose exactly that. I chose a topic that is home...Goa.

All through the month, I blogged about various aspects of my lovely state...some intriguing, some adorable, some interesting. But all in all, each amazing. 

As days went by, writing the series turned into a roller coaster ride of emotions. Being Goan by birth and by choice, I share an intimate relationship with the place, the language, the people. And so I found myself in a better position to write on this topic.

However, a thorough research into each individual topic revealed that there was so much that I still wasn't aware of in all its entirity. 

I have lived in Goa all my life and yet it has never ceased to fascinate me. As I delved deeper into each individual topic, I was pleasantly surprised to find a treasure trove of knowledge on a place I already knew so much about. 

Information came from all corners. Research meant asking around, discussing with family and friends, searching googling, and travelling down the annexe of history. At one point, I was so spoilt for choice that I felt the compelling urge to work in multiple themes in a single post. 

I tried my level best to keep it crisp. But an occassional long-winding post was inevitable. 

Having said that, lets zoom in on all that has happened over the month of April. If you haven't been reading me regularly, here is a good chance to catch up on the series.

You can click on any of the Alphabets below and it will take you to the corresponding post.

A - speaks on the fading connection of Azulejos and Goa. A sneak peek into Goa’s cultural identity.

B - speaks on the Big Foot, Goa’s first open air heritage museum. 

C - speaks on Cuisine, because well, there is lots to love on the Goan plate. 

D - speaks on delectable Goan Desserts, that are bound to leave your sweet tooth wanting more.

E - speaks on five most popular Events that add to the glamour and celebration in my state. 

F - speaks on Fulancho khuris, and the Goan faith in miracles.

G - speaks on Goan Ghost stories, based on the legends associated with some haunted spots. 

H - speaks on Haggling in Goa and provides  you easy shopping tips for a worthwhile shopping experience.

I - speaks on IFFI, the International Film Festival of India held annually in Goa and attended by throngs of cinema aficionado.

J - speaks on some humble Jackfruit delicacies specific to Goa. 

K - speaks on Kunbi sarees, a heritage-saree that is the hallmark attire of women belonging to Goa’s oldest tribe.

L - speaks on Goan Language and linguistics, the local and the adopted.

M - speaks on Mankurad, Goa’s prized mango that has an identity of its own. 

N - speaks on Nostalgia, on the Goa of yesteryears. 

O - speaks on Old Goa, the Church, the Frast, and the Exposition. 

P - speaks on Pao, Poee, and Poder, words you will commonly hear every morning in Goa. Ubiquitous and quintessential, they are responsible for Goa’s breakfast habit. 

Q - speaks on Questions you should never ask a Goan. 

R - speaks on Romancing with Goa and some charming tips to spark up your love life while here. 

S - speaks on Sea, Sun, and Sand; a trip down South-Goa’s spectacular beaches. 

T - speaks on Tiracol fort, the jewel in Goa’s cultural-heritage crown. 

U - speaks on Urrak, Goa’s summer spirit. 

V - speaks on Viva Goa, a cry for victory, a cheer, a vibe. 

W - speaks on worship places for the devout Goan.

X - speaks on X-mas celebration in Goa, because that’s the season to be jolly. 

Y - speaks on the Yoga institute, Goa’s holistic approach to yoga and meditation, a side lesser known. 

And last but not the least, tone post that you are reading:

Z - speaks on zooming in on Goa, an overview. A recap of my ‘Obrigado, Goa’ series.

Maybe I will never talk of Goa in the same elaborate manner on the blog again, or maybe I will. Maybe I will never brag about the place, the culture, the people or flaunt its multidimensional features here. Then again, maybe I will. Perhaps this series will reach you in some other format. Perhaps it will greet you in some other form. I still have to work that out.

After all, Goa is always full of possibilities.

For inspiring me to dream and work towards making our dreams come true, today, for the final time on this blog series, I express a sentiment that is always in my heart and say, ‘Obrigado, Goa!’

Wishing you a lot of sushegaad times…

Mog sadach aasu di. 

(Let there always be love!) 


I'm participating in #BlogchatterA2Z. 

My theme for the challenge is ‘Obrigado, Goa!’, under which I’ll be writing 26 posts on Goa (April 1-30th, excluding Sundays), each post corresponding to the letters of the English alphabet. You can read more about it in my theme reveal post.


Rethink Mindful said...

I loved reading your posts, they are very nicely written with in depth research. Learned a lot about Goa. Best wishes Pri.

Harshita Nanda said...

"Mog sadach aasu di" You have certainly done very well in showing hidden facets of Goa. I hope do get the time to catch up on your posts that I have missed.

Deepti Menon said...

What a wonderful theme and how well you have covered all the aspects of this beautiful place! Kudos on finishing the challenge! 🌷🌷

Pri said...

Thanks, Swarnali. I'ts been a pleasure having you around. :)

Pri said...

Thanks, Harshita. Yes, I hope you do find the time to do that. :)

Pri said...

Thanks, Deepti, for the motivating comments. It's been a pleasure having you around here. :)