April 22, 2022

#BlogchatterA2Z: S for Sea, sun, & Sand - 5 South Goa beaches to visit.

An exclusive series on Goa deserves to have at least one post on its magnificent beaches. 

This, my friends, is going to be that post. 

Ask any non-Goan what of Goa they covet most, and pat will come their reply, ‘the seaside’. 

Owing to its coastal location, Goa has got a  ‘Onida’ reputation - neighbours’ envy, owners’ pride.  (Remember the ad, huh, huh? Ok, sawrry…lame pun!

But truth be told, nobody can claim ownership on Goa. When you love someone something, there is no ownership. Goa and Goans have always belonged…to one another. And this has always been a source of pride. 

Goa is known for its virginal beaches, clean waters and silver sands. Both the North and South of Goa are blessed with a good number of beaches. However, low budget Bollywood movies have long since been replacing foreign locations with wide angle shots of Goa, a major cause of overcrowding. The weekly flea market at Anjuna beach,  the adventure sports at the Baga beach, the Sunburn music festival at  Vagator beach, and the Calangute beach are events that have made our once-simple seaside commercially lucrative. 

It is this callous attitude of tourists and over-enterprising attitude of some locals that has resulted in a gradual  decline of our pristine spaces. Most beaches are now cluttered with thrash, their beauty destroyed by make-shift dwellings. Their sand a lot less white and the sea a lot less blue. Blaring electronic music and gaudy tourist attractions. And amidst all this, nobody has quite the patience to watch the setting sun. This is the picture of a popular North Goan beach any given day. 

That’s where South Goa beaches come in the picture. Nestled in areas untouched by commercialisation, these provide the much needed serenity and calm that is often amiss in a fast paced life. So if you are a nature lover and want to spend a few hours appreciating the magic of nature in Goa, spend an evening at the beach in the South.  

Having said that, here are five of my favourite beaches in South Goa, in no particular order of preference: 

1) Cavellosim beach - One of the nicest beaches in Goa, this one is way cleaner than most beaches up North. It is less crowded and has wonderful shacks serving great food and a friendly vibe. You can appreciate the beautiful sunset at the Cavelossim Beach, or go for an undisturbed evening stroll here. For the adventure enthusiasts, the Cavellosim also has some water sports activities. You may also see a few fishing boats in the vicinity. 

2) Galgibaga beach - Located in the Canacona region, the Galgibaga beach is a nesting ground for Olive Ridley turtles. This beach, although lesser known, is a joy to visit especially for nature enthusiasts. One of the most picturesque beaches of Goa, a visit here guarantees a peaceful appreciation of the day’s glorious moments…sunrise, and sunset.

3) Sernabatim beach - Go here for an idyllic setting. This beach is an extension of the Colva Beach and is an ideal place for a quite evening of swimming and relaxation.

4) Butterfly Beach at Palolem - This beach, located a little to the south of Palolem in the Canacona region, has a arc shaped landscape and provides a captivating view of nature and aquatic life. Aptly named ‘Butterfly beach’ this beach is witness to a host of multicoloured butterflies flying over over hilltop blossoms.  Add to that, and occasional viewing of dolphins in the sea.  Doesn’t it seem like a surreal experience straight out of a fairytale? 

5) Benaulim Beach - this beach is fairly popular but deserves mention owing to the story behind its name. According to Hindu mythology Lord Vishnu shot an arrow which promptly landed here landed here. When the Portuguese colonised Goa, they changed its name to the present day ‘Benaulim’. Benaulim beach provides a good opportunity for para sailing, jet skiing, boat riding, windsurfing and another such adventure sports. 

Just goes to say that Goa can swing it both ways. From the tranquility they emanate to the adrenaline rush they produce, Goan beaches are a mere reflection of your spirit, of who you really are deep below. 

So if you are craving for a relaxing getaway from a hectic city life, or feel adventure is where your soul lies, if you want to spend a day soaking in the summer sun or inhaling a healthy dose of Vitamin Sea, Goan beaches are the place to be. 

And for this relaxing, refreshing, and rejuvenating experience, for this gorgeous opportunity to unwind and enjoy the sea, sun, and sand, we say ‘Obrigado, Goa!’

I hope to dazzle you tomorrow for another glorious feature of my lovely state.

Until then,

Mog aasu di.

(Let there be love! )


I'm participating in #BlogchatterA2Z. 

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Suchita said...

I was in Goa recently and I was recommended Morjim by a local. It was empty, beautiful and the breeze was just <3 everything I needed from my beach visit!