December 17, 2007


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yesss its my di's birthday today...
well if u guys have been following my blog, u must be knowing of my sister already...
but for those of u who dont know her TADAAA!! now u do!

So after irritating her with different versions of happy birthday ,a couple of wch ive put up above, she finally asked me if i didnt have anything else to do than torture her by playing these birthday songs blast volume early in the morning...
hmpf!! nobody appreciates genuine emotions these days and to think i spent hours to search for these---the perfect birthday songs to torture ...err i mean 'wish' ur older sibling on their birthday...sigh!!

The emotional outburst started right from 12am when i played the first song startling her out of her skin...heehee...i wish i had my camera along to capture tht kodak moment...the poor soul probably expected me to come singing happy birthday and there i was lappie in hand, with a irritating version of happy birthday blaring in her ears...her pupils were almost dilated...*evil laugh*
After about 10 minutes, she came to me with

chief complaints of---
ears ringing with weird extraterrestrial noises
an acute episode of giddiness
and sudden blackouts

HOPI(history of present illness): patient was apparently alright prior to the last 10 minutes.
patient claims to have suddenly developed these symptoms after hearing a series of 'most horrendously played and sung' happy birthday songs wch led her to go in shock ever since...
auditory function tests after the episode were found to be normal...
no h/o (history of) convulsions
no h/o behavioral abnormalities much to younger siblings dissapointments
no h/o vomiting, nausea, pain though patient did complain of acute pain radiating from left arm wch subsided on being ignored by family members

patient claims of suffering from similar episodes in the past (right from childhood) on various ocassions from torture inflicted by lil sister---details not required as decided by doctor...though she claims that she was never subjected to such degree on her birthday(special consideration)...
other episodes included:
h/o vomiting after hearing lil sisters sob stories.
h/o convulsions on listening to siblings choice of music.
h/o sudden loss of reading skills when pestered to comment on little sisters blog
h/o frothing at the mouth and pretending to play dead when little sister tried reading her blog posts aloud.

[1]sleep pattern ---highly disturbed for the last 4 months (time shifted in younger siblings room)
due to :
a)little sisters waking up in the middle of the night on hearing imaginery voices and jolting big sister out of her dreams too.
b) little sister receiving calls from friends and messages at weird hours of the night wch are most often only checked by big sister as little sister is far far too busy in sleepy land and wont wake up even if theres an earthquake.
c)little sister talking in her sleep and as usual yapping like theres no tomorrow.
d)lil sisters sobs and whimpers which tend to get louder if big sister is pretending to be deaf and still asleep.
number of reasons forcefully limited as smart doctor gets the drift...:-/

[2]bowel and bladder habits---no gross altertation except for the rare bouts of diarrhoea and constipation when lil siter tries to experiment in the kitchen.

[3]appetite----reduced appetite only on those special ocassions when innocent sibling is eating like a famine-stricken glut (making her seem all the more 'miss perfect' and lil sister all the more lunatic)...hmpf!:-/
nonvegetarian most of the times except those special ocassions when little sister suddenly gets those 'nonveg foodie' craves..thts when patient tends to suddenly develop a thing for veggies and aversion to things wch were once living...*rolls her eyes*

[4]addictions: not any she has ever confessed..inspite of serious doubts expressed and investigation trials conducted by little sister

on treatment since many years on regular doses of wise cracks, smartass comments,unlimited sarcasm as prescribed by dr pri (who happens to be the lil sister as well).
patient compliance --very very poor.
no h/o any other treatment.

DIAGNOSIS BASED ON ONLY HISTORY:(as patient refused further examination and walked off shooting angry glances and threatening to strangle doctor with the nearest thing possible. doctor thought it was wise to let patient decide for herself because
1)'patients consent' is very very VERY important...
2) crazy patient can do anything as is not aware of her senses and right now couldent care less about public safety and doctors health...:-/
3)and most importantly, doctor spots the laptop cable hanging loose nearby and prefers to be alive...

so coming back to the diagnosis, i hereby conclude (considering the signs and symptoms, onset , duration and progress of the condition)that the patient was suffering from 'PIDS'-----PRI INDUCED DISTRESS SYNDROME.
(detailed study on the organism called pri in some other post)
which is soon to be aggrevated on hearing that little sister has not brought any birthday gift yet and that is the SURPRISE she was talking about...heehee
so guys if u dont hear from pri and read about some mysterious murder on the papers,u know whom to direct the cops to right?? ;p

ok ok enough of let me turn a little serious...and wish my di a very very very happppyyyyy birthday yet again.(this time in a more decent human style for wch i dont get labelled as a 'banshee'...hmpf!! :-/)
love u lottttsssssssssssssssssssssssss diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Happy Birthday.mp3

(am now going shopping for that 'black forest' cake...i know its not ur fav, di...but remember??... its MINEEEE! yum yum...:p)


The Furobiker said...

A very happy birthday di of Pri
N yeah after reading this diagnostic post by Doc .. i really insist that u should have used the lappi wire hanging nearby..
n yeah .. i always knew.. doctors are insane creatures.. :D

Amit Charles said...

