April 21, 2022

#BlogchatterA2Z; R for Romancing with Goa - 5 ways to spark up your love life in Goa.

Goa is not a place. It is a feeling. If there is any emotion that can rightly sum up Goa’s vibe, it would be ‘romance’.

With its beautiful sunsets, golden beaches, and picturesque landscapes, Goa promises to bring out the romantic in you. 

The serenity of the temples and churches, the cozy ambience of quaint cafés, the fervor of poetry readings and music festivals, all these can help create a beautiful montage of memories you’d like to make with that special someone. 

Then again, you don’t always need a lover or spouse to enjoy these moments. In this fast-paced world,  snatching a few alone moments for yourself can also be a romantic affair.  

And what better place to do that than in Goa? 

Whether you are single or committed, whether in love or with the idea of love, here are five absolutely fun and romantic things that will make you fall in love with Goa. 

1) Mandovi River Cruise - Imagine a river cruise with your lady, with you both witnessing the beauty of the setting sun, slipping on wine, and feasting on Indian Chinese and Goan cuisine. Imagine grooving to your favourite tracks or slow dancing on to a slow romantic song with a DJ playing right live in the background. All this while cruising through the calm waters of the Mandovi river. Now wouldn’t that be an memorable way to propose to the one you love? 

2) A visit to Dudhsagar falls - Located on the Mandovi river near Kulem, the Dudhsagar is a 4-tiered waterfall with a cascading appearance. So if you are a nature lover then this is the best place to visit especially during the monsoons. A relaxing dip (with proper safety precautions) in nature’s lap - now isn’t that romantic? 

3) Coco beach Dolphin tour - If the dolphin show at Singapore’s Sentosa has made you wish for a similar sight in India, then this is the place for you. Coco Beach at Candolim is approx. 36.6 km away from Goa International Airport and takes  approximately an hour to reach. Spend some precious moments witnessing the dolphins here and the vast beauty of the ocean is bound to gift you a memory to cherish. This experience rates high on the romance-o-meter.


4) Spend a day exploring South Goa - If you want some quality time with yourself or with a loved one, then spend it witnessing the serenity of South Goa. Take a heritage walk, visit the magnificent basilicas and temples, witness the architectural wonders and museums, attend a jazz concert, indulge in a scrumptious shack-side snack. There is so much to love in South Goa. 

5) And last but not least, if you, like me, are more of an introvert and prefer a nice meeting over a cup of coffee over an outdoorsy experience in the wild, then Panjim’s Fontainhas area is dotted with a number of pretty cafés that guarantee good food and a comfortable tête-à-tête. Everything about the Fontainhas area is old-world romantic, right from the lively coloured houses and beautiful walls covered Azulejo mosaics to the narrow lanes to tiny local restaurants adorned with graffiti art and attractive entrances.  Pick a table by the window and watch the world go by as you steal some private moments with your love. Sit here with a cup of coffee and a book, and feel the ambience instantly change into a quiet reading place, a writer’s haven, or even a laid-back make-shift office where you can tap away at your laptop while enjoying a delicious snack. 

If you have been to Goa at least once, I’m sure you will have already witnessed some of the magic and will vouch for it. You must have surely breathed in the fresh seaside air, relished the delicious Goan cuisine, and sensed the fun-loving vibe the place exudes. You must have experienced the splendour of Goan culture, the excitement of adventure sports, and the hospitality of Goans. And must have definitely fallen in love with all of it. 

We, who live in Goa, on the other hand, often take it for granted...just like we sometimes take for granted those we love, those we adore, those we cannot live without. 

However, deep in our hearts, we know that the passion we have for Goa is undeniable. We Goans are true romantics at heart and by nature (maybe it’s the place that inspires the love within us), and although we do not express it often, we mean it when we say, ‘Obrigado, Goa!’

Hang around for yet another undeniable feature of my gorgeous state. 

Until then,

Mog aasu di.

(Let there be love!) 


I'm participating in #BlogchatterA2Z. 

My theme for the challenge is ‘Obrigado, Goa!’, under which I’ll be writing 26 posts on Goa (April 1-30th, excluding Sundays), each post corresponding to the letters of the English alphabet. You can read more about it in my theme reveal post.


Rethink Mindful said...

I think the ambience in Goa itself is so romantic! Being a lover of romance deserve if you're in Goa. Nice post dear.

Anagha Yatin said...

Pristine beaches, balmy weather, slow and steady pace of life makes Goa the most natural place to feel love and express it as well. Love definitely is in air in Goa!