Happy Burdae Di;)

And Pri,
keep it rollin;)

Blog Boy said...

Hey Pri.

I completed the tag...
Happy birthday to your Di...
this post typically looks like written by a doctor.. :D

Sam said...

happy birthday to di.. and.. I... pity.. ur... sister...
to have a lunatic like ua s a sis can be real time u know wot!! i really need to knw how she manages to put up wid u??? just how does she do it?? my sis knws bttr dan to do anything lyk dat.. coz in ourcase its a bit on the opposite!! am the lunatic of the family.. but then u r the worst i have seen.. hoesntly pri.. u always leave me speechless!!

Sam said...

btw, nice diagnosis.. i love dit.. makes for an ideal future reference material in cases exhibiting similar symptoms... I hope PIDS is a limited phenomena and localised!! :P

Amber Light said...

Happy Birthday to your Di! I havent been able to stop grinning at this one, Because it reminded me of... me! I must tell my sister that I am not the only one. heheh

Lukkydivs said...

Ooh happy birthday to ur sis. Such a sweetu doc u r.Laughed all the way reading it. :)

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Happy BDay to your sis..dont forget to have that extra bite on pastries,on our behalh..nice way of communicating making us have a hearty laugh

Cosmic Joy said...

Your poor sis .. hopefully she will have a happy birthday inspite of you :P

Pri said...

@ abhishek khanna
thanks for the wishes...will pass them on to her..

@ scribs
thanks...will surely greet her with another crazy birthday song version on ur behalf :p...heehee

@ blogboy
heyy cool..will visit u soon...its nice to have u back? hows wifey dear?? :D
a biggg hi to her from me...:)

@ sam
heehee am not too sure its limited sam ...:p
almost all my friends have been affected...some lucky ones have escaped but u never know ;) beware!!
me??? lunatic?nobody is on my side..sob!
*making sad face and trying to EBM sam into taking her side*

@ myworld
ya sure...u r most welcome to join the 'younger sibling nainsafi' club anytime u want...:p
we need young aspiring members like u...we are almost runnin short of ideas and pranks :-/
thanks for the wishes--- from di :)

@ divya
will definitely pass tht on to her and with more emphasis on u called ME 'sweetu'...:D

Pri said...

@ compassion unlimited
thanks from her and me :D
and pastries??...naww i could forget to wish her but not miss on the pastries :p..
going for a second round now...

@ cosmic joy
well she's gotten used to it she dare not complain...
im a necessary evil she says....muhahahaha :p

Anonymous said...

a very happy birthday to your sis :)

Sameera Ansari said...

That was so sweet.Best wishes to her :) God Bless!

ceedy said...

happy bda shld to your di.....

they say an apple a day keeps the doctor away - in this case poor di - dunno how many apples she will have to consume :).......

honestly you shld treat your patients with a humor three times a day and instead of medicines :)

cool post...

Keshi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Keshi said...

hey HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Pri's di!

Hope u had lotsa fun and found that cake somehow YUMMM!


Pri said...

@ ajay
di says thanks :)

@ sameera
thanks a lot dear...will pass tht one to her :)

@ ceedy
heehee...she's trying ceedy..but she's a dentist herself so she is confused about the apples :p
ahhh and yess laughter is the best medicine...
*why do i feel very 'readers digest'y while saying tht?* :p

@ keshi
a big thanks from di keshi...:)
and yess she did enjoy the cake...she dint have a choice did she? ;P (though i kept insisting tht i could finish it off for her..heehee)

Sam said...

ah!! i need more than EBM... my loyalty is not so easily won.. hmpf!!

Anonymous said...

WOW!.wish di from my side also....
I used to always hate doctors but now i think im going to fall in love with them. ;p

black coffee said...

rofl piryanka!
that was was a funny take on historu taking! i had so much fun readin that!!

am sure u are a great doc.. :)
happy birthday to ur di too!

Anonymous said...

Keep writin hillarious posts doc!!! this one made me fall off the chair laughing!!!!!

Dawn said...

Many Happy Returns Of The Day even though its belated :)

Thanks for visiting my blog do come again

Pri said...

@ sam
boohoo!! sob sob!!
still more?? *bats her eyelids and sparks an evil grin* :D

@ anonymous
whoaa!! dont u think the poor souls require a warning the next time u happen to fall ill ;)
they might just not be able to tolerate so much happiness..heehee
btw thanks for the wishes :)

@ anome
thanku...nice to have u visit here
u seem to be a medico urself...hows it goin??
u studying or passed the ordeal already?:D

@ teddy
whoaa ashu...whats with u changing names and scaring ppl like tht? *winks*
btw did anyone tell u 'teddy' sounds serial killerish? :-/
change it! change it! heehee

@ dawn
thanks for the wishes...
and hey u got a nice blog..the pleasure was all mine...
take care! :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry for wishing late..Belated Happy Birthday to your sister..i hope you guys had fun:)

Pri said...

@ illusion
thanks for the wishes illusion...we had a great time :)